“Dreamnight” is a series in which I consciously concentrate on experiencing a lucid dream or an out-of-body experience or in which I report an interesting or extraordinary dream or memories of my subconsciousness as well as telepathic connections to other people (dream spying).

Tonight I had the idea of being a dream spy again. Because of the interesting information by the whistleblower “Corey” (see: “The three space programs), I thought about the military base Area 51. He told about some interesting things and I wanted to try to connect my consciousness somehow to the consciousness of one of the soldiers working at the base…

Every human is using this approach every night when he goes into alternative realities, but it is also possible to connect with the consciousness of others. However, connecting with other people is not that easy for me, because I do not train it often enough. Actually, it is a spontaneous decision and I rely too much on having luck. So far, I have already succeeded several times in joining the consciousness of an employee of the base Area 51 and experiencing his experiences. It could also be called “playing mice“. One time, I was a doctor, who was called to the base, another time I was a soldier, who used a ball to teleport, where I even saw a zoo that the military had created with animals from other planets, as well as in a few other dreams. I think, that my dream perceptions largely correspond to reality. Distortions can, of course, be possible, but my perceptions are quite true, I’m convinced of them.

So I concentrated and waited until I could enter the dream level. I changed into the world of infinite dreams from the physical world of everyday life, which steadily fell into the background. There I thought of Area 51…

“Hey, do you want to…?” someone said.


I sat on a bed and slightly behind me someone was laying and handed me a small pipe.

According to my observation, I was just in a crew room or in the sleeping accommodation of the soldiers. Looking at my shoulder made me realize that my rank was not worth mentioning.

“What’s in there?” I asked.

He winked at me: “Come on!”

I took his pipe in my hand and led it to my mouth. Then I drew it and kept the smoke in my lungs for several seconds before I ejected it again.

Whatever was contained in the pipe, it tasted delicious. I had smoked marijuana in my life before, but this was just outstanding in its taste.

“This is really delicious!” I said. “What is it?”

“That’s GS!” He replied curtly.

He was not a man of great words, as I could tell.

“GS? What does this mean? Golden Silver?”

Suddenly I was dizzy for a moment and I seemed to lose my consciousness. Apparently it was a hard stuff…

I wanted to spy on Area 51 and ended up with a pipe in my hand in the crew barracks. When I had caught myself again, I noticed, that the environment had changed. We were sitting in a room at large tables and were eating. In front of me was a plate with fruits, which I had eaten. The soldier was sitting next to me, who had given me his pipe.

“What happened?” I asked.

“Nothing! Everything is great,” he said calmly.

“Since when are we sitting here in the cafeteria?”

“About half an hour ago!”he said.

“What? And what did I do?” I replied.

A soldier who had listened to our conversation turned to us and laughed:

“You have behaved quite normally. You ran to the canteen with us laughing and joking. Are you missing your memory or something?”

I shook my head. Probably my consciousness was thrown out as I pulled at the pipe. I should better not do this again, it disturbed my perception.

Interestingly, however, I found the discrepancy between the consciousness of the soldier and mine. Obviously, I could influence his actions to some extent. Unfortunately, I could no longer tell directly what his decisions and actions were, and my commands or how far I could only watch or influence. I wanted to try this out later.

“Come on, we have to get some tools and go to the workshop,” said one of the soldiers, and we followed him.

Once there, each of us took some tools and should work on a device developed there. This device, however, we did not know in its entirety, but there were certain departments in which partial work was carried out.

When the part was completed, it was given to a messenger, who then took it to a place where they were collected and then assembled.

“What are we building here at all?” I asked my mate.

“Nobody knows this very well. They do this intentionally, so that we do not know, what we are working for. It sucks! They’re not telling us anything.”

“And do you have a guess? ”

” Nope!” he replied shortly.

I looked at the component. It was made out of metal, round, and possessed several openings, which were arranged like a chart. At first, it looked like a silver clockwork or a silver metal can. They could be turned up and down. At one point there was the possibility of attaching something else to it. In the middle I could discover a hole in which you could pinch or pass.

Now I wanted to see if I could inspire the soldier to get up and explore the area. It was a bit too boring for me.

I stood up and said to him, “I’ll be right back. I will just quickly go to the toilet.”

In fact, I got up and left the workshop. I then went through a long corridor. In the end I recognized an elevator. I wanted to take it. Inside the elevator there was a very long button strip with many floors. Some of the floors were marked red, if I am not mistaken, and equipped with a digital locking mechanism. When I pressed one of the red buttons, nothing happened. I was sure I need a card for some points, to be able to press these buttons – at least that was my impression. Other buttons I could freely press. There were several levels here, which were blocked from the beginning. It was all so obvious, what was going on here. I just did not have the military rank that would have led me to the red plains. I had chosen the wrong person today with my dream spying. Nevertheless, I wanted to spy a little around before I returned to my everyday life. So I quickly pushed the button, as far as possible for me, and the elevator started moving. My thought was that the bottom button might have another acces to one of the forbidden levels.

As the doors opened again – I felt a little like being in Star Trek – as the doors slid sideways, I went to another corridor. Somehow I felt almost at home here. Slowly I went downstairs and wanted to try some of the doors to see if I would get access. So I tried several doors. Most were locked, but one of the doors actually opened. Carefully I opened it and peered inside. There was no-one to see. So I went inside, closed the door gently behind me and looked around curiously. Everything was very classy. A huge room with at least 150-200 m³, lots of white furniture, a bar, living room furniture, table, chandelier and other attractive furniture. In the middle, there was a kind of white, rectangular platform.

I stood on the platform and at the same moment it began to move slowly upwards. Frightened, I jumped down again. After all, I did not want the poor soldier to be crushed up on the ceiling. I watched as the platform moved further and further upward. As it approached the ceiling, it opened and the platform could move smoothly. This seemed to me an interesting access to get to another level or secret space. I was looking for a button or lever that gave me the opportunity to move the platform down again, so I could go back afterwards.

Then I discovered a kind of box on the wall. I opened it and saw some buttons. I pushed them, until the platform actually moved down again. When it arrived downstairs, I entered it and moved automatically upwards. Further and further…

The top of the room opened again, and the platform pushed further up. At the top I stood in a dark room. I groped for a lighter or a lamp that the soldier might have had but could not find anything…

A moment later I woke up again in my bed. Too bad, I thought, I would have liked to see more. I definitely have to go back again and hopefully, I would then join with someone with a higher rank or with more access possibilities … Maybe a member of Area 51 will read this and can somehow confirm my statements. Maybe there’s even a free place for me on the red level there. 🙂


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Dreamnight: Being a Dream Spy in Area 51