Dream Archive: Crossing Connections

Today, on a forest walk, I once again rememered a dream long time ago…: I was in a strange city and met a friend of mine. He always had been the alternative type. He was wearing a brown corduroy trousers and a gray jacket. His hair was cut short and looked somehow funny or of a comedian. He used to look very rigidly with his brown eyes, so rigid that you could sometimes think, that he was frozen for a short time. We talked for a while. A short time later, his girlfriend added. She was a small brunette with long hair.

Then he invited us to his home. He lived right in the city with a view of a medieval paved square. I stood at his window and peered out into the square and watched the people. Then he offered me a seat on his couch. I sat down.

Above his door hung some postcards and pictures of friends. His girlfriend wanted to make a coffee for us. I asked him what it would be like to live in the city. He replied that he would find it very communicative and would also have practical advantages.

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At some point I woke up from this completely ordinary dream, but there was still the fact that he was not my friend in my usual everyday reality. But the interesting thing was that I had met him by chance yesterday. He looked very nice to me, but he was not one of the characters who would have liked me as a good friend. But in this other reality it was different. A cross-connection, which I realized here through this dream. We have a lot of friends in our dreams that we can see here in our everyday life, if at all, only once in the city and pass forever without knowing who they are. Just as I met him here in my everyday life and probably never meet again.


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