“Dreamnight” is a series in which I consciously concentrate on experiencing a lucid dream or an out-of-body experience or in which I report an interesting or extraordinary dream or memories of my subconsciousness as well as telepathic connections to other people (dream spying).

After dissociating for a while with my eyes closed, I laid on my side to dream away… But in the moment I had to turn my body, I heard a loud voice in my head: “Ata-iede Orr! The signal is now set”.

A short time ago I also heard a sentence that originated from a non-human language and was therefore not to be understood at all, but this sentence was at least partly understandable. Well, no one really knows, what signal has been set or posted and by whom, but there is some progress.


Shortly thereafter, I awoke at another place. I was laying in a sleeping bag in a house. Obviously I mixed two dreams, in which I went in one dream straight through a house floor and in another I was in a sleeping bag. Suddenly a woman came and told me if I did not want to spend the night with her family. I refused to be polite because I did not want to make any problems, but she insisted on it and so I took my things and followed her. Then the update came, which means I was enlightened about the past of the self to which I was currently attached. The woman had once been my neighbor and I knew her only briefly in this reality. We had seen each other a few times and talked to each other. For one more weekend I had to look at where I was staying, since my new apartment was not ready yet but on monday, next week. She knew this and invited me for this reason. When we arrived at her apartment she wanted to make a coffee and showed me where I could sleep. Then I ran a little through the apartment and looked at it.

In the children’s room there were three children playing something on a console. They frantically moved the controllers. Then I went into the next room and in that moment I realized that I was dreaming a third dream at the same time. I switched to the third dream to see what happened there. When I had succeeded, the room I was now approaching, was dark and filled with four men sitting on chairs and several people standing there watching the four men. These four men wore long, brown robes and their hoods were drawn deep in the face.


They seemed pretty old to me, especially the one on the far left. He had a creepy look, and he was at least a hundred years old when I judged it right. This steely man murmured something all the time, and then I understood that this was an incantation. Some of the Latin terms seemed to me to be a kind of expulsion. It was almmost like the people present were spectators of this spectacle and anxiously waiting for this expulsion to be completed successfully. When the man was finished with his incantation, the spectators took a step aside to let the conjured spirit escape through the door. At first I had not understood this and therefore seemed to get in the way of the walking spirit, as I came straight to the door. When I judged the situation correctly, I also took a step to the side and hoped that it was not going into me now, but I did not feel anything like that. But the moment I stood in the room, among all the other spectators, the ancient man paused remarkably, and said:

“Here a personality just has arrived. This energy is familiar to me and is very strong. Please, come in front of us.”

His hood shifted a bit and I could see his old, wrinkled face. His eyes were closed and I was sure he was blind. Despite his blindness, he turned his head in my direction. The other spectators moved away from me, and then there was nothing left but my own. I stepped up to him and stood before him.

“You’ve been here more often,” he said.

“No, I don’t remember. I’m here for the first time,” I explained.

However, he did not let himself be disturbed and persisted in his statement.

“Show us your energy,” he said, with a strong force that I could now feel directly all over my body.

Now I could feel that some energy grew stronger and stronger in me and then flowed through me. I raised my hands and realized they were sparks or better, small, whitish crackling flashes. At that moment, I recognized another fourth dream that ended at the same time. I then switched to this and suddenly found myself in a room where a dark spirit or dark magic seemed to live. The people there used this space sometimes for meetings or occasionally even as a discotheque. They had called me to clean this room; if I have understood correctly.

As I entered this room, I could feel that dark magic that prevailed here. Several young people were present and they were rummaging through some of the boxes they had found in a closet.

I remembered to be here a few days ago. There, I had succeeded in hiding the spirit. This time, however, one of the visitors of this room had discovered and manipulated an old object, but the spirit was restored. But this was now stronger than ever and I felt that I would not have enough energy to defeat it. I let my energy flow in the room to find him and drive it out, but it was so strong that it needed all my strength and I had to retreat. At that moment, I changed again into the other dream with the ancient man with his dribbling and sparkling hands. It was like this dream had been properly paused, because it continued exactly where I had left it.

“Now, let the energy in you come up… stronger and stronger,” he shouted, and all the people around us disappeared until only he and I existed in complete darkness.

In this darkness, however, I perceived my hands more and more, which now made more and more energy visible. The small sparks had now become large flashes, some were probably the size of 20-30 cm. I was amazed at the immense energy that seemed to build up inside me.

“Now feel the God in you!” he cried, and disappeared shortly afterwards without a trace.

I tried to follow his advice and in fact I felt a hidden chamber inside me. When I opened it, I felt a real power of divine energy that came out of it and my energy became so strong that the lightning flashes around my hands were so impressive and assumed a size of over one meter and a full diameter of 15 cm. They turned out to be partial and sometimes popped.

It was an impressive spectacle, and inwardly I began to snap up with energy and megalomania, and shouted, “Yes, I am a God!”and the more frequently I pronounced it, the bigger and more powerful were the flashes.

Then I changed back into the dream room with the dark energy and the people who could not get rid of this spirit. I went into this room with my lightning flash, and left these flashes free. They hunted through every corner of this room and when they discovered the spirit, it was surrounded by my energy, and shortly thereafter it disappeared forever. After it had disappeared, I was immediately surrounded by the darkness of the other trajectory, which was illuminated only by my lightning-abducted hands.

I looked at this energy. It seemed so old and from times when there was no civilization, almost like volcanic energy – only to express an emotional impression or association now. Right, it felt like an ancient volcanic energy that I had now taken advantage of. It recharged me with new energy and also healed my body. At that moment I was able to recognize a compound connected with the minerals Zeolite and Bentonite, which I now regularly take. A connection is quite justified and could be connected with this. I’m not completely sure, but I think so.

When I woke up, I felt very energized and refreshed, although I went to bed at 2:45 a.m. and now it was barely 7 o’clock in the morning.


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Dreamnight: Double and triple Dreams