“Dreamnight” is a series in which I consciously concentrate on experiencing a lucid dream or an out-of-body experience or in which I report an interesting or extraordinary dream or memories of my subconsciousness as well as telepathic connections to other people (Dream spying).

This time I went to bed somewhere around 02:00 a.m. Actually, I had planned to go to bed at about 12:00 a.m., but as it sometimes happens, such pious decisions fail. I haven’t used the WBTB technique this time, because in the afternoon I had slept surprisingly smooth from 04:30 p.m. to nearly 08:00 p.m.! So I actually had passed almost three sleep phases and therefore I simply wanted to try out a dreamnight. But I do not really know where to begin and where to stop. This was the longest dream night I’ve ever experienced…

Almost five hours of being lucid uninterruptedly and a huge amount of alternative realities, so that my brain seemed to became overloaded somehow. But I felt as if I had dreamed lucid for 10 hours. If you wrote down the most important information, you start to realize how limited the human brain is. In everyday life this may not necessarily be noticeable, but if you have to remember a lot, you can imagine what I am writing about.


In my case I can say that it is difficult for me to remember names and basic data in a dream as well as messages that go directly to me. I was allowed to register this again in this lucid dream series, but I still have a lot I do remember. Now enough explanation, I will now try to do the impossible, to tell you as much from this dream as I could keep – and I may say, unfortunately, it is not too much…

After a quarter of an hour of concentration, the first wave came. My body was suddenly deaf and my second body was vibrating. I was suddenly on an old couch in a strange living room. Next to me there was an old friend who looked at me smiling. But I did not stay there for a long time so I switched back to my bed. Surprised by this rapid change of reality, I was awakened again in my physical body. I wondered if that was all, and I should immediately go to sleep, or whether I should try it again. But I remembered that if I thought of that, I would still have a good deal of experience.


A short time later, my body slept again and I moved into my astral or second body, which I would not be able to get away from in the next few hours… Everything around me had been dived in complete darkness. It was hard for me to notice anything at all. I felt quite clearly that I was in my second body, but I could not see anything in my bedroom. So I had to blindly try to separate myself from my body and then leave the room. I then managed to do so, because I could roll out of bed and then get up.

Now I stood upright in my bedroom and just walked through the door… though the next moment I was already changing into another reality.

I just looked out of a window. Obviously one of those old, colorful mosaic windows that you could find in the 70’s perhaps in hallways or on toilets. I looked through and just pushed my head through the window glass. At first it did not work, then I remembered that I should check my lucidity in such a case. When I did, I made the surroundings even clearer, and after that I managed very easily to float through the window. However, I hardly passed the window and landed again in another reality.

Here I was surrounded by several people in a kind of cellar. They talked there, sat on mattresses and amused themselves. It seemed to me as if my focus would once move through all the side realities in order to reach its goal – whatever that goal was. On the trip to the destination I was able to visit at least the intermediate world a bit.

I do not want to say that there were only a few, because I certainly experienced this journey through perhaps twenty or even thirty of these intermediate worlds – and I still assume, that many jumps would throw me back into one reality or another, everything then simply connected itself and after this I would went on into another.

One or other reality had a very respectable, sexual atmosphere, while others seemed funny, sad, or metaphysical. It was like an atmosphere in terms of these attributes, and it seemed to me that each of these realities would invite me to stay longer. In some realities I stayed only for a short time, although I would have liked to stay longer, and in others I stayed longer, even if I would like to travel further.

Suddenly I found myself in the open air on a terrace on the ground floor of a restaurant. From here I had a view of an opposite sidewalk, which had a wooden fence at the side. I suddenly remembered that I had been there before. There had been an argument with several people and one of them was bouncing against this wooden fence. It was a glaring remembrance, clearer than the memory of my school days or anything else from my everyday life!

As I fished convulsively for more memories, I left this reality again and landed in the next. Was the next reality perhaps already the goal of this extended journey?

“Come on, come on! Here, try out this! “A young man challenged me, who stood to my right and touched my shoulder.

