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Spiritual Disinformation – What is spiritual Propaganda?

While presidents and chancellors take care of politics, spirituality is represented by the church. And here now the spiritual propaganda is shown, rumors and disinformation in spirituality….

Just as there is mass propaganda in politics, there is also mass propaganda in spirituality. This propaganda is used either for disinformation, to create confusion and disunity, or to flood the mind with information so that a kind of brainwashing occurs.

The mind tends to take the very first piece of information it receives about a particular subject as the truth. If it then receives information that does not correspond to the first one, it usually refers to the original one. In order to convince a conditioned person, a whole series of information must be supplied to this, which invalidates the first information. The mind then demands evidence so that the first information received can be classified as disinformation. Mostly, however, the mind does not demand evidence for the original information.

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Now I would like to indicate here that the following corrections serve only to lead a second information which can contradict the mainstream esotericism or contradicts it directly. Mainstream esotericism is defined as information that is represented and passed on by most “spiritual teachers”. But mostly these are “teachers” who have received the information by reading books or by means of passing it on, and not necessarily through direct experience and direct inner knowledge.

I received my inner knowledge through “Spiritual Dissociation”, a master technique that taps into the inner knowledge that is hidden within each of us. I rely on this inner knowledge far more than on knowledge that consists of information conveyed from the outside.

Books, movies, retellings, etc. represent only theoretical knowledge, which rarely comes from direct experience and objectivity through spiritual dissociation. Now follows a series of disseminated information from the spiritual sphere and a correction as it was shown with the help of spiritual dissociation….

What about reincarnation?

Disinformation of spiritual teachers: “Reincarnation is a succession of lives that one lives through.”

Correction: all incarnations exist simultaneously. Just as there can be many different games on a hard drive at the same time, all lives exist simultaneously on the “hard drive” of the higher self. An incarnation only submits to a temporal sequence as soon as one immerses oneself in the life and experiences it directly. This creates the subjective impression that one lives through this incarnation one after the other.

Does Karma really exist?

Disinformation of spiritual teachers: “As soon as one commits negative and harmful actions within one life, due to cause and effect the following life becomes.”

Correction: Karma exists exclusively on the 3D plane. There exists no karma court or entity beyond 3D to distribute or impose karma. Karma is self-imposed and results from one’s own decision, e.g., out of a guilty conscience or a desire to make amends. Karma is self-imposed and based solely on one’s own decisions.

What happens if one has produced a lot of bad Karma?

Disinformation from spiritual teachers: “The more bad karma you have accumulated, the more lives you have to complete and the more negative experiences you will experience in your next life so that you can reduce the karma again.”

Correction: the Church imparts the knowledge that if you have done bad things in your life, you will go to hell. The belief in karma involves the same principle, i.e., if you do a lot of bad things, you will also experience a bad life in this life or the next. In terms of content, the belief in karma can be equated with the ecclesiastical belief in good and evil, in heaven and hell. All incarnations exist simultaneously. To claim that the previous life negatively influences the present life is only an interpretation. But interactions exist between the different lives.

Can one also remember a future Life?

Disinformation of spiritual teachers: “One remembers only one’s past lives.”

Correction: since all lives exist simultaneously, one can remember both one’s past and future lives. Also, it is possible to incarnate in the next life in the Middle Ages if one wishes to do so. The temporal sequence of lives on a timeline is non-existent from a perspective beyond the 3D plane.

Does Reincarnation serve to develop and grow spiritually?

Disinformation of spiritual teachers: “You reincarnate to develop and grow, so that you become a divine being.”

Correction: every human being has always been a divine being, a creator being. And this already at the “time” when trillions of souls had split off from the Original Creator. The original creator is perfect and therefore also his split off parts which then created the universe and the many galaxies and planets to build a universal playground. The life and the incarnations on the earth do not serve for the development, because to what should one develop? To the perfect creator being, which one already was from the beginning of time? Or has the original creator been imperfect and has sent all imperfect souls into the infinite widths so that they develop? No, the original creator sent his divine parts so that they could play.

Doesn’t one have the impression that one has to learn constantly in the Matrix?

Disinformation of spiritual teachers: “The reincarnations serve so that one becomes divine and learns his lessons, so that one becomes a good being.”

Correction: this impression is created by the amnesia that every incarnated soul has to struggle with. The goal of a soul is to remember within the matrix who one really is and where one came from. This means that one must become again who one was before entering the matrix and the reincarnation cycle. So why should one learn and evolve if amnesia is the cause of one’s present imperfection? If one would remember everything abruptly again, development and learning would not be necessary. So, the only thing that could be called the development of a soul would be to remember what one has forgotten and knew before.

To forget one’s previous Life is important?

