Dissociation: Experience on the afternoon

Yesterday afternoon I was laying in bed and dissociated several minutes to change my state of consciousness from one spot to another… Suddenly I was in a strange room. I had hardly oriented myself when I was wondering about something. There seemed to be something disagreeable with this room. I shouted loudly “What?” And then fell into a very surprising state. At the same moment, I left the ego perspective and saw me standing outside in the room and calling out “What?” again…

A few seconds later I dissociated myself from the room and the self that I was there, and saw several rooms arranged side by side, as in a set-case. In each of these rooms I saw myself standing and calling “What?”…

Then I saw hundreds of these rooms and I distanced myself more and more… Hundreds of Jonathans stood in their rooms in quiet amazement… A moment later I shot back again into the room where I was laying on my bed. This whole experience may have lasted only a few seconds.

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This little intermezzo has then animated me to conjure a small video, which is supposed to portray the meaning of dissociation. If you are interested, you can take a look at it and you will find it on Youtube in my account Matrixblogger.


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