Philosophy: The Theory of the Flat Earth (part 2)

I have been asked by several people, about this theory and my article (part 1) about the possibilities of such a poetic theory and why someone is thinking of something like this and is now trying to promote it so extensively. Interesting and questionable is the fact that the theory of the flat earth came out of nowhere. Countless posts, videos and postings appeared on the Internet and are now defending this theory. It is obvious, that there is a large group of people who are interested in breaching this theory. Actually, there are only a few possibilities that could be true:

1. The “Aluhat” Experiment – It is a deceptive act or an intended experiment to prank the “conspiracy theorists” and the “esoteric people” to assert that they all believe whatever you tell them. This would have the effect, that all the conspiracy theories would be stamped on the wrong theories and useless conspiracies. It would be a great victory in today’s hot information war for those, who are already fearing disclosure of their secret activities.

2. The New Religion – Several of the articles and videos of the advocates of flat earth theory often mention that NASA has luciferic motifs and want to use its tricks and fake photos and movies to convey a certain non-true faith, for example NASA’s recordings of the ISS station under water and not in space. The weightlessness just simulates, perhaps with ropes, bluescreens and airplanes. There is even a religious society devoted solely to the theory of flat earth, called the Society of Flat Earth. A new religion to replace the old (classical science, church and NASA).

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3. The world-political attack – The scientists of the last century have given humanity a desolate, industrial and disenchanted world picture, in which humanity represents only a small wheel in the great clockwork of industry and enslaves him for work and wages as well as senseless laws and systematic exploitation. The choice of political decision-makers has become indifferent to whom each of them choose. You have the choice between bad and worse. For this reason, a constructed theory can be used to undermine all knowledge of natural science and to expose it as an intended fraud. It is not necessarily decisive whether the flat-world theory really applies or not, but the distrust of the people is rising and learning to become more critical and not to accept everything without asking.

4. The Distraction Maneuver – The greatest secrecy serves the obscurity of extraterrestrials that could live in our galaxy, on interdimensional levels, or even on our earth. Satellite photos are manipulated, witnesses are bribed and threatened, and the UFO and Alien phenomenon is portrayed as a classic conspiracy. The existence of a flat earth would exclude the existence of extraterrestrials or at least press them into the background.

5. The Distraction Maneuver II – The theory of the so-called “Hollow Earth”, a world, which is located in the interior of our Earth with continents and oceans, is completely supplanted by the theory of flat Earth. There can be no world inside our world if the theory of the flat earth is true. When some inhabitants of the hollow Earth want to slowly get in contact with the people from the surface, the theory of the flat would ruin everything.

6. The Infiltration – Maybe many large conglomerates, cartels, various state leaders, parties, the military and other secret agencies and organizations, worry about the fact, that more and more groupings are becoming more familiar with each other, and try to learn more about the expansion of the consciousness, consciousness awareness, aliens, UFO, Spirituality and religion, and which is now becoming a part of their life’s. They try to unite, even plan a world peace and this is strongly driven by this scene, which also have more insight into the situations. These groups, which are increasingly sympathetic to one another, are growing and pursuing more and more global interests. Trying to discourage someone from this scene is very difficult, and it is unthinkable to wipe them all out. So, the agent’s tactics have to come: You create a theory, bungle it into the appropriate scene, and try again on such an infiltration split as a result, there is a dispute between themselves and the objectives are changing or weakened.

Example: If you do not believe in the flat-world theory, you can only stand on the other side and you should think of those who believe in the theory, that the world is round. If you look at these points for a long time, then it will probably be something from every point that applies. But there is one thing, that all points have in common: They demonstrate that there is a larger group of people who are able to raise enough funds to bring the theory of flat earth into the nation so quickly and well thought out. Only a certain group can stand behind it. In any case, the aim of this group is to undermine the most of the information from the state and the institution.

This undermining is quite justified, because the state and institutions, pharmaceutical companies and other large companies are not focused on the humans, but on the profit. Therefore the theory of the flat earth may be inaccurate, but it reveals the many deceptions which, moreover, arise from the governments when they are so vehemently held to secrecy, that they even forget, that they should serve the humanity. If the people fear the government, it is a dictatorship. If the government fears the people, then it is a democracy. Conclusion: You should never give up on your goal. Anyone who believes in flat-world theory should just believe in it, and whoever would prefer the spherical-world theory, should prefer this one. Spherical-world theorists for example, have also accepted the theory of hollow earth theorists, more or less, even if the infiltration technique has already been worked on, since many believe that only fascistoid groups deal with the hollow earth. Here you can already see the trick. Which of the theories now applies or not is not decisive for the liberation of humanity. As soon as all secrets are revealed by the governments, everyone will see how they behave, before all that we can only guess, surmise, and reveal until the scaffold collapses.

Addendum: The “Flatlers” believe neither in aliens nor in the hollow world. They have a concentric worldview, just as the Bible suggests, that there are only the humans under a dome created by the creator. I think, that most of the people do not know, that they agree to this flat-world theory of the Bible and a religious community. The theory is a new edition of biblical thinking.


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