The old Lady: Amazement (Part 1)

Yesterday I had a conversation with an old woman, almost 90 years old. Her right side of her face was swollen, she had a wound over her eye, her right hand and arm were swollen and some bruises were here and there. She looked like she had fallen really hard. She then told me, that she had walked into a driveway when the rain had started so hard the day before and had overlooked a step. She said, however, completely surprised and with an astonished face that she fell to the left! But it was strange because her wounds, which she carried from it, all looked like she fell to the right. This would be contradictory. So she stood there quite puzzled before me and pondered and mused…

I knew that she had not held anything from my answer, nothing. So I stoked the fire and said that this would be very surprising. How can it be that someone falls to the left and has all the wounds on the right side of the body? That would almost be like she had fallen in two directions at the same time. She confirmed, that it felt like she fell in two directions at the same time, but that this can’t be true.

She repeated it several times and looked searchingly into the void. A friend of mine, told me the evening after I told her about this meeting that it was certainly no coincidence that I have met this old lady. Out of working reasons I meet her more often. I know that the old woman does not hold anything at all from spirituality, but I think I can intervene here a little.

After all, it will not take very long, untill she will leave the physical reality. Though I will take care for her astrally.

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