The real meaning of Halloween

Today is Halloween and many people are asking about the origin of this strange festival. The origin can be traced back to Ireland, where the so-called Samhain Festival, which is called Halloween in England, is celebrated today. This festival, in effect, describes the opening of the doors between the normal and the other world as well as the elementary world. This means that the connection to beloved deceased people is just as easy as it is to elementary beings such as elves, goblins and fairies…

The oldest species of the elemental world are the Túatha Dé Danann. They are high royal and aristocratic elves who, with their appearance very slender, with ivory-colored pale skin and white almost gray hair, were rather conspicuous. In the book series “Lord of the RingsJ.R. Tolkien and his elves tried to describe this ancient elven race. The description of the Elves is, in fact, similar to the Túatha Dé Danann who, many hundreds of years ago, still maintained contact with some people. Nowadays, however, the Túatha Dé Danann live withdrawn from the humans and do not want any more contacts. They are very disappointed in the way humans deal with nature and with what recklessness they have turned away from the elementary world.

So it is quite possible that you not only find people who dress up as a werewolf, a vampire, a zombie or a horror clown, but also as an elven, fairy or goblin. The little fairy runs through the streets and hopes for sweets. The desire for sweets is by no means a coincidence, but is based on the old Irish custom of placing a glass of milk, honey, biscuits or even mead and wine on the terrace. The natural beings arrive at night, suck the essence out of the food and thank themselves by guarding the house and taking care of the surrounding flora and fauna.

At the present time, there are also the doors between the worlds, but the elemental beings have largely withdrawn from contact. Only some goblins, like the Leprechaun, are interested in contact. Most elves and dwarfs, however, have already turned their backs and do not pay much attention to contacts. However, there are, of course, still deceased poeple, who have not made it into the upper realms of the hereafter and are still to be found in the intermediate level. They sometimes seek contact to convey last messages, but most people can not perceive them. Sensitive people, on the other hand, find it easier to perceive the deceased and their messages at the time of Halloween. Dressing up as a zombie, vampire, and other uncomfortable figures is just an expression of the energies that are felt on that day when you open up yourself. But you do not have to fear these beings, the festival Halloween wants to remind everyone of that fact, because everything the beings can do is just frightening you. This festival is not reminiscent of carnival, because people celebrate the conclusion of many reincarnation existences, like cowboys, indians, witches, tankers, etc., but you can also find vampires, zombies and elemental beings there, because the characters from the Halloween celebration are there as well. This is due to the reincarnation period of the past, which most people have already done and commemorate their life so far.

Halloween, however, places more focus on better contact with the world beyond. The doors may be opened or partially open and may be used. Some of the deceased, in their delusion of necessarily being human again, are subject to the temptation to use one of these doors – especially when, at this time, they are very mourned about someone who has just passed away. You should, of course, be careful and be aware of the power of the Halloween time.

The Vatican and the Church are not friends of Halloween, because they say that after the death only a certain “elite”, who was always god-fearing and followed the rules of the church, is allowed to experince an afterlife. In Islam there are similar indications that only those can enjoy all the benefits in the hereafter, which are also Islamists. This assumption on the part of the Church and Islam is, of course, incorrect. Everyone who passes into the hereafter is treated equally. However, there is no guarantee, whether a deceased person is ready to be treated the same way. But once someome looked behind these illusions, he or she will see, that everyone is treated equally in the world beyond.

Nowadays this other world is called the “Beyond” and the deceased “ghosts”, are of course primitive designations and, for that reason, quickly arouse associations with fairy tales and stories of aiding. However, as soon as a rational science has been formed that examines these phenomena and confirms their existence, other conceptions will follow, such as “Postmortal Existence Dimensions” and “Phase-shifted Personality Fragments”.

Everything is just a matter of time. The Church and the Islam, as well as some other religions, like to launch disinformation campaigns, which completely disfigure Halloween in its own right and represent a bestial horror festival. Certainly, commerce has also distorted the meaning of Halloween. Becauseof all this, there are not so many people who know the true meaning of Halloween, yet. Halloween can be celebrated, but you do not have to celebrate it. It is also sufficient to establish contact with your loved ones in the evening, whom you lost through death, to continue to exist in the hereafter.

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