Philosophy: The Theory of the Flat Earth (1)

Right now a “new” theory is circulating through the internet and is trying to prove with all its power, that the Earth is not round at all, but flat. This theory originally came from antiquity and was shown up the last time around the turn of the century in order to be discussed again extensively. However, when the first satellites were launched into space and sent photos of the Earth to the surface, the flat earth theory evaporated quite quickly. But obviously, this theory, in a modern version, starts a new attack on the natural sciences and tries to make it clear, that there are no photographs of the Earth, but only painted images of NASA that exist…

To the explanation: The representatives of the theory that the Earth is in fact flat, assume that the North Pole is the center of the Earth and that the other countries would are grouped around it. If you travel away from the countries, you will find a high ice wall, which is insurmountable. A ship could only clamber along this wall and going back to the country, it could only be driven to the center, where the North Pole exist.

NASA, which is the only source of information about space, planets and the earth, falsified everything just to get profit. Only drawn and painted pictures, just as the pharmaceutical industry likes to use them for all its viruses and diseases, likes to tell the people the earth is round.

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For those who do not understand all of that, a movie or something in the television could explai:, The theory of the flat Earth is a mixture of the game series “Game of Thrones”, “Under the Dome” and Terry Pratchett’s “Discworld”. In the successful series “Game of Thrones” a huge wall, which separates the “evil” from the “good” exists and is almost insurmountable. In “Under the Dome” an entire village is suddenly surrounded by an impenetrable, round dome and shielded from the rest of the world. In Pratchett’s world, they say that the Earth is a disk with a dome attached to a turtle’s back , who’s floating through the universe. Poetic and fascinating at the same time. The representatives of this theory, however, are not unintelligent fellows, there are some clever minds who really believe in this disc world, alongside rappers and singers.

NASA is known for the slang “Never A Straight Answer” and presented as a luciferic liar, who is very concerned about fooling people. For example, the flying webcam of the ISS space station, which flies in orbit around the Earth and constantly makes recordings, is represented as a forgery.

It is explained by the Flatlers (Flatworld theorists) that a transmitter is hanging at the top of the dome of the Earth, which sends the images and which uses a wide angle teleobjective  to make it look like the Earth is round.

To counter the argument that all ships would have to fall at the end of the disc, it is argued, that the high ice wall does not allow either to reach the actual edge or to leave the dome. The dome itself is protected by the high ice wall. It is very interesting to note that the Flatlers now have their own TV channel in the US and they are sayinng, that NASA is a black magic religion. After all, NASA is an anagram and you can quickly change the name into the word SATAN when you just add a T.

The satellite systems, which we use for the television, receives datas via satellites who are fake constructions and have the abbreviation in some countries “SatAn”. The flatlers are convinced, that the only theory with regard to the nature of the Earth is to conform to the Bible. It is therefore to be assumed, that the modern variant of this theory has religious origins and intentions.

In the meantime, some spiritual people are getting interested in the theory of the flat Earth. It is interesting to note, that people with a religious and spiritual background are to be addressed predominantly. This can be seen in spiritual forums and discussion groups. Of course, many forums with topics about UFOs and aliens are also affected. It is certainly true, that NASA is hard to trust, because it has participated in many disguisings and is infiltrated by agents of the intelligence services and military personnel. Since a few years, NASA is not a private organization anymore, but a military one, which is now managed by a former intelligence officer.

Remember Gary McKinnon, an English hacker who hacked 97 NASA computers and found not only manipulated satellite photos, but also excel tables with extraterrestrial spaceships and captain names. Not only the US government, but also NASA was ultimately occupied by secret services agencies.

Conspiracies and distrust are increasing enormously as soon as the people feel, that they are being deceived and lied. For no other reason the humanity has to deal with this onslaught of new world images, conspiracies and revelatory attempts. Many of these conspiracies are true and some are not. But in a world in which the governments leave their people and are no longer sincere, the truth will come to light in the long run.

The theory of the existence of a flat Earth and the non-existence of a round Earth may perhaps want to be linked to spiritual knowledge and UFO revelations, but this approach does not prove the existence of the one element, the flat Earth.

Arguments against the flat Earth:

1. There are a number of arguments that clearly show that the earth is round. Not only all objects that can be observed in the universe are round, but also the horizon continues to descend downwards as the height increases, until a curvature becomes visible. The flatlers try to deny this and use shorter distances, where it still looks flat and not curved. The classic example of Columbus being able to see the mast first and then the whole ship in the distance was a reference to a round earth. But only very strong telescopes could prove that the mast appears first and then the ship’s hull. How Columbus was able to make this observation with the means at that time is unclear. In any case, you have to work with longer distances. If you are in the air, you can clearly see from about 30,000 feet, that the horizon is tending about 3.2 degrees. This observation makes it possible to conclude that the radius of the earth is 6370 km.

2. The circumstance that the nights are longer and the days shorter at the poles clearly indicates a vault. In the case of a flat Earth, there should be no difference from to the land and duration of days and nights. At the poles it is normal, that there is day-time for half a year and also night-time for half a year, and this also has the strong influence on the lack of flora in these areas because of the missing photosynthesis. While looking at other planets in our solar system, you can recognize the rotation with great patience. A flat planet does not rotate. Especially Jupiter, his famous spot is a good marker to follow the rotation. Such observations are made not only by NASA, but also by many amateur astronomers with larger telescopes.

3. Summer and winter bear witness to an elliptical orbit around the warming Sun. If the Earth moves into the more distant elliptical region, then the winter breaks in. The flatlers, however, say that there is a Sun that is in the dome or on its edge and is really close to Earth. This can not be true, because if it would be true, there would be no seasons.

4. Traveling to the moon had been falsified and the Flatlers refer to many clues and strange conspicuities that the first moon landing was falsified by the USA and also all following journeys to the moon. If the first moon landing had been falsified for competition reasons, then at least later moon landings had actually been carried out, because today it is still possible to use laser reflectors to prove that there are still objects placed by the astronauts on the moon. A flat Earth is not a round, hollow sphere, which, in turn, must completely exclude the existence of a hollow Earth.

5. Unless it is claimed by the Flatlers that there are people living on the bottom of the Earth. If this is true, that there is a bottom of the flat Earth, then it would also need a dome and so you would have a ball again, if you imagine this for a moment. The existence of a hollow world is therefore much more conclusive than the one of a flat Earth.

However, not with standing the discussion of the existence of a hollow world, the references listed here, clearly show that in the universe only spheres are involved – at least when we talk about all planets and Suns. Moons can also not be round in some cases, if they are captured as a huge comet piece by a planet (see Mars).

6. The theory of the flat earth is therefore most likely a religious experiment, with corresponding competitive thinking of the church and NASA. Nevertheless, we must concede, that some criticisms on the part of the Flatlers are quite correct, because not only does NASA conceal a lot, retouched satellite imagery and then pass it on to Google and similar services, they serve the military, which is always financial and tactical good or useful through secrecy promises.

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