“Dreamnight” is a series in which I consciously concentrate on experiencing a lucid dream or an out-of-body experience or in which I report an interesting or extraordinary dream or memories of my subconsciousness as well as telepathic connections to other people ( Dream spying).

Since about a week I have a very strange sleep rhythm. On Tuesday I simply could not fall asleep. I was light-awake and made the night through! The next day I could not sleep in the afternoon and maybe just two hours in the following night. In the course of the week I slept only two hours in the afternoon and at night even less. The coronation emerged when I noticed that my sleep rhythm began to re-shape and change. It moved around exactly 12 hours. On Tuesday the 21st of January I suddenly slept seven hours in the afternoon, after I had not slept at night, and was extremely disoriented when I woke up. I did not know what time we had, if it is morning or evening, winter or summer…

It is very exciting to observe what is happening around you when you are shifted by 12 hours in your sleep rhythm. While others are hungry at 1 pm and look forward to their lunch, it is just 1 am for me. It is very good to compare with a jet lag, but it is followed with certain side effects for me. First of all I started hearing voices. Very pleasant, not pushy, sometimes soft or delicate, then again independent entangled in their talks. The actions and routines of the others are slightly offset and you do not feel properly integrated into your everyday life. This is a very advantageous condition, because it removes magically from everyday life, although with a strange state of consciousness. For important everyday activities maybe not quite as well suited. Sometimes short visionary images came into my mind. Once I suddenly felt awake as I drove a car and hit a guardrail. This perception was not longer than three seconds. In another situation I was suddenly on a ship for one or two seconds. Everything swayed and I saw the sea … and shortly thereafter I found myself again in the everyday consciousness. Very interesting was the night, in which I slept for only two hours. I experienced many short dream sequences – without having the feeling that I slept at all.

Suddenly I was somewhere in the mountains. There was snow and everything was completely snowy. It may have been Canada or another country because it’s known for its high snowy mountains. I experienced everything through a distorted filter, like I would be drunk and would only see half of what I was doing. I seemed to walk around like a fury, like I would be a primordial, a Yeti, or a large, upright animal. With a complete tunnel view, I only saw the sketches of other people. I came across a car and threw it around, then I grabbed a figure and hurled it a few meters through the air and I simply slammed another person into the earth.

I was simply a spectator, watching what incomprehensible actions another part of me did. It was fascinating to watch, but on the other hand it was very creepy. When I woke up in my bed and thought about it, I almost felt like I had been a Yeti, who was perhaps pursued and only defended himself. The Yetis are living things who are usually faster than humans and have a frequency so that we can not perceive them because of their general speed. Only in winter, this frequency is disturbed and they suddenly become very slow and inert and are then identified as Yetis. But when I felt deeper into the matter, I might have been a kind of werewolf, who had turned because of a full moon, uncontrollably searching for food through lonely forests.


Actually, I could not determine my condition at the moment. I was always thinking about it, because these perceptions and the mystery occupied me. Other gloomy dream sequences came into my mind, black ravens who were attacking my house and the windows, trying to squeeze inside or other gloomy moments. One night later the same thing happened to me: I could not sleep more than two hours, got short dream sequences and tried to arrange them. As I tried to arrange them, I felt an extravagant visitor coming in through the wall into my room … At the same moment, I switched directly from the awakening state to the out of body state! I could not move and I was laying on my back. As I turned my head to the right, I saw a deep black, menacing shadow. I do not know who it was … maybe a visitor or a deceased. In the moment I could not determine it. I have not had the time to determine, because I sudddenly saw how my hands who were laying on my chest, started to transform. The skin became darker and darker, the fingers longer and thicker, I became long black hair and the fingernails became sharp claws … In this moment I understood! I turned into a wolf! In front of my own eyes. My head stretched, my jaw pushed forward and became a huge snout, teeth-tailed and ready for the lethal jump …

When the transformation was completed within about 10-20 seconds, I watched myself as the wolf jumped slightly over my body stiffness and began hissing. He hissed and drowned the black shadow like he were ready for a fight … The black shadow disappeared instantly and I slowly returned to my normal everyday consciousness. It was an impressive experience to feel this power and energy of the wolf that I was for that short time. So I wondered, if this is perhaps a force animal I had been playing and that is now a part of me. Indians and shamans often deal with animals. Personally, I do not have anything to do with wolves, snow or Indians, while other people are really fascinated about these topics. Well, in one of my other lives, I was an Indian and lived partly in the snow, but whether there is a connection or not is still unclear. Just to sum it up again: A change in my sleep rhythm suddenly appeared, which shifted my rhythm by 12 hours and significantly decreased in the number of hours. I still sleep about 2 hours at night and 2-3 during the day. I am surprised how awake and well-off I am. I hardly yawn! I suddenly fall asleep, and then I lie down for a short time. So I had turned into a straight-running wolf, who runs roughly around the area and kills cars and people. Supposed enemies, like dark shadows in the out of body state, are hunted away and I feell like I had injected myself a liter of caffeine into my blood. The whole context is still unclear to me, but I will continue to observe this course. For suggestions and ideas I am of course very open …


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