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Infowars and Disinformation in Human History (Part 1)

Disinformation is the be-all and end-all in an information war in which the mainstream media tries to maintain the falsified history of mankind and discriminates against contrary research results of alternative media…

More and more historians and historians are acknowledging that history is not true as it has been taught to the peoples of the world and disseminated in schools. On the contrary, much of the information given in history classes at school and in university is simply falsified.

I have deliberately not listed any sources for this article. This article should serve to the fact that one sits down and investigates or explains evenly in the apron everything for nonsense, which is written here in the following, and saves thereby the investigation. Of course, everyone may decide this for himself.


How did it come to the falsification of the History?

As a rule, a new brainwashing program usually starts after a war and/or a pandemic. The last brainwashing took place after the end of the Second World War. Here, in all schools and via the mainstream media, it was explained what the “real history” looked like…. but this was miles away from how everything had really happened.

How does an information war work?

First, an information war begins to discredit and denigrate all undesirable opinions, studies, research results and evidence. Here, one does not shoot with thundering cannons, but with media cannons and takes everything under fire that runs counter to the dissemination of the desired information.

As soon as the peoples are confused, the new desired results come, the ‘newly acquired knowledge and enlightenment’. The new ‘knowledge’ is then taught in schools, universities and through the media. After the introduction of historical brainwashing, dissenting voices are silenced, either by law, police force, press, or in an emergency by liquidation of a very well known and recalcitrant person with influence and power.

In an information war, so much information is mixed among the people until they no longer know what is true and what is not. When the confusion has reached its highest point and everyone finally wants clarification, the new information is scattered.

As you can easily see, we have been in an information war since 2020. This means that so much contradictory information is published until no one really knows anymore what corresponds to the facts and what does not. In the following text, therefore, a list of known disinformation is to be given, so that one can see the difference of true and falsified history once more clearly…

Do we live in a Democracy?

Disinformation of the historians: “Since the end of the 2nd World War we live in a free democracy.”

Correction: A real democracy does not exist and is an illusion. The present democracy exists only to reassure the citizen. Any military or health proclamation of a state of emergency, instantly transforms any democracy into an arbitrary dictatorship, in which even the Basic Law and any other law can be arbitrarily changed or even abolished or added.

Is the Basic Law still valid?

Disinformation of the historians: “The Basic Law stands above all other laws.”

Correction: the Basic Law exists only on paper. As soon as a state of emergency is declared, democracy immediately lapses and whatever the state wants at the moment and fits its agenda can be changed.

When did WW2 end and what is a collateral account?

Historians’ disinformation: “World War 2 ended in 1945, and the Germans were liberated that year.”

Correction: no, the World War did not end, only an armistice was agreed upon, which is still in effect today. Germany and Austria are still at war with the Allies, no peace treaty has been signed with any Allied country. The Germans are still considered prisoners of war today and each German and Austrian receives a monthly soldier’s pay of approximately 2,200 Euros into their personal collateral bank account to pay off their expenses. The knowledge of this bank account has been erased from people’s minds in the process of post-war brainwashing.

What is the collateral account or escrow account and then where is my pay?

Historians’ disinformation: “No collateral account exists.”

Correction: The collateral account exists, but the access is permitted only to living people! Stupidly, each German who is born is declared at the same time directly as dead. The “human being” is now considered dead, but with the declaration of death a legal person is created, which exists only fictitiously and therefore an access to the Sold account is not permitted, which is entitled however to each prisoner of war. Since no one is alive to claim the account, it falls to the government, i.e., in this way the government lines its pockets with the POW pay.

Even today in other countries, such as Paraguay, as soon as you want to open a bank account or apply for a tax number, for example, you have to apply for and present a so-called ‘confirmation of life’ and also bring two witnesses to testify that the person is alive. Every German person is considered dead since birth. This is only done because, taking into account about 90 million Germans, it is after all a proud sum of about 200 billion monthly, which the politicians can divide among themselves with this little trick and which is transferred to a secret account in the Cayman Islands.

Hitler’s suicide true or false?

Historians’ disinformation: “Adolf Hitler killed himself and his wife in the Reich bunker when the Allies invaded Berlin in 1945.”

Correction: the bodies discovered in the Reichsbunker were burned doubles. Adolf Hitler fled with his wife Eva-Maria first to a base in Antarctica and aftera while over the whole affair, he went to Argentina where he lived undetected for many years. Even today, CIA photos and films exist to prove this.

Were all Nazi officers imprisoned?

Historians’ disinformation: “Nazi leaders from the 3rd Reich were all arrested, tried and imprisoned.”

