“The dream Archive” is always a dream or a consciousness experience that I experienced many years ago that left a huge impression. I would like to remind you that these interesting dreams are not part of the past, and readers can always read them whenever they want.

From the archive of December 7th, 1995:

I was on a space ship. The main room was a kind of command center and I was there with some people. They had a human impact on me. Among them was a man who looked like a wizard with his long white beard. One of them stepped forward and began to say:


“Do you see planets down there?”

We looked around and the front wall suddenly became transparent and we could look into space. At the bottom of this screen I saw a large blue-green planet.


“The living beings down there are still at a low stage of development and do not even suspect the circumstances in which they are. This planet and its inhabitants are ruled by a tyrant they do not even know. They know the implications of their commands and regulations, but as you can imagine, this has become more and more terrible. We have been brought here to find and conquer this tyrant. He is a sort of subtyryr of a system lord who manages the whole quadrant in this part of the galaxy. The tyrant on this planet is not a human being, but he can always take the look of a human being. His technological knowledge and equipment is impressive. Nevertheless, he is a tyrant of a neighbour-dimension, which makes it possible to appear in every place in space. He just enters a kind of hyperspace and reappears in another place within the three-dimensional space.”

Then the wizard came to me and stood before me as he looked directly into my eyes,

“Here,” he said while he held an object to me, “take this metal rod. It will help you much more than these ridiculous guns.”

So I took the rod. It was about one meter long and amazingly light. It was easy to turn it around in my hands. On one side I recognized a kind of blade with an enclosed shape and a hammer shape at the other end. I politely thanked the magician, and he went back to the others. Now the man from the beginning started talking again:

“We are now getting exposed on the planet. The tyrant is in a large house. We were told that he is now in this house. Get ready!”

When we arrived on the planet, we moved to the house of the tyrant. It was surrounded by a huge fence and the villa looked very stately. Several limousines stood in front of the house in a roundabout. We moved closer to the house, when suddenly the main door opened and over twenty men ran out.

They had no weapons, which I had expected at first, but two of us immediately opened the fire with their guns that they had received. But the bullets simply flew through the opponents like they were made out of butter. In the next moment they pushed a mechanism on their arms and a kind of camouflage device was activated.

They disappeared without a trace! The magician had been right, the guns were not useful at all. The bullets could not harm them. Then they ran towards us. I could see it, because sometimes their camouflage seemed to faint and they were briefly visible.

There was a direct fight, and I had to see, how some of my companions died after each other. I managed to turn off some of my opponents with my rod, but it was obvious that I could not turn off al of them…

I do not know how it happened, but when I was the only survivor, I decided to run away. I managed to free myself from the invincible opponents and fled into the forest. They were running after me, and suddenly it was flashing around me and the next moment I was in a pub. I was sitting there drinking something to get my thoughts together and to explain how I could get into this pub. I tried to think, but I could not explain it. While I spent several evenings there, I  met a man one day, who seemed to possess more information. I bribed him so he would tell me what he knows. It turned out that some people were already looking for me to pick me up here and to start a new attack against the house of the tyrant. They wanted to meet me shortly and discuss the plan. Weeks later a meeting took place. I already got used to live on this planet.

“We are glad that you could survive the fight. We had completely underestimated the enemy. For this reason, there will be a new attack. We chose the next Saturday,” one of the men told me.

I was reluctant to agree. In me a feeling had developed, not wanting to fight anymore. I liked life on this planet and I could imagine staying here longer. The conflict in me was strong. On the one hand, I was aware of my work as a warrior against tyranny, but on the other hand I just wanted to relax and live a normal life. So I suggested that the next attack should be postponed. I said that they have to train all of the men properly and other weapons should be put into action which are much more effective in order to win a new fight. They sent me two students, a young woman and an equally young man. They were barely 20 years old. Both, however, had the rod as I did and I had to think about the wizard  who gave me my rod.

“I’ve never had a teacher,” the young man told me, “but I’ve been dealing with the kind of gun myself.”

“Good,” I said.

“Then let’s test what you’ve learned…”

In the next moment I attacked him with my rod he responded very well and refused my punches. I stopped and ordered the young woman to take over my position and fight the young man. Without asking, she jumped to my place and attacked the man. They fought for a while, and while I watched them, something in me recognized the young woman. She was the vanguard of a man who had always reminded me of McGyver. So I started smiling and got the distinct feeling that everything would go well…


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Dream Archive: The tyrannized Planet