Dreamnight: The Dream Voice

“Dreamnight” is a series in which I consciously concentrate on experiencing a lucid dream or an out-of-body experience or in which I report an interesting or extraordinary dream or memories of my subconsciousness as well as telepathic connections to other people (dream spying).

As usual, I applied the WBTB technique. Stupidly I overslept and instead of sleeping 4.5 hours I slept 5.5 hours. Well, old saying, “Never give up, never surrender!” So I got up at 4.30 am, then I stayed awake for an hour and then I went back to the warm bed…

At first I could not fall asleep because I normally had already slept after 5 hours. Somehow I could persuade my body and it fell asleep. Shortly afterwards, I was lucid on an unknown road, near a harbor. An acquaintance walked beside me and just told me how he had come to the extremely cheap apartment with a rent of 120 euros a month…

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The environment also looked like this! The little meadow you saw here was only partly present. There were gravel and old wooden planks all around. The house in which he lived looked pretty down. But somehow it also had an artistic charm. Some artists also like to live this way.

“That’s the bargain at all, isn’t it?” he asked me.

“With that  price you do not have to worry about the rent,” I countered.

The advantages were obviously obvious. We walked along the harbor and on the edge of the canal I saw on a piece of grass a woman who had made herself comfortable on a blanket. She was perhaps in the middle of her 20s, and she was reading a book. What I had always wanted to try out was to use the “dream voice”. This is a voice that can give each person in a dream an inescapable command. Everyone has to do what the voice commands. So I stood in front of this woman and said:

“Get up!”

Immediately she stood up and looked at me. She was not irritated, that she had suddenly got up. Obviously, she interpreted the command of my dream-voice in her head as an impulse emanating from herself, to stand up.

“Now let you fall back!”

Shortly afterwards, she just fell back and landed on the floor.

“I must have stumbled …” she said, laughing.

Then I went on with my friend. We then passed a kind of adult education center. Through the window I saw a group of people waiting for their lecturers.

“I’m just going in there, I’ll be right back!”

I said to my companion and I was already walking through the door. When I entered the classroom, I saw more than 20 people sitting at tables. Some were talking to each other and others were reading in their papers. Was I the teacher that they were waiting for or was I really just passing by…?

In any case, I thought I wanted to go into this room, to see how strong the dream voice was to several people!

“Stand up there on the wall in a row,” I ordered with the dream-voice.

About half of them immediately stood up and stood in front of the wall. The other half did not even look up, but continued with what they were doing. Once again, I shouted loud what I wanted them to do. Some stood up and joined the others, but there were still almost half of the people, who did not follow the order of the dream voice. Well, I thought, now I know that this dream-voice needs either more power or just a limited number of trampers.

After all an interesting thing, with the dream voice, I thought. It easily reminded me of the “witch voice” from the movie “Dune” with Kylie MacLachlan. An excellent movie and the first monumental science fiction ever…


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