Disinformation of spiritual teachers: “After each reincarnation, one must forget the previous life in order to learn optimally.”

Correction: the imposed amnesia after entering a new incarnation results, on the one hand, from the lack of an expanded consciousness and, on the other hand, from a technological installation of a kind of oblivion machine (Oblivion), which is intended to make one forget one’s previous life. This amnesia is artificially induced and was not originally natural.

Is one always reborn as a Baby?

Disinformation of spiritual teachers: “One always reincarnates as a new baby and lives through a complete life until death.”

Correction: often one does not incarnate until the age of 4-5, or occasionally much later. Some also reincarnate as an adult, i.e. their life begins already as an adult. The memories of parents, childhood, school, etc. can be uploaded at any time by the matrix in the form of artificial memories. An adult can thus start his life and the complete memory is uploaded, so that the adult believes to remember or to have lived through a complete life. This makes amnesia and the playing up of artificial memories possible. Because, if a transfer of consciousness, i.e. from body to body (see reincarnation) is possible, then this is also possible for memories.

Are there actually 7.6 billion People incarnated on Earth right now?”

Disinformation of spiritual teachers: “Every human on this planet was reincarnated and is a human.”

Correction: The Matrix is comparable to a computer game and as in every such game there exists in it an A.I. and NPC’s generated by it, i.e. “non-player characters” or holograms or hosts generated by the A.I., which are supposed to spice up the game. These hosts (also called extras) are far outnumbered and are believed to make up about 99% of the Earth’s population.

Who created the Souls?

Disinformation from spiritual teachers: “God/the Creator created the souls.”

Correction: The souls were not created, but split off from the original creator and have always existed. There is and never was a beginning and an end for the souls. However, all creations of these split off souls possess a beginning and an end. Everything that is transient is subject to the process of life and death, of emergence and transience. It should always be considered that many people define the term ‘soul’ differently. Some consider the soul to be the astral body, which separates from the body after physical death (see “The soul leaves the body”). Others consider the soul as the split off part of the original creator and the astral body as a creation of the soul to have a kind of scaffolding with which the physical body was designed. This should always be checked in discussions in order not to talk past each other.

Are all spiritual Teachers and channeled Masters trustworthy?

Disinformation of spiritual teachers: “In the channelings with angels and higher beings spiritually interested people learn truths about the universe and the way of spiritual development.”

Correction: The matrix was created by so-called matrix architects or programmers, and they also installed an A.I. to automate most of the processes. This also includes “Higher Beings” who can be channeled and have the task to keep the incarnated soul in their illusions. Thus, most of the channeled information serves to support the intentions of the church and the matrix and to keep the souls in this illusion and in their reincarnation cycle. Thus, most channeled information is from within the matrix and works to maintain the matrix. Channeled messages from beings outside the matrix are very rare and provide a very different perspective. In addition, many spiritual teachers have been placed on Earth to ‘guard’ the incarnated souls, i.e., to advise seekers and inquirers in such a way that they continue to adhere to the reincarnation cycle. The creation of the church and presumably those of all religions also possess this task.

Does the Earth serve to perfect the Soul?

Disinformation of spiritual teachers: “The earth serves to train a soul and to perfect it.”

Correction: the earth serves to lock souls in a three-dimensional ‘prison’ to limit them in their abilities as much as possible, because you cannot kill a soul. If you can’t kill something, you have to give it amnesia so that it can’t remember its possibilities, options and abilities. The one who is incarnated on earth has to finish the reincarnation cycle independently and on his own responsibility. Thereby the soul experiences no help from the outside. The system of the matrix is built to capture souls and to never let them free again if possible. The freedom and the memory of all possibilities of a soul must be achieved independently.

Is the Matrix guided by Angels and the Creator who have the spiritual development of Humanity at heart?

Disinformation of spiritual teachers: “Earth serves as a school to teach the soul and spiritual teachers and angels help it.”

Correction: the incarnated souls living in physical bodies on Earth receive so-called ‘mentors’, that is, spiritual guides, who lead the soul through the reincarnation cycle and advise it accordingly. But one must keep in mind that angels and also mentors tend to support the matrix system. The spiritual development on earth is actually not really a development, first of all because everything exists at the same time and thus one is developed and undeveloped at the same time, but also because the ‘development’ is to be considered in such a way that through the reincarnation cycle one becomes again the self that one already was before entering the matrix. Thus one cannot speak of development, but of a remembrance of the true self, which one was before entering the matrix.

Are there really many Starseeds incarnating on Earth right now?

Disinformation from spiritual teachers: “More and more starseeds are incarnating on Earth to liberate people.”

