In 2002, one of the US spy satellites discovered in a scan that under the Bucegi Mountains huge cavities and tunnels exist at a depth of about 60 meters. This aroused the attention of the US military and in further investigations found out that the tunnels led to a kind of huge hall …

Then the military launched an expedition to the Bucegi Mountains and immediately brought in a tunnel machine to take a closer look at this underground facility, When they had finally drilled so deep and were able to enter the hall, they were surprised to find equipment and technology that were surprisingly high in their development.

The hall itself had a domed ceiling about 30 meters high. The diameter was measured about 100 m. The technology contained therein consisted i.a. from a holographic information system as well as other devices that were capable of holographic projection. A kind of projection library with mainly historical and scientific contents. They also learned that more manipulations were developed and carried out from this place in order to move the course of human history in a certain direction.


Irritated by this underground hall, the Romanian government was told by the Vatican and the US military that they were not allowed to reveal this to the public. The results of the investigation showed that the designers of this hall had, in any case, been very progressive and perhaps even extraterrestrial in origin.

Even today strange lights are seen more often over the mountains and many assume that it could be extraterrestrials who visit these mountains occasionally today. Anyone interested in taking a trip to the Bucegi Mountains can go to the city of Brasov in Romania. For a long time, this area has been a popular tourist destination. It is also popular to visit the so-called Bucegi Sphinx, a rock formation with a head-like structure.



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The Secret of the Bucegi Mountains in Romania