Correction: very few Nazis were imprisoned. Most of Hitler’s senior staff redistributed themselves in various ways. Some went to Argentina, others got a new identity and were first placed in East Germany. There they headed the Stasi and, in the background, the government. After the dissolution of the GDR, the former Reichsnazis also dispersed to Germany and Austria to participate in and influence politics there. Thus, one could say that the National Socialist government still exists today and that the known parties are only sham parties.

Slavery no longer exists?

Historians’ disinformation: “Slavery was abolished with President Abraham Lincoln.”

Correction: slavery was not abolished, only fundamentally restructured. Even today, people are considered slaves to some extent. To this end, the FED (Federal Reserve) was created and the banking and interest system to create indirect slavery. To declare the human being as dead after the birth and to create at the same time a legal person with the same name, provided for the fact that one made the human being the guarantor (s. citizen) and/or the person. Only in this way was it possible to make a human being a slave of modern times by a legal trick.

Why the sinking of the Titanic?

Disinformation of the historians: “The Titanic sank in the sea, because it drove against an iceberg.”

Correction: the sinking of the Titanic in 1912 was initiated by an act of sabotage. There were several people on board who opposed the FED and the enslavement of humanity and could have prevented it. Shortly after the sinking of the Titanic, the FED was able to prevail in 1913. These central banks are owned by the largest private commercial banks in the United States, such as Rothschild, Warburg, Goldman Sachs, Morgan, Lehman Brothers and others.

Have there always been viruses and diseases?

Disinformation of the historians: “Already in history viruses and diseases of all kinds existed.”

Correction: nature is always looking for the most optimal way to grow and thrive even better. This includes building and perfecting the immune system. Nature would, e.g. by the invention of a virus, harm its own creation directive and counteract this. Nature strives for health and a long life span for every living being, which goes far beyond what is told and communicated to humans today.

Every disease that exists today has been artificially created to reduce life expectancy and control population growth. Water, food, drugs, injections, and more are contaminated to accomplish this. The hidden history shows that already in 1720 there was a pandemic, namely cholera. In 1820, another pandemic followed, commonly known as the ‘plague’. And in 1920 there was another pandemic called the ‘Spanish flu’.

Currently, since 2020, we are dealing with the ‘Corona’ pandemic. A clear indication that such pandemics are planned and not triggered by nature – even if the responsible institutions always want to make it seem that nature is responsible. For no other reason the diseases are always titled with names from nature, like: swine flu, mad cow disease, bird flu, bat flu, corona (sun corona), monkey virus (AIDS), Lyme disease (tick virus) climate change and so on.

Also, it is known to many computer programmer that antivirus software need a continuous existence. For this reason, the same programmers who wrote the antivirus software were the ones who created the viruses in the first place. For the ‘Windows’ operating system alone, 20 million viruses and virus variants have been registered, probably 99.99% of which were written and circulated by the programmers of Microsoft and other companies themselves, in order to practice their own form of brainwashing in this way. Because the existence and fight against computer viruses presupposes that this must then also exist in nature. In reality, virtually all viruses are artificial and deliberately created. In parallel, you can research quite quickly that the best zombie movies you could see in theaters were mostly sponsored by pharma.

How long does a Human being live?

Disinformation from historians: “Statistically, a human has approximately a life expectancy of between 79 and 84 years.”

Correction: the human body is capable of living up to 1,200 years and in individual cases even longer. Even in the event of a so-called death, the human organism enters a state of healing sleep, also called ‘anabiosis,’ in which it renews itself all around within at least three days or longer. After waking up, the body is then even more efficient and resistant than before. But in order to carry out such an anabiosis successfully, the body in the state of anabiosis, organically speaking, must be undamaged, i.e. it must still be largely complete and in a very warm room. For this reason, so-called ‘corpses’ (a camouflage term for bodies in healing sleep) are kept refrigerated and the blood is replaced with formaldehyde so that anabiosis is no longer possible.

Is our Chronology correct?

Historians’ disinformation: “We are right now in the year 2022.”

Correction: the biggest reset ever in our history was dated with the year 0. Associated by the church as the birth year of Jesus. Throughout history many years have been added to build up a greater distance from the year 0. One assumes about 300-1000 years which were simply added. Thus one could say for example that the birth of Jesus took place in the year 1000 or we are only in the year 1022, speak, the birth of Jesus is only approximately 1000 years ago, until it came to a large reset and a new brainwashing. Also there was an incident in which the church just added 300 years to the present year. According to this and after all we should be in the year 1722 now.

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