An Odyssee to the Machine Elves

The machine elves are an issue in themselves, because they are beings who live outside the Matrix and have incredible abilities. They are beings, traders who are always happy to have an energetic trade. Anyone who is interested in the subject of activating your pineal gland and DMT or DMT distribution will eventually come across the term “machine elf “…

These are beings that live far outside the Matrix and are born traders. They trade in energy, so if you meet them, they may be interested in the energy of the visitor. Energy is as desirable on many levels of existence as our money may be. They exchange their own energy with that of the visitor.
They are not keen to receive energies from beings from neighboring systems, because they can easily reach them, but human beings, with his psychic energy signature, are considered highly desirable by them. This is, because very few people actually manage to penetrate so far into infinity that they would encounter the machine elves. For that reason, they are full of joy and enthusiasm when a person visits their level of existence.
Anyone who remembers the Ferenghis from Star Trek will probably know that these fictitious characters from the series always had a great interest in good trades. Well, the Ferenghis are always keen on their own advantage, and they also like to get involved in crooked business, but the machine elves are not so insidious. They just want an energy exchange and therefore offer their own energy against that of a visitor to their system.

The DMT Elves teleport

The DMT elves have incredible energies and psychic powers and they are also considered programmers and universal technicians. As soon as you get to enjoy them, they immediately offer their energy for exchange. For this they penetrate one with their “body” and thereby absorb the alien or human energy. More is not needed for her. As an exchange, they not only offer their own energy, but they also fulfill any wish! And that makes an encounter with them so desirable. If you wish to have any PSI ability , such as psychokinesis, telepathy, clairvoyance, etc., in everyday life, you can make this possible.
Moreover, they flow to the visitor and enter his field of perception. Afterwards, they ask the visitor to do exactly what they show to him. Often it is movements that generate certain energy frequencies to arrive at exactly the ability they offer in return.
As a rule, when they meet with them, they tend to scurry around like troubled weasels. They jump, teleport and fly, happy that they are interested in them. No wonder, because they want to act. They are according to the descriptions of DMT travelers about 1.50 m tall and seem a bit machine-like. Their appearance is reminiscent of little goblins with pointed ears, with a wide, funny face and testify to a very fast movement speed.
It is also rumored among the people who know about the Machine Elves that the CIA had once dispatched staff to the Machine Elves to trade with them as well. At the same time, the CIA, in whose mission, has learned how to enslave an entire planet and what steps are necessary. Therefore, some DMT interested travelers believe, that it was only possible in this way, through food and hidden poisons (such as glyphosate , GMO foods, fluoride, etc.), chemtrails, HAARP, etc., to slowly and gradually increase a whole planet “dumbing down” and enslaving. Whether this is true of course, nobody knows, it is still a rumor.
Well, you can ask yourself why the machine-elves were not morally and sound enough not to release that information, but they are traders and, given the tens of billions of planets in the universe, do not necessarily have a moral valuation structure in their minds, they just want to act and this is her vocation.
Probably the best-known DMT researcher was Terence McKenna, who gave the machine elves this name. He believed, that they were not real creatures, but machines with the appearance of little elves or house elves that keep the whole universe going. According to his statements, he managed to visit the machine elves several times. He wanted to learn the ability to use his own psychic energy to create physically any object of his desire. Unfortunately, he died prematurely and did not fully enjoy using this ability. But before he died, he called on DMT enthusiasts around the world to join forces to reach the machine elves and work to free the enslaved planet Earth.

The DMT Molecule and Rick Strassman

Rick Strassman is another man to be mentioned in this context. He managed to drive through an official study on DMT, with appropriate subjects, quite legitimately at the university. He published his results in a book. He even received donations from various sponsors, who in return wanted to see only his results… including, oh wonder, the CIA and the Freemasons . His subjects were often already familiar with psychedelic substances, but they were not astonished when they shot out of their bodies after eight seconds of injection with DMT and were spun far into the universe. Of course, this does not mean that you have to inject DMT to enjoy it, to experience it as well.
There are other possibilities. For example, you can smoke DMT, or whoever prefers the gentle way to use the body’s own DMT, which produces the pineal gland independently. There are brain frequencies that you only have to listen to in order to support the DMT release of your own brain or other techniques, such as DMT breathing or other meditations that could make this possible. Its plane of existence lies outside the matrix and can only be visited with the so-called “mental body”.
Although as a human being it is not so difficult to change into the mental body and move to the higher levels of the astral, but to reach the DMT elves, it requires a massive release of DMT from its own pineal gland. Such DMT levels, however, almost never spew out the pineal gland that would be required to reach the DMT elves immediately, but theoretically it would be quite possible.
Some people, who are interested in DMT explain that this is best done by smoking crystallized DMT. It is a small chemical process used to make this substance by using DMT-containing plants and working out their ingredients. The crystals can then be smoked in a glass pipe. Within 8-10 seconds the DMT starts to work and lasts for about 8-12 minutes. So you do not have much time to take the DMT with the lungs, besides, it does not taste very good and also a little burden on the lungs. But the price for this use allows a temporary state and simulates a fully opened pineal gland. You shoot out of your body and then go into hyperspace, which is coupled with a wormhole system to connect with the cosmic collective consciousness. You enter, so to speak, an immense network information network.

As good as anyone who tried this variant experienced incredible effects and perceptions, but very rarely did anyone manage to penetrate to the machine elves. If you notice a huge chrysanthemum on your journey and then manage to enter it with your ghost, you will not get past the machine elf. They catch you and pull the traveler to their level of existence. The machine elves, according to the few travelers who manage to get there, are very interested in finally overcoming their on-earth amnesia. They then inspire the visitor to remember, shouting ” Déjà vu! Déjà-vu! Déjà vu!… “.


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