Pineal Gland Flash: The Pilot Movie ‘The Cage’ – Starship Enterprise

It was on October 26, 1993, exactly twenty years ago when I was sitting with a friend in front of the TV. We were waiting for the beginning of the movie. In Hollywood, the filmstudio, which once made the series “Starship Enterprise“, had made a spectacular discovery: After 30 years, they found the pilot film for this outstanding series, which has never been aired before. He was untraceable, almost lost. In the pilot movie, with the already suspicious title “The Cage” a completely different crew take place. Except of Mr. Spock, the team consisted of completely different actors. For me and my pineal gland, it was already clear in the first scene that this movie came from the original reality in which I had once lived…

Because of this fact, I had to see this movie! What is the meaning of original reality at all? Every human being is a creator, and carries within himself the sparkle of the one creator and is equally rudimentary about this gift. That is why he constantly unconsciously creates alternative realities, which he then enters. In this way, he moves into infinite re-created realities, which are very similar to the reality before, but which takes different courses. The change is not necessarily noticeable, due to the fact that your memories of the past with yourself. The changes are so partial, that small changes in the present are not noticeable. Even if a plant suddenly stays in the room, which was not present before, the memory of the existence of the plant will be immediately inserted. Sometimes such changes occur, but the environment will, of course, explain the plant as an always beeing there thing, because the only thing that has actually changed here is you. Thus, other people in the room will naturally be sincere, because they know this plant. These changes are rather difficult to describe and yet so easy to understand, if you consciously experienced such a change yourself.

Here an example: If you are in a cinema with ten possible movie theaters and you watch a movie and then the cinema changes, the visitors in Cinema 2 will, of course, have a different “movie past” than the ones who came from Cinema 1 into Cinema 2. The others will claim that all the elements of the movie were actually seen and that the elements you are talking about have not occurred – because it was only you who has changed the cinema. Now imagine that in each of the cinemas a similar movie is running, maybe a series, Episode 1 in Cinema 1 and Episode 2 in Cinema 2, etc. Now, if you change from Cinema 1 to Cinema 10, the leap is understandably slightly bigger, because within the nine episodes, which have been played, a lot has changed in the life of the main actors, from the interior furnishings to the clothes and hairstyle, etc. By such a jump you would no longer have information about things, because you lost at least the knowledge of eight episodes. In cinema 10, however, there are only visitors, who have seen all previous nine episodes. So they look a bit surprised, when you ask things that had happened in the episodes before. For them it looks like you would suffer of amnesia or some other form of loss of memory.

This was just an example, in order to make understandable, that our lives also represent a series of  many episodes and every morning when we wake up, the next episode begins. So we live in a daily soap. Surely with brilliant graphics and an excellent 3D chip, but it is and remains a daily soap, a soap opera. The experience of these realities presupposes, through our subconscious creative power, that we change not only every morning, but also in certain everyday situations from an alternatively created reality to the next. Thus, the only origin reality got lost. The return to this first reality would make us recognize, the creator we actually are. This is all logical, because the first one has created another self, which from then on also felt as created and not necessarily as a creator.

With my analogy in the back of the head, I would like to come back to the topic “The Cage” now and tell you, how my pineal gland or my inner eye reacted when the movie started.

I watched the movie with Vivian, a longtime friend. When the first pictures appeard, remember the initial sequence (see opening) in which the starship was shown and flew through the space, the first pineal gland flash came and showed me, that this movie came from the “origin reality”. Vivian reacted quite similar and it also occurred to her, that this pilot movie was not filmed in our present reality. The disappearance of the movie was completely plausible for me. The movie had to dissapear, because it had not been part of our reality. Why it suddenly appeared in our reality again, I could not understand. I guess, it should be a lesson for me – and for everyone who accepted it as one. Throughout the pilot movie, there were so many symbols and equations, that I became a flash and goose bumps again and again. In order to make this article not too long, I will only go into the core symbols…

Captain Christopher Pike receives an emergency call from the planet Talos IV after a heavy battle and high losses. This emergency call came from a starship, which was missing for 18 years and had crashed on Talos IV. Pike responded to the emergency call and flew to the place to check the situation. When they arrived, they found the crew in excellent condition. They had all survived pretty well. One of the people there, a woman named Vina, who was born there after the crash, is approached Pike and wanted to show him something. Suddenly, Vina disappeared, and with her the once crashed crew and in the next moment two Talosians came out of a lift. They were extraterrestrials with very high heads and masters of telepathy and illusion. They took Pike into their cave system. Mr. Spock and a few other crew members from the Starship Enterprise tried to crack the elevator door but failed and could not enter the underground vault. As Pike woke up, he found himself in a cage system, in which different life forms of any planets sometimes occur. For him it is like a huge subterranean zoo.

