What is reincarnation? What is the reincarnation cycle?

For Spiritual Beginners: What is Reincarnation?

For beginners: What is reincarnation The rebirth of the soul? Do other lives exist and how does that work? Here you can find out what it really looks like…

Reincarnation, also known as transmigration or rebirth, is the idea that a person’s soul is reborn into a new body after death. This idea has existed for thousands of years in various cultures and religions.

Historical and religious perspectives

Belief in classical reincarnation is found in many ancient cultures, such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and some tribal religions. In many countries, reincarnation is taught through Buddhism. Japan, for example, has Buddhism as a common school subject instead of religion, as in some Western countries.

In these traditions of Buddhism, reincarnation is also closely linked to the concept of karma, the law of cause and effect, which states that a person’s actions in their life determine the quality of their next life. This principle of karma is reminiscent of a modern version of the Christian religion about the reward of going to heaven or the punishment of going to hell for doing evil in the world, only with the difference that you have a future good or bad life if one has behaved well or badly.

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In Western countries, the beggar says thank you as soon as he receives alms. In India, for example, the kind donor thanks the beggar when he gives him alms. This is because the donor thanks the beggar for allowing him to improve his karma a little with his gift. The beggar does not have to thank him because he is already living the “bad” life and is doing penance for the deeds of his previous life.

Scientific findings

While science does not officially confirm reincarnation, there are some studies that suggest interesting phenomena that could be linked to reincarnation. These include reports of children having detailed memories of a past life, as well as cases of déjà vu and sudden knowledge of unfamiliar subjects.

Young children in particular often still have memories of their previous lives. Some of these children explain that their current parents are not their real parents and have given experiences, names and places where they lived in their previous lives. These were researched and checked and it turned out that the information was correct down to the last detail.

There are also talented piano players, pilots or other activities because the children were able to remember their past lives. Sometimes adults also remember other incarnations that they have experienced, for example through meditation, taking psychotropic plants or in life-threatening situations.

Many people report spontaneous memories of past lives, often triggered by certain places, objects or people. These memories can be very detailed and often include specific names, dates and events.

The debate about reincarnation

Reincarnation is a controversial topic that concerns both supporters and skeptics. The scientific community is reluctant to accept the existence of reincarnation because there are no clear measurement results. Proponents of reincarnation, on the other hand, argue that the available evidence in no way excludes the possibility of reincarnation and the burden of proof is immense.

Synonyms for reincarnation

  • Reincarnation
  • Incarnation
  • (Re)embodiment
  • Rebirth
  • Resurrection
  • Respawn
  • Soul embodiment
  • Transmigration of souls
  • Palingenese
  • Reinitialization
  • Reincarnation cycle

About the types of reincarnations

The modern view of reincarnation is divided into different areas:

1. Classic reincarnation

Reaching the last day of its life, the body dies and the soul moves into a new body that is just being born. In most cases, you forget your experiences from your previous life and a new life begins through birth in a new body. This is also called reincarnational amnesia.
The reincarnation cycle, which is also mentioned in Buddhism and is called the eternal wheel of rebirth, includes this process in the perspective of classical reincarnation and is most often taught in this way.

2. Reincarnation in the Matrix

When you reach the last day of your life, your body dies and you are transferred into a new body. This can be the body of a baby, a child or even an adult. As soon as you enter the new body, the matrix feeds (upload) all the fake memories into the soul’s consciousness, i.e. childhood, parents, school days, etc. Once you have arrived in the new body, you are convinced that you have experienced everything that you remember remembers. Such fake memories are indistinguishable from actual memories. This process can be observed, for example, in dreams.

3. Simultaneous incarnations

It is assumed that all incarnations were initiated by the Oversoul at the same time, i.e. each life exists simultaneously and parallel to each other, just as you can have several computer games on your cell phone that take place in different time periods. The lives are already programmed and can be accessed as a game, but when you start one of the games, you find yourself in the time period specified there and experience life in a chronological order.

4. Collective incarnation

In this case, it is assumed that there is no reincarnation at all, but that all incarnations for any soul already exist and you simply jump from one life to another. This would at least clarify why thousands of people believe they were once Cleopatra, Napoleon or Jesus. The shock here is that one must have lived all of the life that exists on this planet once to reach maturity as a creator being (also known as the “egg theory”).

5. Redundant incarnation

The redundant incarnation only concerns incarnation into the current life, i.e. after one’s death one incarnates again into the youth of the current life. So you experience your current life over and over again in different variations. It is possible that you regret one or two decisions in your current life and wonder what would have happened if you had decided differently back then. In the next life you continue exactly at this point and decide differently this time to see how life turns out. This would explain the phenomenon of déjà vu, for example.

6. Holoistic Reincarnation

These 5 points listed here are all possible. It all depends on what the soul decides to do once it has shed the old body and what the planning is for entering a new body. So you freely choose the variation from those listed here.

What is the reincarnation cycle?

Also known as the wheel of rebirth or the eternal cycle of rebirth.
This is a sequence of an indefinite number of lives. When you enter the Matrix you agree to a whole cycle of incarnations. Once this consent is given, one is obligated to complete this cycle – regardless of how many lives one has to live.

This is considered a firmly concluded contract and – from the perspective of the initiators – it is a complete teaching program that must be completed successfully. Some complete this reincarnation cycle within a few incarnations, but most spend tens of thousands of years on Earth to successfully complete this process.

As soon as the game of reincarnations is completed, you level up. This is called ascension or ascension. The ascension can mean from 3D to 5D, but also from 3D to 6D, 7D, 8D or 9D.

The Matrix is ​​a game and a game only ends when you win.

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