There are many interpretations of where the Christmas festival comes from, but it has not yet been fully clarified. In higher states of consciousness, however, one can find out what these festivals are all about. Christmas is in any case an interesting and very symbolic festival and not a festival in honor of Jesus Christ and his birthday, which is said on this day…

Christmas was originally a Pagan ritual. The church adapted the Christmas from the Pagans. They have always looked for inspiration for the birth of their own religion and in many cases simply copied the Egyptian and Pagan festivals and claimed that they were based on the words of God. A god that never existed in this form, but was also only an inexpensive copy of the original creator.
Decorating the Christmas tree is also one of the many examples of how this adaptation or copying took place. In this way the Church managed to develop its own religion in order to have much more control over it and to be able to control the believers better.

Santa Claus and Coca-Cola

The Truth about Christmas and JesusSanta Claus has nothing to do with Christmas either, but was originally an invention of Coca-Cola. The only testimony to this is the red and white suit of Santa Claus. Santa Claus was used to market their product even better and more effectively. A standardized practice in marketing, in which you combine a product with something that is very popular with people. Christmas was therefore a festival that could be used optimally for this. Coca-Cola competed with Pepsi-Cola for many years and here the company always had to come up with something new.

Jesus Christ and Christmas According to the Church

Jesus was born on December 25th in 0. On January 6th the three wise men came over with generous gifts from the East and with this visit the time of Christmas in our ritual ends today. In fact, however, Jesus was most likely pisces from the zodiac sign and may have been born in March. Even today you can sometimes find a fish symbol on some cars. The motorist would like to express here that he is a believing Christian and representative of the teachings of the Church and Jesus Christ.

When was Jesus born?

For example, astronomers have used the star constellation to calculate when Jesus was most likely to be born, and according to their statements, this happened on June 17 in 2 BC. instead of.
According to some historians, the date of birth is March 7-4 BC. estimated because, according to this scientist, the age and date of death of Jesus was known, but not his birthday. Other historians simply calculated Jesus’ day of death and age, and came to the date of December 25th. But Jesus’ birthday is still in the dark today and no one can calculate an exact date. It was just appreciated.
The Truth about Christmas and JesusOther festivals and rituals as well as historical events known to us, such as those found in the Bible, were simply copied. In the picture below you can see Anubis embalming the dead body of Osiris, hoping to get him back from the living. On the right picture you can see the copy of the church, which simply changed the drawing in order to adapt it to its myth. It shows how Abraham was tied to the altar and the idolater Elkena tries to sacrifice him. You can clearly see that this is a copy.
Many of the true connections are due to the distorted traditions, mostly through dark religions, as the church also represents one, and have become children’s stories, the truth of which is hardly still available. The real meaning of Christmas This makes it clear that today it is no longer possible to rely on the information from external sources, since every religion and scientist first thinks about its advantages and then maybe about the truth of its statements. Proof that every scientific investigation, however objective, is always a completely subjective matter. But the whole true knowledge is stored and available in every person.
When you find a way to gain this inner knowledge through meditation or dissociation, you are often surprised. So also in the case of Christmas. The center of Christmas is the Christmas tree. It represents the tree of life on which the many souls hang in the form of colorful balls. At the top of the tree you can see a shining star. This shining star is the “goal” of souls, namely to find its way back to its entirety. The wholeness of the self is fragmented in view of the many personality aspects of the mind and thus always strives for mental completion.

The Secret Book of John

Another perspective of this statement can also be found in the determination and reproduction of the eternal reincarnation cycle in which man is and was also mentioned by Jesus himself. Jesus’ statement on the cycle of eternal reincarnation, the walk between life and death, can be found in ‘The Secret Book of John‘, in which the subject of reincarnation can be found again and again. This book was written in AD 18 and highly controversial in content and provides information about the situation of man on earth.

Jesus and Reincarnation

Even today, this knowledge is kept secret by all means. A passage clearly reproduces Jesus’ words on the subject of reincarnation:
“All people have drunk from the water of oblivion and exist in a state of ignorance. Some of them succeed in overcoming ignorance through the spirit of life that descended on them. Those souls will be saved and perfect, which means they will be able to escape the cycle of rebirth.”
Then John asked Jesus what happened to those who would not be saved. Then Jesus answered:
“You will be thrown back in jail and forgotten.”
In these days, the Gnostics interpreted the word ‘prison’ as the physical body that one receives again and again for each reincarnation. I
n my opinion, Jesus hereby describes the complete physical reality including the body as a prison. After all, you are dealing with a reincarnation cycle that affects every single person on this planet. Again and again man is catapulted back into physical reality and the memories are erased… Then Jesus explains:
“The only way for these souls is to get out of oblivion and regain their knowledge. A soul in such a situation achieves this by finding a teacher or savior who has the strength to guide her home. This soul must follow another soul in which the spirit of life dwells, because it has been saved by the spirit. This soul will never be flung into the flesh again! ”


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