Jim Carrey is pissed off by all Secrets and Lies

The 52-year-old Canadian and famous actor Jim Carrey, known from th movie “Truman Show“, Bruce Almighty” and many other Hollywood movies, said on the November 14th in the popular TV show of Jimmy Kimmel:

“I’m pissed of because of all of the mystery and all the lies from the Illuminati!”

While Jim Carrey is known only as an American boy on American television with his comedies like “Dumb and more dumb“, “Ace Ventura“, “Dick and Jane” for some people, he is also a strong activist for many others in the expansion of consciousness, the unveiling of the Illuminati secrets, and is fighting against the manipulation of the movie industry who try to negatively affect the global audience.

In addition, Carrey learned an incredible experience by taking the consciousness-enhancing substance DMT, which opened his eyes to our world, and since then has become a new person who is trying to open people’s eyes and tries to reveal the evil machinations of the so-called Illuminates. In the meantioned TV show he walked onto the stage, raised his hands to his mouth and shouted this sentence loudly into the audience.

The people applauded and cheered him, because they were facinated how he had the courage to say something like this on American public television. He made a gesture in which he formed a triangle with his hands, which the moderator did not understand:


“What exactly that? Is that out of a secret gang?” Kimmel asked.

Carrey looked at him and said:

“You do not know what that means? Not even Jimmy Fallon and David Letterman (other famous evening show moderators in the USA) and all comedians do not know? “, he said while repeating the gesture.

For those, who do not know what Jim Carrey was showing with this gesture, it symbolizes the secret sign of the Illuminati, a secret organization that has a global financial and political influence on the whole world, governments and legal systems, big press, health system and who manipulate and bribe other important places in the world.

Of course, the slogan “Illuminati” is part of several conspiracy theories, and in some cases questionable, but the fact remains that our legal system and governments are influenced by a kind of camouflaged background government for their own sake that corruptsour entire health system and tries to increasingly gainpower about the owners of money and last but not least tries to undermine the governments and democracies of our world. Whether they are called illuminates, bankers, pharmaceuticals or anything else is actually irrelevant. The fact remains that such an influence exists and can be discovered quite quickly with some research.

At least, Jim Carrey is absolutely convinced and has been fighting for several years against this system, which has made a corrupt pile not only of democracy and the United States of Great Freedom called the USA, but which is also increasingly spreading to other countries. Carrey fears that this will eventually lead to a civil war. In addition, Carrey believes that members of the Illuminati show this triangle in an almost inconspicuous gesture to recognize each other.

He raised his hands again in the show, formed the symbol and put his tongue inside to show that he do not like the Illuminati, while Kimmel still claimed he did not know the symbol at all.

“Come on, Jimmy Kimmel, I’m here to discover the whole mystery about this whole thing! I am sick about all these lies and secrets. It is the secret symbol of the Illuminati hookers and you are part of it. This is the mocking tongue…” he said while again licking the triangle formed with his hands.

“It is obvious,” Carrey continues, “that many people in the entertainment industry have been bought by the government to make the masses of viewers happy and obedient so they can not understand what is really going on! The Illuminati are trying to turn people into consumption drones…”

Suddenly, Carrey imitated a telephone call. He pretended to answer the phone and his face became super serious and his voice robotic …:

“I’m sorry … I was just interrupted by my iPhone 6 with HD display…”.

The audience raged with enthusiasm and laughed loudly. Now many people wonder how serious this action of Jim Carrey really was? After all, much of what he said in this show is true. The Rockefeller family has always been brought into contact with the largest banks and industries, but also with a secret, occult community, which in their descriptions fits the Freemasons. There are also connections to a secret group of people who call themselves the world elite and accept only the most important and richest people in order to undertake and influence the people of the world. It is interesting in any case that Jim Carchanged his known role as a kind of comedian into a morespiritual man who now tries to enlighten all people with all of his passion.


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