Perhaps there were five or six students around me. They seemed a bit nerdy, more like a resourceful research group than a casual student gathering from everyday life. On the floor I discovered a nearly naked woman! She was laying there on her back, wide-legged. She had a beautiful figure, wore brown, slightly curly hair and was very attractive. She stroked herself, groaned, and moved her basin. I was not a little astonished at this situation, after all, I had not expected it at all. I felt this situation quite bizarre and what did the nice student mean at all with “testing”? Certainly, I was not in the mood to “test” this woman, and certainly not in front of all the students here, but suddenly, a tremendous sexual desire came upon me that I could hardly control.

Long story short ending. A short time later I was laying on the women. It was a very exciting situation despite the strange circumstances. She moved very charmingly and the other students stood around me and were enthusiastic. Not necessarily from the situation in itself, because suddenly the whole situation became clear to me, as I looked up into her face. This woman was not real! She was a doll! An incredibly well-developed love doll, deceptively genuine and she could move her head and arms. She whirled her head back and forth, groaning wildly.

I rose again and they tapped me on the shoulder: “Great, right? This will be the product everyone wants to have!”

Despite this lascivious theme, I had to admit, that this could really become the “popular”, because this doll of love was difficult to seperate from a real human being and thus would be really popular.

Well, the woman groaned further, although I had long since stood up, but in the action itself in the pretty candlelight you would not notice any difference.

Before I could give my opinion on this new development, my whole body started to vibrate and I landed in the next reality. It was night and I stood on the street. The glow of the lanterns illuminated the surroundings. I looked into the starry sky and it was gorgeous to look at. I found the moon to the right. It was all like the moment I had been standing on the balcony in the waking state and looking up at the stars.

As I remembered, I felt at the same time my physical body in my bed. My arm seemed to have fallen asleep. I tried to concentrate carefully, so my physical body did not wake up and I had to go back, but the maneuver failed. Neither moved my arm down nor threatened I wake up, so I looked further into the stars. But now a strange sensation arose: While I was standing there in the street and looking at the stars, I was at the same time standing on the balcony in my everyday reality! Not as a dream, but both scenes simultaneously as a direct emotional sensation that this was the everyday life. This was always an exciting experience for me and I had not experienced it too often. But this impression did not last long, because as I looked up to the firmament, everything was now black and I could see nothing more…

Perhaps a minute later something flashed in the black. It was such a full, shining, deep and beautiful jade green as I had never seen before! I concentrated more and more on this jade green and it took shape. I discovered several black lines, which gave a pattern and somewhere I recognized a kind symbol in oval form. Perhaps it was an amulet, I thought briefly, and I reached for it. Perhaps I would succeed in taking it into the everyday life…

Against the lucent glow I already recognized my hand, as it grasped after it, but then again the scenery again.

“There you are,” cried a friend of mine and immediately I found myself between several people who seemed to work together on a project.

“Hello Akiria,” I greeted them.

“No,” she replied, “I am Lea. This is my real name.”

Then she smiled and turned and disappeared with the others. I looked around. It looked like a huge artist’s hall. Everywhere there were some artistic projects, partly unfinished, partly finished. On the left I saw a staircase leading to another level. There was just a man going upstairs. There were several corridors leading in different directions. I ran toward the man I had just seen the staircase. I took him up on the steps. Now I wanted to put him to the talk and to collect some basic data.

“Where am I here?” I asked and was still a little overwhelmed by the size of this hall and the many corners, hallways and rooms.

“This is the Tersus’ theater! Look around! Here you can do everything you like and enjoy the stay,” he said, without looking at me.

For a moment I was completely irritated, because the name Tersus seemed familiar to me, but I could not explain.

“Who is Tersus?” I asked curiously.

“He owns everything here. He created it and we can be here…” he grinned at me broadly and his grin made me wonder even more than I did because of the familiarity of the name. So I was looking for the meaning of this name in me, until I suddenly realized that I was Tersus!

Tears shot into my eyes, without being able to explain it. For a moment, I felt as if I had come a little closer to my true home. It was one of my tramps in a certain reality and, as it seemed, I had once created this theater. Although I could not remember this creation or anything else, but I knew deeply that it was my theater. “What is your name?” I asked the unknown man.

