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Dreamnight: The caught Alien

“Dreamnight” is a series in which I consciously concentrate on experiencing a lucid dream or an out-of-body experience or I report an interesting or extraordinary dream or memories of my subconsciousness as well as telepathic connections to other people (dream spying).

Tonight I was in two dreams at the same time and could also perceive them simultaneously. Such capers of perception are not always easy to differentiate, but I think I have managed it pretty well. In the following, I will present the two dreams after each other, so that the reader is not confused…

I was in another city with a girlfriend of mine and we stayed in a pension, which was located in a villa. After we had walked through the town, we wanted to go back to the pension. While walking through the streets, I stopped in front of a gate and I was convinced that this was the right villa. But my friend said, we would still have to go an entrance gate further. Somehow she could not convince me and I ran sassy through the gate. When we were standing in front of the front door, I noticed slowly that this was not the pension and that she was right, but I noticed that the door of this villa was open.


I opened it slowly and peered inside. The interior of the house was quite dark, the windows were locked, and the shutters were partly pulled down. Carefully, I took a step into the house and looked around. I was playing with the thought of having a suitable excuse ready to tell in case of beeing noticed in here. I came to a closet in the lobby, and then discovered several polaroid photographs and newspapers. They seemed to be older and even partially yellowed. One of the photographs showed several men and a strange creature that looked almost like an alien. I wondered what the photo meant.

After I showed it to my friend, she was quite enthusiastic and also wanted to get behind the secret of this villa. We went upstairs quietly to get to the upper floor. As soon as we had reached the top, we heard a car driving out into the yard from outside. We went to a window and looked out. Two shady men with long american trenchcoats and hats came out, striding purposefully toward the mansion we were in.

We ran downstairs quickly as possible, hoping to get out of the door before the men will come, but once we were down, we saw their shadows already at the entrance. In the hustle and bustle we decided to go down to the cellar.

I opened the cellar door quickly, switched on the light, closed it gently behind me and moved as quietly as possible further down. The cellar was a rather unobstructed place. When the stairs finally ended, we were very surprised about this cellar, because it was not a normal cellar space down there, but a kind of open cave! In our curiosity we went further into this cave and even discovered a tiny lake on our right side. On the opposite side was a huge cave niche and something was inside of in this rock!

We approached and recognized a piece of a sub-shaped space ship, with a diameter of perhaps fifteen meters, which emerged from the rock. It was really a very enchanting sight and none of us dared to even touch it. After a while I dared to touch the cover of this space ship. At that moment of contact, informations suddenly flowed into my head and flooded my brain in seconds!

Apparently, this space ship had crashed long ago and someone had simply built a house on it to study it in peace. The men in the long trenchcoats, on the other hand, were the guards of this house and also of an extraterrestrial being, which was here salvaged and held. Anyone who entered here unauthorized will have to deal with the consequences. We could only hope, that we had not yet been noticed and that we might be able to free the alien being and then disappear unrecognized.

We continued walking, looking for the alien, which was held down here, when I suddenly changed into a different dream and, unfortunately, could not continue finding the alien! But I was sure the alien had noticed us… Then I woke up.

In the morning I spoke to my friend I had been traveling with in the dream. Already in the first seconds she wanted to tell me about an incredibly exciting out-of-body experience. She reported, that she had awakened at night in her bed in her astral body and that an alien had appeared over her, looking at her. She was frightened at the moment, believing that the alien wanted to choke her, but at the same time she had the impression that it might have been her fear that had interpreted this situation. When she decided to return to the waking state and started to close her eyes, the alien sent her pictures to her brain so she would remember him. The moment he did this, she had the impression that he was caught and that he did not seem to be able to free himself.

When you combine my dream and her out of body experience now, there are obvious parallels. Who was this alien and who caught him? We are now trying to determine the aliens as much as possible in its origin. There are many reports from former abducted, who have put together an interesting list of different alien races. On occasion, we want to go through this list, to determine this desperate alien.


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