Guest Post: Landing in the Atom Structure?

The section “Guest Post” is about the experiences of the visitors of my Matrixblog. Anyone who is interested in publishing his out of body experience or his lucid dream or an exciting real experience from his everyday life in my blog, can send me a message. These can also be published in one of my books. I am looking forward to your letters.

Recently, a woman named Cristelle messaged me and told me about an interesting experience about how she landed in the atomic structure. This sounds like crazy – but which is not unusual for my dream diary – but I find her experience very interesting and worth mentioning…

“I have a short but true story to tell you that I experienced in the 80’s in fact. I had no idea of “harmonic convergence” or the like. I was only on the way to a nice place in Switzerland, where I got invited to, and so I planned to visit. The elevation and the surrounding area were of a texture which gave me quite unexpected and beautiful insights, which I have not forgotten until today. When I got there, I sat down on a sofa. My hostess greeted me and went out to the door and she said goodbye for today. As soon as she was gone, I suddenly saw the chair to my left, and everything changed suddenly for a fraction of a second. But not only the chair and everything about me had changed, but also my perception of everything I was looking at. Surprisingly, the feeling was separate from my environment as a person lying on the sofa.

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How I was laying there on the sofa, now seemed completely weird to me. At this moment I seemed to be no more than the chair, the carpet, and the window… All I saw had the same value than I had. I had been put on the same level with everything around me.

What was it? It seemed to me as if there were no more objects and people, but only a bond with everything on this level. And I perceive all the objects that I looked at, including me, as a circle of atoms. Was it perhaps the nuclear level? And what seemed to me as a possible background of everyday perception?

All this happened in a fraction of a second… Only the next morning, when I was on my way home on the train, I had the idea that I might have briefly looked at another (possible) reality. It was almost a little scary to be so without control as only a circular atom among many circular atoms. And I do not even know if it was the atomic level I encountered, maybe it was just a kind of feeling about it.”


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