Correction: That is correct. But every single starseed (i.e. souls originating from other planetary systems outside the matrix) faces the same problem after entering the matrix, namely the problem of amnesia and mass hypnosis. A starseed that has no access to its memories and abilities after entering the matrix is equal to any other incarnated human. Starseeds can therefore also get lost in the matrix and thus pass through umpteen lives during the reincarnation cycle without ever remembering. The only difference that this mass reincarnation of starseeds causes is that the consciousness of the complete humanity slowly expands – which, however, can take thousands of years until this process is completed. The starseeds have been assisting humanity for many centuries to free people from the matrix. This process has now recently caused holes to be torn in the Earth Matrix grid that keeps souls on Earth and in amnesia. These holes are black portals or black holes which lead into the free universe.

Why does God or the Original Creator allow all this to happen on Earth?

Disinformation from spiritual teachers: “God/the Creator would never allow a soul to be imprisoned, that’s why the Matrix doesn’t exist.”

Correction: The initial entry into the matrix was decided by each soul itself, whether by its intention to break the matrix prison or out of pure hubris or seduction. For this reason, this decision is based on the free will of the soul. Free will is not questioned by the Original Creator and therefore does not interfere with the decisions of a soul, even if such a decision would cost its personal freedom. Therefore, angels, God, Original Creator or other entities will never come along to liberate the souls. The only possibility to expect help comes from the starseeds, who try to inform the captured souls that they have become dependent on the matrix and therefore agree to reincarnation again and again. Among other reasons, this is because they have become alienated from their true nature and succumb to the amnesia and hypnosis of having to continue to enter the matrix over and over again, maintaining the illusions of the 3D world.

Do black Portals lead to hell?

Disinformation of spiritual teachers: “You should always go into the light after you die and stay away from the darkness. This is confirmed not only by the Church, but also by many other religions.”

Correction: portals are constructed in such a way that a light represents an exit and a black hole represents an entrance that leads to a completely different reality, i.e. has the function of a wormhole. If the soul, as soon as it has laid down its physical body, goes into the light, it agrees to the further course of the reincarnation cycle again. If it refuses to go into the light and goes to the next black portal and manages to pass through it, it leaves the reincarnation cycle and has thus freed itself from the earth matrix. The church and many other religions as well as esoteric teachings always speak of the divine light, which one should absolutely visit after death. This is concerted propaganda to keep the reincarnation cycle going.

Has the Matrix trap been turned off?

Disinformation from spiritual teachers: “The reincarnation cycle or matrix trap has been turned off. Everyone is now free.”

Correction: If this were so, then every human being would have already realized this. As soon as mankind is freed from the matrix, the mass hypnosis and the imposed amnesia will be lifted at the same time. Every human being would then abruptly remember his true self and get back all memories of all lives and also of the existence before the entry into the matrix. As long as this did not occur, nothing was switched off.

Has the Earth entered the 5th Dimension?

Disinformation of spiritual teachers: “The earth has now entered the 5th dimension and people are now free.”

Correction: If the earth would enter the 5th dimension, every human being would unmistakably notice this. This transition would open the 3rd eye of every human being abruptly and everyone would start to remember his true self. Moreover, everyone would then be able to directly and immediately perceive the beings of the 4th and 5th dimensions that exist there. Since this is not so, it is simply propaganda to claim that the earth has entered the 5th dimension. Such propaganda has only one sense, namely to be able to lean back relaxed and to continue to wait, because everything is done for you and you must do nothing. This doing nothing causes that one waits for the next physical death and then enters again into the usual reincarnation loop. The earth is still in 3D, at most on the verge of 4D, as some people can already sometimes perceive beings living in the 4th dimension.

Is the Earth flat or round?

Disinformation of spiritual teachers: “The earth is flat and not round. These are all lies of NASA and governments.”

Correction: everything in the universe is based on a torsus field or the existence of a sphere. The flat earth theory originally came from the church in collaboration with intelligence agencies. This approach is typical, because it is not about being right, but to create a division between people. Therefore, the existence of religions, cultures, racial hatred and divisions of all kinds, such as good/evil, poor/rich, vaccinated/unvaccinated, non-Russian/Russian, but also flat earth/round earth is supported. By a unification of all people on this planet the matrix system would not be able to be maintained, for the reason this must be prevented, on the part of the matrix architects and their vassals, like the elite, Deep State, church, government heads, bankers, firm bosses etc.. The argument about whether the earth is flat or round has no influence whatsoever on spiritual awareness and the effort to remember one’s true soul existence again, except, but is only meant to create discord. Who would like to believe gladly in a flat earth, then this gladly do, and who would rather believe in a round earth, likewise. It makes no difference for the intention to interrupt the amnesia and the hypnosis of the matrix and to find back to his true whole soul.

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