The Talosians prefered less talking with Pike and had more interest in psychological experiments. They wanted to find out, how he reacts in certain situations. So they influenced him telepathically so intensively that he believed he would be in a threatening situation with Vina in which he had to protect her from a monster.

On the Enterprise, on the other hand, it is clear, that the Talosians are superior beings who can project telepathically any reality they want, even over enormous distances. So the survivors of the crew were just an illusion to get the captain away. While the team is tried to crack the lift, Pike experienced more illusions. The Talosians suggested him a nice experience with Vina at a picnic or in other situations of a pleasant kind, to see, how he acts even in those moments. Pike recognized the weaknesses of the Talosians over the time and was able to overwhelm one of them and to free himself. At the same time, the crew of the Enterprise found out, that they had already cracked the lift, and that only the Talosians had suggested them, they would have ineffective weapons.

In the end, the Talosians were overpowered and declared, that they are doomed and that Vina, once was actually part of the crashed starship and survived the crash, but has been completely disfigured and rejoiced the illusions of the Talosians, because she was able to be beautiful again. Vina did not want to leave the planet becasue of this. The crew wanted to help the Talosians and suggested, to create a copy of Captain Pike and to leave him with Vina, to make sure she has a partner, and the true captain goes back on board of the Enterprise. But all of this is even more confusing, because 16 episodes later, the whole story of the pilot film in the episode “Talos IV” occurs again and Mr. Spock wants to bring Captain Pike back to this planet, because he was completely paralyzed by a serious accident. Pike wanted to return to the Talosians to get the illusion that he was healthy and healed again. This became the pilot film and episode 16, which picked up and reused the plot of the pilot film. When episode 16 was broadcasted on the TV, the pilot movie was not known at all, because they decided, after filming the origin, that they did not want to show it. They thought it would be far to intellectual for the audience at that time. Then a new crew was assembled, with Captain Kirk, Chekov, Uhura etc., and of course again with Mr. Spock.

Now let’s talk about some “pineal gland flashes”, which I could register during the pilot movie: Strange and actually unusual for the captain, to join them on their first visit of a planet. Normally, the captain would remain on board and would steer his explorers from the space ship.

However, the fact that he travels to the planet, I realized, is very important, because the captain is the ego, the person with whom you can identify yourself in this parable. The original crew is thus no longer identical with the new crew. In this case there is the reference to a change from one reality to another. In the alternative reality, which could then be followed in the following episodes, Mr. Spock was the only survivor. The aliens and the Talosians set Vina and Pike different illusions, in which they had to deal with danger or simply had to share beautiful moments with each other. All the things that the Captain was wishing for, for example to spend beautiful moments with Vina, he could experience in his illusions. In the end, Pike had to decide if he wants stay on Talos IV with Vina or go back to his ship. He could not decide, and this caused a split in him, which in turn caused two Pikes.

This was justified within the film that the Talosians produced an illusion of it. In reality, however, this was a creation of an alternative reality. I wondered, why Spock was still going on in the next episodes. This question triggered a shudder within me. I then realized, that this pilot movie, was an original movie or the movie from the origin reality. The result of this change of reality was that the actors could not play the crew any more, because the captain stayed behind in his illusions and the other captain, who went back to the ship, at the same time returned to his original reality.

This is perhaps not easy to understand what the pineal gland showed me, but it was quite obvious to me why the crew had to be changed. The justifications the film studio had, might have been others, but for me I recognized the higher sense and this particular actually changed the crew. Since I lived as an illusionary self in an alternative reality, it was clear to me that I could not continue the further development of the real Star Trek series because it had changed reality. The illusionary/alternative reality no longer possessed a captain.

And if she did not have one anymore, there could be no further episode with this crew in my reality. The next day, Vivian, a frind of mine, told me, that she had nightmares and that she always fought against someone. Throughout those fights, she woke up as a child in the bed of her parents. There, she realized, that it was part of the path to expand her consciousness, to go back to the time, where she had decided to choose the illusion. Every and each one of us, made this decision in life.

When she told me all of this, my pineal gland agreed. Each one of us is able to find the moment in which we preferred the illusion instead of the original reality.

I hope, that with this report from my archive I could explain a little, what it means to exist in an alternative reality, which always generates further realities and so it moves far from the original reality. I do not want to say that this is bad, but only that new alternative realities spill the memories of the originality of the original. If you do not even remember your origin reality, how can we ever be able to remember other lifes that seem so far away…?


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