“From the dream archive” is always a dream or a consciousness experience that I experienced many years ago that left a huge impression. I would like to remind you that these interesting dreams are not part of the past, and readers can always read them whenever they want.

Thursday, February 15, 2001:

I was in a slightly expanded state of consciousness throughout the day. Although I can not remember the exact moment when I was in it, but I enjoyed it. So it took me away from everyday life and from the usual habitual state of consciousness.

It was amazing! I was so clear in my head suddenly and everything around me was crystal clear. And by that feeling, I then went energetically and amazed to the city. I felt as if everything had just been created around me. The cars, the houses, the streets, the people… everything was new!

I wondered who had created all of this at the moment and why did it never occur to me in my normal everyday state that everything we see is just created within a moment?


While in everyday life everything is so familiar and usually perceived as if everything has been in existence forever, in itself resting and rigid, it is, in contrast, in this expanded state of consciousness, exactly the opposite. Even the clear and discerning sentiment showed that everything around us is always being re-created at every moment. There is actually nothing that is old. The self of everyday life is receiving it like that, because it believes in age, transience and death. Only a few are able to jump over this shadow.

Somehow I landed in the municipal library in my birth town and drank a hot chocolate. There I sat on a chair and watched the people. The library had a beautiful appearance and had only recently been built.

Suddenly a friend stood beside me and greeted me. I knew her from another author, I rarely sae. In her greeting, my mind and spirit were still blessed and it felt like I would hover above the everyday world with wings. How you usually talk to people, I asked her what she was doing and how she was doing. She said that she wanted to do some research for a classroom session and she needed some books. Then she asked me the same and I said I was waiting for a friend.

This, of course, did not correspond to the facts. I just did not want to explain the “mystical” background of what was going on with me and why I had actually landed here. Then we said goodbye again, since she wanted to look for the books mentioned.

While I was still sitting there, the strong urge to just go after her was overwhelming. I did, but she had suddenly disappeared without a trace.

I then sat down at a computer and surfed in the internet a little, but really aimlessly, as if I wanted to expel some time. I then got up and saw her at one of the computers with which you could not surf, but could search for books of this library.

I spoke to her. She was not surprised at all and tried to clear me up, about what she was looking for, after I had asked more closely. She then said that she is an enemy for the Internet, because it was not only the destruction of privacy, but also the isolation from the world, as well as a harming method against normal books, because more and more people would start to read books on the screen in digital form. But as she explained her point, she sometimes laughed as though she was not believing one thing of what she was saying. I was sure she was in self-observation and something that I did not understand.

When I spoke to her, she said that she did not really care about the subject, because she had already checked it out for herself and she was only following it for her research. I told her some things about the internet, which could help her research and said jokingly that she would not find much on this topic in the library, and that she would have to search on the internet. This, of course, caused laughter. She did not want to do that.

I checked my emotions and found that I was suspicious of her. At all, I felt that feeling within the whole situation! I wanted to get to the bottom of it… I felt shortly afterwards that we were talking on two reality levels at the same time, but one of these realities was hidden in secret. So I asked her what she was writing about, because I knew she was a hobby poet. But she did not want to say anything about it, she just said she could not recite anything at the moment. She left, she was careful and seemed to feel my mistrust. However, I felt the distrust of the whole situation about it was not meant personal. So I started to tell her about my projects, where I worked at the moment. She did not seem to be surprised, although she was very interested.

I managed to open her a bit in the next few minutes. She explained that she had reached a new condition, which had been active for about two weeks. She said, she exists in two levels at the same time and so she gets get double information. Then I became amiable and questioned it very carefully. She said, that I would behave directly, and when I asked if I was too indiscreet, she said no. She said that she would accept me as I am. At that moment, I felt inside her, accepting not only myself in my way and in my condition, but also somehow all the people in their present state.

During the two hours we sat and talked, we also talked telepathically, because we exchanged knowledge that we had gained independently from each other. We talked about the roles that people so penetratingly and identically use, through the masks we all constantly put on, other levels, and much more. It was as if she was completely familiar with all these topics in a playful way.

