“Dreamnight” is a series in which I consciously concentrate on experiencing a lucid dream or an out-of-body experience or in which I report an interesting or extraordinary dream or memories of my subconsciousness as well as telepathic connections to other people (Dream spying).

Slowly I woke up… It was completely dark around me. At first I thought I was in a bed inside a dark room – perhaps my bedroom, but then I could see, it was a country road. I just awake on a country road! How did I get here? Why had I slept here? So I got up and spotted a vagrant, not far from me, who also seemed to be sleeping in the street ditch…

This was really a strange situation, I had to realize. I then ran down the street a bit and my eyes grew accustomed to the darkness. After about 2 km I arrived at a military facility. For a moment, I thought I had discovered a glow in the sky, but when I looked up again, there was nothing left to see.

When I had cautiously approached the military station. I saw something very odd over a fence. There were several soldiers standing around a large camp around something that I could not see. And suddenly, out of nowhere, a land flap opened of a camouflaged UFO. The land flap came out of the belly of the UFO and there were two people on it, who were transported down on a ramp. It was clear: This UFO has not landed here for the first time!

I crept as close as I could to observe the event. Obviously everything was a routine. Some people, humanoids, came out of the belly of the UFO, delivered several large boxes, loaded up others, got back in and then disappeared again. It was used like a kind of trading area to exchange goods.


In addition, I could catch a few words of the soldiers and one of them was talking about something called an SUV I – if I remember correctly – which probably meant the UFO. Totally unexpectedly someone switched on headlights and I had to fear to be discovered. So I ran into a nearby forest. There I met a large group of people. There were certainly fifty men and women. They came from the direction of the camp.

“What’s going on here and where are you going?” I asked a man who was the closest to me.

“We were back there at the military station trying to get into the UFO, but we were not accepted,” he explained, and then went on.

Shortly afterwards, a dark-haired, good looking, slender man approached next to me. He was perhaps around 30 years old.

“Can I help you?” he asked in a very friendly tone.

“I just wanted to know, what happened here and where they all go…”

“We’re going to town now. There is a hidden room in which there is a scanner that the aliens have built up there. It scans you and if you’re acceptable to them, they’ll beam you up to their ship.”

That sounded like an adventure! So I decided to accompany the group. I wanted to be kicked on this ship…

On the way I noticed, that the man was flirting with me. It seemed to me like he was gay. But when I looked down at myself, I could see that I was a woman in this reality! This of course explained his behavior.

After a while we arrived in a small town. Most of the people of the group were looking for this hidden rooom. When we found it, there were already three people standing at the door of a small house. We went inside and entered a long, dark passage.

At the end of this corridor, we discovered a small platform on which you could stand. A kind of camera was attached to the wall. We could clearly observe, how the man before us got scanned from the camera. The process took about 20 seconds. Then the man suddenly disappeared more and more, until he had disappeared completely.

We were really flashed by what we were allowed to experience here. Above all, the silent but spectacular disappearing seemed to us so extraterrestrial that we wanted to get even more into this UFO.

The next person got also scanned, but did not disappear.

“Why has the person not disappeared? Was the person not accepted? “I asked the man.

“Correct. They do not take everyone. I do not know what this is all about, but I have heard that they are very fond of couples. How would it be, if we would scan ourself as a couple? Then we have a greater chance of being accepted.”

I agreed to his suggestion.

We stood on the platform and got scanned together… I was already waiting for the teleportation process when he pulled me off the platform again.

“Hey, first we have to go somewhere else!”, he said and broke up the initiated scanning process. He also set a timer that shifted the transport to the UFO. Then he grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the building.

We ran a couple of minutes and then he led me to a disco. I did not understand, what he wanted to do with me. I assumed, that we wanted to be accepted on the UFO and he takes me to a disco? So I asked him out.

“Do not worry,” he said drily, “I just want to say goodbye to this world with a very last dance. And because you are here by my side, I ask you to dance this last dance with me. After that, we’ll be on the UFO!”

He seemed to be crazy, but I nodded. Then he took my waist and my hand and we danced a waltz. He led me to the music perfectly over the dance floor, even though the sounds that flowed from the boxes were not necessarily intended for this dance. When the music ended, he let go of me and we wanted to leave the disco again.

As we went down the stairs that led us outside, suddenly a woman with a brown short haircut appeared. She looked very nice and sympathetic at first. Unfortunately, I could not pass her.

“Are you here with this guy?” she said to me.

“Yes, why?”

“Keep your hands off him! He is here often and a lot of other women already know him…”

“Thank you for your reference,” I said and then she let me pass.

She was really a beauty, I had to admit.

“Come on, let’s go. Do not feel bad because of her, she is my ex-girlfriende,” he said, grabbing my hand again.

“I think, she was very nice and really pretty,” I explained. But he did not react to this, and a few moments later we went outside again.

He sat down on one of the chairs, which was placed there for the guests. You could get drinks here or order a quick meal. On one of the tables there was a baguette with cheese, tomatoes and majo.

“Oh,” he shouted enthusiastically, “this baguette is for us!”

Then he grabbed it and bit into it heartily. I wondered where it had come from so suddenly. Had he ordered it or was is from someone who had just gone to the toilet? In any case I sat down to him and I watched him bite heartily into the baguette. At that moment, I noticed that he was somehow translucent. I thought I could look through him a little.

Suddenly I realized, that the teleportation process that he interrupted, was now taking place. After 20 seconds, he had disappeared without a trace. The baguette was laying on the floor. I knew this meant that I would dissolve at any moment and will be promoted to the UFO, too.

So I looked down at myself and saw, that my legs were already dematerializing. I quickly closed my eyes because I felt a bit queasy. I had to think of Star Trek. The teleporter in this series disassembles a human or its molecules and then sends them somewhere far away. The same thing will happen with me now! Will my consciousness disappear? Are you asleep or do you experience a faint? Well I can tell you, it feels like you are dying…

As I dissolved I realized, that it was not just a problem to dissolve the body into its components, but that the consciousness was automatically looking for a justification for this process. It was not easy to accept loosely, to dissolve and reappear in another place, so it had to create a kind of substitute situation that justified the process itself. Then I realized, why I woke up on the street at the beginning of this dream! I was already beamed to that street and my consciousness had disguised this with a wake-up process. I also realized in this moment, that all humans are travelers who are continually teleporting themselfes from one reality to another and constantly awake in other realities. In some realities, we wake up just to be there for a short time, and in others we stay much longer – sometimes for a lifetime. We were travelers… and our beaming was camouflaged by a constant awakening.

This was also a creepy feeling as well as a sad and beautiful one. At the same time, however, it gave an incredible solitude to constantly jump from one reality to the next without remembering the previous one or knowing where you came from and who you were at all and why this happened. Now I already felt like I began to rematerialize on board of the UFO. I clearly felt my molecules, which were now reassembled and the teleportation process should be completed. At any moment, I would open my eyes and witness directly who these extraterrestrials were and what it all had to do with it.

But when I opened my eyes, I only looked into my bedroom. I had just awakened in my bed. I stood up slowly. I looked down at myself. This time I was a man… oh, I am… Jonathan …


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Dreamnight: Scotty, beam me up! (part 1)