“Dreamnight” is a series in which I consciously concentrate on experiencing a lucid dream or an out-of-body experience or in which I report an interesting or extraordinary dream or memories of my subconsciousness as well as telepathic connections to other people (dream spying).

I went to bed at about 03:00 a.m. in the morning. It had become a little later as planned. As soon as I had closed my eyes for a few minutes, I got directly into my astral body without moments of concentration and a few seconds later, I entered another reality. The process was pretty fast, while I was wondering why it was so fast this time. Above all, I was surprised, because my body had slept in the previous night only a few hours and in the afternoon for half an hour. Actually, I would have needed more sleep to get so fixed in such a condition. This circumstance occurred rather rarely. In any case, I was on a different level of reality, presumably on the middle astral plane…

I lost the thread for a short time, but found myself a few minutes later with two men at my side. The two were very slim and looked quite similar. They could have been brothers, at least that was my impression. In my mind I still had the fresh instruction to teach them how to develop intuition. Probably I had received the instruction in my perception. It was about their future incarnation on Earth, where they would meet as a police officer and from then on work together very often. They were very motivated and I asked them to follow me.


We traveled again and again to the Earth, and there were criminal cases to which they were to express their conjectures and views later. It was important that they should use their instinct and analyze the case on the basis of a gut feeling and not necessarily exclusively with the mind and the collected facts. They were dealing particularly hard with the last case, which I had deliberately kept for them to test their sense of intuition. It was about two murders, a child, and a woman who could not easily be related to each other.

I traveled with them to all the places they wanted to visit and analyze. Personally, I already knew the solution, but it was about finding it out on their own. Again and again we were in one or the other living room, in kitchens, in gardens, in the woods or on the streets, to investigate exactly how the perpetrator had proceeded exactly. Neither was there any motive for the murderer. Only later, they were able to compile a list of suspects, but the list was about 20 people, and made successful investigations nearly hopeless.


With the help of the mind, they were able to follow the actions and statements of the people in the physical reality, but it was difficult to record direct suspicious moments on the basis of these statements. It took quite a long time, but the two “brothers” ended up giving up.

They could not get enough sense to solve the case, even if they had come a long way. Their mistake was relying on prejudices they had about the suspects. On the one hand, they could not believe that a good housewife with a child would be capable of such a thing, nor a miraculous blonde girl with high heels or a policeman, who had partly even helped with the case to enlighten him.

Ultimately, I told them that it was the policeman. They could hardly believe it, and they laughed aloud, but when I explained to them the connections with the murdered woman and the child, they began to understand. They had not traveled far enough into the time, to find out more about the police man, and that he had already met the two victims.

While we were still laughing about their statements and false assumptions, I woke up in my physical body a short time later.


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Dreamnight: Developing Intuition in your Dreams