After these two hours of conversation, my consciousness suddenly shifted to an even higher state! In this I realized in a very clear and unambiguous manner that I was not sitting there in the library at all! I definitely felt another self of mine, which was in a different place and which I really was. The self who sat in the library was only its projection! I wondered now where this other self could be, while my conversation partner laughed crookedly. My suspicion was that she knew something I did not know, or even guessed. I also felt that she had already known a lot about me before.

At first I thought that someone told her about me, but that was impossible, because nobody could have the information she was talking about and which we exchanged. She was only very surprised at how attentively I could follow her, and what personality aspects I could address in her psyche and bring her into consciousness. She was also visibly surprised that I had noticed that I could perceive the other self of myself, my true self, but also because I was aware that I was not really sitting here, but actually somewhere else. That’s exactly what I tried to explain to her! When I asked her, if she can understand me she said: “I have not believed you would get it.”

In what reality am I here? Why have I recognized this split in my self, where I was a real and a fake self only at two different places? So I extended my perception and finally got in touch with the true self that had projected me into this library. It was laying on a bed and was in a kind of trance or hypnosis. Next to the bed, there was a man who had helped the self to take me to the library. Shortly thereafter the contact with the other self broke off and I was again only one self, that sat in the library on a chair and conversed with an acquaintance.

We continued to talk about these events and moved through several states of consciousness. We laughed a lot and recognized a lot about ourselves. I felt that she too was in an increased state of consciousness. We harmonized very well and also laughed a lot about ourselves, about how we could not recognize all these things in our everyday life. I could not describe it in words, what a human does not see or recognize in its daily life.

After talking about parallel existences and other selves, she was very impressed, and said that on the one hand she felt comfortable, but on the other hand, there was still something she had to think about…

I did not believed her, because sometimes it seemed as if, for reasons unknown to me, she stalked to the self of me that was not here in this library. I then tried to change the subject a bit, so that she would speak more about herself again.

Then she told me the story of a friend she knew. This friend, she said, was two-thirds no longer here in our reality, but only one of a third. The other two-thirds would already be somewhere else.

When I asked if he had contact with the other two thirds, she said that he has but not really, and only indirectly. I knew that this friend was me! I looked into her eyes, stayed on this level, and continued to talk to her about this friend to see what she thought of me. She realized quite quickly, however, that I had recognized her consciously chosen analogy. We both laughed, because telepathically everything was clear!

As the library slowly closed, we went outside, leaving both of these higher levels of consciousness at the same time. Thus, not only the library, but also our joint excursion to the neighboring alternative buildings had ended. On the way out, I thought I had finally found someone who was able to move in the same way as I did in the alternative realities and extended states of consciousness. It was clear between us that we would spend a lot of time together to solve the whole enigma of the two consciousnesses of the true and the projected self.

Outside the front door, I had to watch, how she slid ever deeper and deeper into her everyday life, forgetting all the things we had just witnessed within minutes, while I could still remember every syllable. She looked at me and I discovered a wonder in her eyes: Why had we been so long in the library? Why had she been talking to me for so long? Certainly she now assumed that it was an unimportant conversation, and she could hardly remember anything. She did not looked at me anymore and said:

“We can still talk endlessly. There are things that you have to find out yourself and also I have to go buy some bread now. Maybe I’ll see you again…”

I wondered, if I should try to pull her back out of the transfigured marsh of everyday consciousness, but I would only have appeared obtrusive and stale, so I left her. It was therefore more favorable to say goodbye now. At some point we would surely meet again…

The farewell was quick and unemotional. On my way home, I thought about it and reflected it all over again. Since I had entered a different state of consciousness, I had properly attracted this woman because of my increased psychic energy. But I did not know if this event was unique, because I had experienced something like this before, and when I talked to the person later, she could not remember anything! Maybe in her psyche I had only “other” subconscious aspects, which are difficult to remember in the everyday state.

At any rate, she had said in a moment that this was one of my best qualities. What surely was true, because only the distrust of the own perceptions, which means a healthy and playful one, let us perceive other levels and realities, which run parallel at the same moment.

For another moment, she had asked me what I felt when I perceived this other self? I answered that I then felt fascination and clarity, but also fear. She laughed, but not at me, but more because she seemed to me to be quite understandable, which means she felt the same in some way. She explained that if you are afraid, you still have a reason to stay in the reality you want to be. Stunningly simple!


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