Spiritual Dissociation and Dreams
Spiritual Dissociation

Dissociation Technique: How to use Dreams as an incorruptible Daily Newspaper

In the course of learning “Spiritual Dissociation” it is equally possible to build up your dreams in a constructive, enlightening and also informative way. Your dreams are the best daily newspaper!

To use your dreams as an incorruptible daily newspaper, so that you get a more direct and clear view behind the scenes of the matrix or information for your everyday life, which is really authentic, the “Spiritual Dissociation” offers itself.

Partisan newspapers and bought commentators

More and more people are realizing that the mainstream media (MSM), the bribed bloggers and bought commentators in the social media sphere are spreading disinformation of all kinds. They try to influence people’s opinions on the Internet and steer them in a certain direction by verbally attacking disruptive views and beliefs and portraying them as false. This can be seen quickly in forums and groups with an alert mind.


Often they are lovelessly crafted fake profiles created by bought commenters who interfere in any discussion that is opinionated. This means that as soon as a new topic moves the world, on which there is still ambiguity and confusion, bought commentators are used to purposefully form opinions by discriminating against unwanted views and portraying them as wrong or egotistical or otherwise. Often, several paid commentators are active at the same time, who still confirm each other in order to convince others more quickly. In the psychology of manipulation, this is called “stereotype repetition” – when several say something, people believe it faster.

What is true and what is false?

People often write that they no longer know how to distinguish between true and false with all the disinformation that the mainstream media increasingly distribute and publish. For this reason I would like to list how you can use your dreams as a daily newspaper. This “daily newspaper” is incorruptible, impartial, censorship-free and usable with a little practice.

An inexperienced dreamer dreams randomly and also has poor and unclear dream recall. As soon as he wakes up in the morning, he takes at most some dark fragments of memory with him into everyday life, which are completely forgotten after breakfast at the latest.

A skilled dreamer has a much clearer dream memory with clear images, scenes and storylines.

A dream reporter is a dreamer with a specialized dream memory, using dreams as a primary source of information to get information that is withheld from the public or covered with a lot of propaganda and disinformation. This means, for a dream reporter, dreams are the best daily newspaper and the most reliable source of information.

Conspiracy theorist or investigative journalist?

Now let’s face it, how much can you rely on mainstream media information these days? More and more people are realizing that the mainstream media has become increasingly corruptible. Investigative journalism has been almost wiped out, even more, anyone who does investigative research these days is defamed as a conspiracy theorist, arrested if necessary or even hunted down and locked up in prison. Just think of Julian Assange, the leader of the journalist group Wikileaks, who at the time was still trying to cultivate investigative journalism again. They failed because the mainstream media and the judiciary had applied too much pressure.

Dreams as man’s new daily newspaper

With the help of Spiritual Dissociation, it is possible to program one’s dreams as the daily newspaper. This does not require much.

When you lie down in bed to sleep at night, it starts! You close your eyes and practice the following technique:

  1. You close your eyes and concentrate on your closed eyelids. Observe the shapes, the points of light, the blackness or whatever you see there.
  2. Now watch your thoughts as they come into your head and then disappear again. Perhaps your thoughts come in from the left, pass through your mind, and escape back to the right. Practice this for about 5 minutes.
  3. Now assign each thought to a personality aspect of yourself. You do not have to be able to determine the aspect in its character, but only know that your thoughts come from your aspects.
  4. Now you explain to all your aspects that they should stop thinking for the next 10-15 minutes and be completely silent. You also explain that you need this silence to program your dreams.
  5. As soon as one of your aspects thinks/says something again, just tell him “Shhhh!” to make it clear to him that he should be quiet for the next quarter of an hour or so and that he can babble on again afterwards.
  6. Once quiet, say to yourself 3 times, “Every morning when I wake up, I get the latest information from around the world,” or alternatively, “I hereby program my dreams to give me the latest information about the world every morning,” or even, “My dreams are now my daily newspaper and I get the latest information every morning.” Something along those lines can be programmed in there. The sentence that is most pleasing or easier on the lips is the one that works best for you.
    As soon as you have spoken your sentence three times, you will not think a single word.
  7. If you think another thought, start again at point 6.

Don’t worry about whether it’s difficult or easy, or whether you’re successful or not. That is not relevant to this technique. It is only a matter of practicing this technique.

Now I wish you interesting dreams. You will be surprised what results you will get and what information you will receive.

~. ~

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