“My name is Tony Schemmer.”

I’m not sure, but that name was by no means familiar. In short, I thought about whether he could be from Switzerland or not, but I was not sure.

“This theater was created in connection with Kumunus, a man who lived from the 8th to 6th century BC,” he added mysteriously to his words.

“Kumunus? This name tells me nothing… “I said.

Now a woman came up from the right. But she did not approach me, but she hovered! She came to me more and more quickly, and when she was right in front of me, she grabbed my shoulders and tore me off the ground. Her outlines lit up and for a moment she came to me like an angel… gorgeous radiance and a loving and positive aura. Together we now hovered through the great hall and she then gently put her lips to my ear and said:

“You are here in one of your kingdoms. Be welcome and check it out.”

As we hovered around the hall, up, down, back and forth, she whispered everything in my ear, but unfortunately I could hardly understand it or I hardly remember a thing. Unfortunately, I must say, because those who whisper, so I could tell it from my experience, often have the most interesting information. But this hovering through the hall and her direct presence so close to me opened my heart and took me deeply. It was a beautiful moment. At some point she dissolved into nothingness and I stood on the ground again. I could not see anyone around me, so I went through the many rooms to watch this theater. Then I got into a room where, in the end, there were several large box-shaped objects. They already looked like one or two meters of plastic or wooden blocks in different shapes. A few yards away, there were some people who, with their spirit, were trying to get these blocks moving.

“Outstanding,” I thought. “It’s time for my psychokinesis exercises again…”

I focused on my physical body, trying to connect to him, so I could program it directly with my next actions. For some time, I have been trying to prove that you can practice parapsychological experiences in your dreams and, in the long run, transfer them into everyday life. As a test object, I had once chosen the psychokinesis. If I would want to move objects at any time in my everyday life, I would definitely have to do these dream exercises.

So I concentrated on the first block, which was about one meter high and stood on a wall. I tore my arm forward and made a pulling movement. At the second start, the block started moving in my direction. It moved quite heavily, but it worked. As soon as he had been pulled up to one meter, I made a thrust movement and the block raced against the wall at a very high speed. It was really loud! That was incredible fun!

The others were surprised at how easily I had moved this block in motion and then thrown away from me without even touching it once.

“That was absolutely awesome!”, a woman called next to me and tried it also. In her case, she just shook the object a bit, but nothing else happened. I then showed them at larger objects how to use this force.

I now concentrated on an even bigger block. I pulled it towards me and then hurled it away. Again it slammed against the wall and there was a loud noise. Everyone cheered and we were busy with one another in the next half hour. However, no one was able to move the largest block, with a height of perhaps three meters. I’ve also researched all the other rooms and had some adventures, but my memories are only fragmentary. As I mentioned at the outset, my brain was unfortunately unable to recall all of these experiences. In between, I have also awakened several times and returned to this theater. Why I created this theater, I do not know, but it was tremendous fun to get out there. Somehow it felt like a big playground…

This morning, I then immediately noted these nocturnal experiences and also a researched because of the names. Kumunu is, for example, actually existing, not as a man from the pre-Christian era, but it appears to be an area or a mountain in Nigeria. Within a radius of 100 km. People are living there and there are hotels, it is still a little populated area. In the Turkish language, the word Kumunu also means sand. There is also a university with these names for predominantly mathematical arts, but so far the tip with Nigeria is perhaps the hottest. Personally I heard the word Kumunu definitely in this dream for the first time. Have I ever been there in another life? But to be exact, the word was Kumunus and not Kumunu. To Kumunus, I discovered that it appeared in connection with Romanus, a Roman commander. I’m going to do some more research. In addition, there is Kumunus as a word in Cambodia and means revenge. Tony Schemmer, for example, is also existing in everyday life. He is not a Swiss, but a musician from Yale. Whether he is the same Tony as in my dream, I can not say with certainty in the twilight of Tersus’ theater. In any case he worked a lot at the theater and performed his own plays. I also heard his name in the dream for the first time.


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