“Dreamnight” is a series in which I consciously concentrate on experiencing a lucid dream or an out-of-body experience or in which I talk about an interesting or extraordinary dream…

Inspired by the movie “Lucy”, I took the time to focus my concentration on the areas of my brain, which are still there but barely working. I tried to imgagine, which areas, that had suddenly been activated, could offer which possibilites. While thinking about this, I fell asleep…

Suddenly I was in a scene where I was listening to two people who were in a conversation. They talked about flooding and a flooded cellar. After a while, the conversation bored me and suddenly the image I perceived disappeared. The only thing that remained was my acoustic perception of this scene. Then I heard another conversation and started lsitening to four voices at the same time…


Then I moved farther and farther from the four voices, and could hear more and more voices. This ultimately went so far that I was able to hear millions of voices! It seemed as though innumerable radio stations were lying on top of each other, and on each of them a conversation took place, which I could now listen to unobserved. The voices grew increasingly in number and my consciousness was completely filled with them.

Nevertheless, I was able to handle it well, because it actually sounded to me as if I could only listen to all these voices, without really understanding a word. This gave me the idea to try to control this condition in some way. I tried to pick one out of all the voices, which I could use to focus on and amplify, so I could listen carefully to what was spoken there.


Though it turned out to be very difficult, but I was able to understand single words at short notice, and was amazed that this was already possible on the first attempt. Afterwards, however, I always slipped back into the state in which I could hear all the voices only as a whole. I was convinced that at that moment I was listening to all conversations all over the world.

Suddenly I heard a shrill, very penetrating sound, which seemed like a failure and I was abruptly torn out of the lure attack. As I walked back into the state of everyday reality I suddenly realized, that I was wearing headphones and I remembered that I was listening to an MP3 before. Because this MP3 contained sounds, that can trigger a spontaneously out-of-body experience, I initially thought, that this MP3 might have had a defect and that it has been caused the unpleasant sound.

However, at that moment I was in sleep paralysis and I was not able to move for about 20 seconds. When I was able to move again, I noticed,  that there was no scratching sound from the MP3 at all. The MP3 had been completely intact and the sounds flowed gently. Then I looked at my MP3 player and looked at which I had just heard. I remembered that I had started with the gamma frequencies, which already had triggered some interesting effects, but I felt asleep a short time later. Now I had to realize, that my MP3 had already been played for 50 minutes and had the purpose to heal the electric body (astral body). The extent to which the healing frequencies are related to the paranormal interlude I experienced, is still a mystery to me, but it was in any case a brilliant experience. Perhaps in this segment a frequency was maintained, which had supported this. I will definitely have to check this again. Of course, I am also curious, if I can reproduce this experience again. I thought about the experience and speculated what possibilities there are to achieve the same effect again. Theoretically, one could listen to all the conversations in the world, wether secret services, professional shareholders, scientists, friends or anyone else. I am convinced that there are no limits.


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Dreamnight: Being able to hear all conversations in the world