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Alien Monolith found in Utah? (2001: Odyssey in Space)

During a helicopter inspection flight a silver metal block was discovered in the desert in southeastern Utah, USA. Now the scientists are puzzling over what it is all about…

The helicopter’s gamekeeper and pilot, Bret Hutchings, and employee of the Department of Public Safety, was tasked with counting sheep in a certain area of land. A perfectly normal procedure for counting animals in desert areas. Suddenly he noticed a reflection on the ground that made him curious.

As he flew closer, he discovered a high, angular, square stick sticking out of the desert floor. This monolith cannot be seen from the road, but only from the air, because it is embedded in a small canyon and surrounded by rocks.


According to an interview, the pilot said: “When I saw this thing down there on the ground, I just shouted: ‘Wow! Wow! Wow! Turn around, turn around! There’s a thing down there that we have to look at!”

He speculated at first that it was dropped there by NASA for scientific reasons, maybe for testing purposes or to communicate with a satellite.

He took some pictures of this object and then notified the city. They then sent a fire department team to take a closer look at the object.

2001: Odyssey in Space

When the firefighters arrived, they were amazed at the perfection of this silvery monolith, which rose from the desert floor in complete silence. The monolith is about 3 meters high and one of them asked if it could be from the movie “2001: Odyssey in Space“. After all, this cult film begins with a scene in which several chimpanzees jump around a black monolith and seem to wonder about this alien-looking object in the same way. But the similarity to this monolith is not quite there.

Of course, this find triggers great speculation on the Internet. The forums are filled with questions and pictures about this monolith from Utah. One wonders if someone simply placed an art object in the desert to attract attention or if aliens placed this object there to send a message. Some people think that it represents a message to the people, others could also imagine that the monolith is supposed to serve as a kind of antenna for NASA or possibly aliens, communicating with a corresponding satellite in orbit or even beyond.

When the report of the firefighters was recorded, the city of Utah reacted rather loosely to it, but wanted to remind once again of their powers:

“It is illegal to install objects or works of art on government lands without a license, no matter what planet they’re from.”

The Office of Land Management and the Office of Geological Surveillance in the U.S. have not yet commented on this monolith. Inquiries have also not been answered.

The Huffington Post even launched an appeal with the question: “If someone has forgotten a monolith in the desert, please come back to pick it up or contact us.”

The Metal Monolith an Art Object?

Arguments against an art object would be that the artist would certainly have built his object more obviously so that it could be seen from the street. Even NASA has so far not confirmed the use of such monoliths for research purposes – that would also be quite unusual. It was also suspected that a film was shot here that used this monolith for one scene and then could not lift it out of the ground later.

As you can see, there are many theories about what this monolith could be. In any case, no one has come forward so far and made any claims of ownership or confessions.

Hints about this Monolith

In literature, a reference to a similar object appears in George Orwell’s book “1984“:

“In ancient times, hundreds of years before the beginning of history, there lived this strange race of people, the druids. No one knows who they were or what they did, but the legacy remains in a metal monolith in the living rock of Utah.”

Where is this Monolith and what are the Coordinates?

Anyway, when researching and using search engines nowadays, you have to skip the first five pages of search results to get the more researched and extensive information. The common press delivers here all only the official and thus superficial information.

A closer look revealed that this triangular monolith has been standing there since 2015 at the latest. Analyses by Google Maps show this as a result. However, some strange monolith structures have already been identified on some satellite images of the NASA (on Google Maps) in 2013. These monoliths have disappeared in the meantime and only this one silver one is left.

A hacker, from the Darknet forum “4Chan“, was able to determine the coordinates: 38°20’35.0″ N 109°39’58.0” (38.343080°, -109.666190°). If somebody wants to visit this monolith personally, he can orientate himself in this environment to a black rock, which is nearby. You can easily reach the site on foot.

Update: The monolith has disappeared! After a few hundred people were able to visit the monolith with the help of the coordinates, a man watched a truck drive away the monolith in the night from November 27 to 28. The Utah Department of Agriculture and also the City of Utah declared that they were neither responsible nor liable for the removal of the object. Now the question is, who removed the monolith?

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