Lucid Dreaming as a Bridge to Change Reality (Part 1)

I have been asked several times whether it is possible to stay in this dream reality within a lucid dream or whether it is essential to go back to everyday life after a lucid dream. This article aims to answer that …

Dreams are alternative realities The first thing to understand is that every dream reality is an alternate reality. This means that every person has a multitude of alternative realities at their disposal, which he visits in his dreams at night.

If I may use myself as an example, I personally consider myself Jonathan No. 1 at this moment. As soon as I lie down in bed and then jump into a dream, from my perspective, I may visit Jonathan from Reality 17 or 42. My consciousness then docks with Jonathan 17 and I can follow his activities in his reality. The problem here is that you take fragments of your self-image with you from the familiar everyday world and therefore think that it is you who are dreaming. Therefore, as in the example with me, most people do not differentiate between Jonathan 1 and 17. Jonathan 1 believes, while his consciousness connects to that of Jonathan 17, he is still Jonathan 1.

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That is why one speaks of a dream, because Jonathan 1 doesn’t think he was just connected to Jonathan 17. The dream therefore only exists in the past, ie it is only remembered after waking up.

The lucid dream, on the other hand, has the effect that the dream, which normally only exists in the past after waking up, is made present, i.e. it is only then perceived as the present. This is also the reason why the lucidity achieved in a dream creates a breathtaking clarity within the dream – hence the name “lucid dream”. The dreary dream (past dream) becomes a lucid dream (present dream).

Many who practice lucid dreaming are annoyed that such a lucid dream experience often lasts only minutes and then ends up in bed in your bedroom again. In order to lengthen the duration of a lucid dream, I distinguish here between active and passive lucid dreaming.

You can take control within the dream and shape the dream as you see fit. Most dreamers decide to fly or have more intense sex than you know from everyday life. You can also manipulate the dream characters and the environment at will. One can use paranormal abilities such as psychokinesis, telepathy, teleportation and the like. work out. Just about every dream character has to do what you tell them to. A nice way to let off steam, without morals or fear of possible punishment.

However, this dream variant can often make the dream shorter than one would like. Passive lucid dreaming: Here one is aware throughout the dream that one is dreaming, but does not hang this on in front of oneself or others. It is a silent secret to carry with you and that is how you maintain your lucidity. One does not interfere in the course of the dream, but plays along, ie one pretends not to be lucid and follows the role that was imposed on one in the dream. This approach may not be so fascinating because you can’t let off steam and pursue your urges, but it does prolong the lucid dream. So the lucid dream can last for hours. Lucid dreams are super clear… but often unstable.

And only through the application of passive lucid dreaming is it possible to stabilize one’s perception more and more within the dream. To even stabilize them so much that they achieve the density and strength that we know from everyday life. Lucid dreams can be clearer and clearer than the everyday world, but the lucid dream always lacks stability and solidity. The lack of stability is also the reason why the lucid dream often does not last longer than one would have liked. However, through the practice of passive lucidity it is possible to solidify the lucid dream more and more. So much so, and here you are moving a bit beyond the limits of what is imaginable, that you can stay in the dream permanently.

What does this mean?

It shows a variant with which you can say goodbye to your familiar everyday world and switch to the other alternative reality. This change then allows you to stay in your lucid dream and from then on to live your life there. The high-level lucid dream and how to change reality However, that sounds much easier than it is in practice, because you first have to get from the lucid dream or lucid dream to the so-called “high-level lucid dream”. Such a high clarity that it surpasses the clarity from everyday life by far.

Afterwards it is important to practice passive lucidity so that one can remain in the dream as long as possible. Here, compared to the time from everyday life, many hours of stay in the lucid dream will be necessary. Furthermore, you have to concentrate on the soles of your feet. You have to be able to clearly feel the gravity or the feeling of gravity in the lucid dream, until you have a similar feeling to your body there, as you are used to from your everyday life. Now it becomes important to adapt your breathing, ie you learn to breathe within the lucid dream, as you know it from your everyday life. So you integrate the body processes or copy them until they are clearly felt and practiced.

Let go

Of course, you have to be absolutely ready to let go of your familiar everyday world, your friends, your successes, savings, fame, business, partners and everything else, because once the change from everyday reality to dream reality is complete, the way back is just as difficult as this Away. One should not forget that! At some point the dream reality becomes everyday reality and the usual everyday life becomes dream reality. Jonathan 1 becomes Jonathan 17! And the reality from which Jonathan 1 came is from now on just a dream.

You also don’t know what to expect in the new reality, because you may only have hours to explore it. Some things that one was used to from everyday life could be different in the new reality. The partner from reality 1 is not present in 17 or is only an acquaintance. A relationship constellation can also be different in 17 than in reality 1. Another job, married or not, children yes or no, unemployed or even a millionaire.

You should be aware of all of this before you decide to give up reality 1 and switch to, for example, 17 or to 42 or 77 … Just the question: “What will become of my body if I stay in the other dream world?” should be completely the same to you and is mostly a sign that you don’t really want to let go of the familiar everyday world and thus build up subconscious blockages that undermine the change.

It is irrelevant what becomes of Reality 1 if you actually want to switch to another.

Series OA – Seeking Alternative Realities

Such a change of reality is shown very well in the film series “OA”, in which several protagonists find a way to escape captivity by learning to switch from the current everyday reality to an alternative one. It is shown very clearly and also shows how you can imagine it very well. Therefore, this series is highly recommended.

To what extent it is now possible to switch from the familiar everyday world to an alternative reality is difficult to say, but theoretically it is possible in any case. The problems that can arise with such a change are sometimes sticking to one’s accustomed reality as well as hard training in order to practice from the gloomy dream to the lucid dream, then to the high-level lucid dream and then the mentioned stabilization tips. So far I have only met two people who reported such effects by noticing within a lucid dream that they were so stable in it that they could have stayed there forever. In all cases, however, the usual reality was returned to.

It is difficult to leave behind a reality in which one has lived in one piece for so long and has built up one or the other. The movie “Not Far from Me” also deals with the subject of lucid dreaming. The protagonist wants to turn away from the everyday world and switch to another reality forever. A well-made independent film, even if the director likes to strike with the moral club and fall back into old psychological evaluation patterns, but otherwise definitely recommendable for approaching the topic addressed here.

Part 2…

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