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The Message from Universe and the Stargate

In the following I would like to report about a great discovery which I have made recently within an out-of-body experience and I would not like to withhold it from you….

I travel around invisibly in the physical reality with my astral body, i.e. on out-of-body experiences, or travel likewise into other worlds or to other planets. My last experience has given me a highly interesting revelation. But to tell about it, I would like to tell briefly once about some letters which I have received in the course of my life.

About ten years ago two women, who did not know each other and therefore independently of each other, reported to me that in the hypnagogic state, i.e. in a state between waking and sleeping (colloquially: dozing), they saw strange circuit diagrams before their eyes. Both women asked me at that time what this could be about, but I was unaware of this phenomenon at that time.


They explained that they constantly saw strange circuit diagrams, sketches and perfect computer drawings. They couldn’t figure it out and didn’t know what they were dealing with. I found these hints very interesting, but in time I forgot about these e-mails and diagrams and did not think about them anymore.

In the recent out-of-body experience, I was once again traveling with my astral body and when it was time to return to my physical body, I was pulled back to my body while lying on my back. So while I was being pulled back, I was moving through the universe toward Earth.

Along the way, my consciousness opened up and a strange message came in, some kind of message that is apparently freely available in the universe to anyone who can open their mind to it.

Suddenly my consciousness opened and the message packet filled my mind. I saw a kind of metallic portal that was about 3-5 meters high and physical in nature. So it was not an astral or mental portal. I saw this portal for a while, it was ring shaped with several metallic plates shaped like a trapezium. Around the outside it was braided with steel, like a yeast plait or like the braided shapes known from some Celtic symbols. It looked a bit like a stargate, or Stargate, as known from the series of the same name.

After that followed a huge amount of schematics. They were made of a very thin metallic material, like on a foil, in which circuit diagrams were “engraved”. These schematics appeared many times, so many that I unfortunately could not memorize them. Somehow I tried to memorize them all, but in the end I could hardly remember them at all.

Some of the schematics showed this trapezium, how it was constructed, and many times how it was to be attached to the stargate. I also recognized some other plans that had sketches, often overlaid with a recurring “watermark”, labeled “A26”. One is certainly familiar with something similar from sample documents or copyrighted images, many of which are watermarked.

It was immediately clear to me that this message, which had wormed its way into my consciousness, showed schematics indicating how to build such a physical star portal. Moreover, it was also immediately clear to me that this message is available to anyone, as instructions of the construction of a star portal, who can move with his astral body.

If one imagines now, for example, that an extraterrestrial civilization always struggles with itself, whether to a somewhat more developed planet and their inhabitants a contact should be established or not, i.e. whether the appropriate civilization is at all far enough for it, then such a spiritual and/or mental message is the best solution.

Only a mind that is advanced enough can receive this message – and those who are even more advanced can memorize all these schematics and even put them on “paper” to recreate the stargate. Moreover, as a civilization, you must be advanced enough to be able to technically replicate this stargate, i.e. to create and use this portal. It is therefore the best solution, because only who can accomplish all these points, is also far enough developed, in order to manufacture a contact to other extraterrestrial civilizations.

For this reason, it was instantly clear to me that this universal message is floating around freely available there in the universe, similar to a never-ending radio broadcast, so that it can be picked up by an advanced civilization and put into action. On the other hand, those who are not advanced enough will not be able to do much with this message either, except to look at it and wonder.

I would like to say with it that these circuit diagrams and the references to the possible building of a star portal is accessible for everyone, but again not for everyone convertible. But this message exists and draws its circles through the universe and everyone who receives it will be able to do something with it or not.

~. ~

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