Fringe: Parallel Worlds are Science!

The author, Dr. Brian Greene, has mentioned in his books “The Hidden World: Parallel Realities,“,  “The Deep Laws of the Cosmos,” and in an interview, that he is firmly convinced, that our world is only one of many parallel worlds and that there are several parallel universes.

He does not stand alone with this conviction, because many other physicists share this opinion. These other parallel worlds can not be perceived by us, because they exist in a different kind of space.

The physicist Max Tegmark regards our world as a submodel of an extensive multiverse and that this assumption will be proofable soon. Researchers from CERN, one of the largest particle accelerators in the world, are already talking about a new physics on the horizon of research..

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This promises a deeper and better exploration of the dark matter, a strange energy that indicates that a parallel world is slightly hanging into ours. For this purpose, unexplainable behavioral phenomena have been observed in the universe by cosmologists, for example the Andromeda galaxy in 2.2 million light-years distance, which moves with light speed towards our Milky Way. This phenomenon of attraction to such great distances is completely irrational and inexplicable, unless there is an invisible external gravitational force, such as a parallel, invisible universe that favors this and brings the two galaxies together.

According to the latest results from the WMAP space telescope, there is another force 10,000 times stronger than that of a galaxy. For this reason a series of parallel universes is assumed, the effects of which can be measured in our universe. NASA has already looked out for parallel worlds and installed the Alpha-Magnetic-Spectrometer-2 on the ISS in order to discover the existence of another universe, or to suggest that this might be pure antimatter. This project has attracted great attention, not only for Europe, but also for China, Taiwan and Russia.

In relation to the cosmologist Clifford Johnson, it is perfectly legitimate to discuss fictions in this context in order to ultimately reach some kind of results. After all, the material we are made of is connected with the forces of gravitation and magnetism, and we are welding the universe together. Unfortunately, these forces also ensure that you can not move out of the three-dimensionality with your body. In order to get into such a parallel universe, you would first have to discover one in order to communicate with it and to understand its dimensions. Perhaps one day, when everything is connected by means of gravitation and magnetism, it is possible to communicate with other universes via a gravitational device.

Johnson says: “It makes a person feel less unique, if one day it is possible to communicate with a parallel world or other universes. Perhaps there will be a copy of me that is like me.”

Greene, on the other hand, thinks, that some of these parallel universes might be different from ours, but some of them are very much like ours.

There are likely to be similar variations with us, with other families, jobs, or life stories. And again, other realities will be so different, that they remain imperceptible to us forever. Another planet Earth could suddenly appear in our heaven, that is exactly similar to our planet.

Maybe we could then trade with ourselves and look into an alternative world, which had acted differently. But there is one question that arises. What would happen if our parallel selves meet each other? Would they complete each othe rin order to become a better human or to be a better human being or would the fight with each other?


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