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Dream Archive: How a lucid Dream is generated

“Dream Archive” is always a dream or a consciousness experience that I experienced many years ago that left a huge impression. I would like to remind you that these interesting dreams are not part of the past, and readers can always read them whenever they want. From the archive of 4th August 1997:

I was as a student in my old school class. In this class, there were schoolmates, I knew from other classes. Somehow the class I was in was a mixture of all closer and distant school friends, I had. We were on a bus and just returned. I was in the hallway and a child spoke to me, which probably went to my school as well. I had never seen this child. He was not older than eight years and asked me something I first could not understand…

“What’s the reason, that your class is so mixed up?” he asked.


Suddenly Kerstin joined me and started to tease me. She was standing behind me and started to stroke my pelvic area. I really did not mind, what she was doin with me, but I felt it was a bit unpleasant in front of the child. I turned away from her and said we have to go to class.

When we were sitting at our tables in the classroom, and suddenly a foreign teacher came in. She said she was the representative. She had frizzy hair and wore glasses. For me, she was an eco-Christian or something like that. When she had introduced herself, she immediately began teaching.

While she was writing something on the board, four children suddenly ran into the classroom and started spraying something on the board. I was surprised that our teacher did not mind. She was just standing there, looking at them. After the children had done their work, they disappeared as fast as they came.

The teacher started walking from the board to a large wardrobe. She opened the doors and took out a TV. Next to me was a blond-haired woman with a short haircut. Her forehead and nose were somehow choppy or wavy, so I started thinking, that I was dealing with an alien from Star Trek. I asked her boldly, if she is a Star Trek fan, but she denied it and said, that she always looked like that.

At that moment, I had to laugh out loud and in the next moment the television, started showing pictures. It was not an ordinary TV, it seemed to be a special one. It showed some computer graphics and in the next moment two Asians were shown who were practicing martial arts. Surprisingly, the TV switched to a different channel, without someone having operated the remote control. The TV seemed to switch automatically to the news channel.

For me, this was a surprising ability that this TV owned and I tried to explain that technically. A bit later, I looked around the class again and saw that the room was now only 15 m³ big. The room had simply shrunk when my attention was completely on the TV.

“Hey,” I shouted, “we were 30 people or more and we were in a much larger room. Why are there only three people left and why is the room so small? ”

The audience looked at me irritated and did not know what I was talking about at all. At that moment I realized that there was only one way to explain this contradiction: I am dreaming! I stood up and started walking up and down the room, holding my hands in front of my eyes, saying:

“I’m dreaming… I’m dreaming.”

With this action, I wanted to gain greater clarity and stability in the dream. But as much as I concentrated on it, my perception remained a little blurry and did not reach the usual sharpness of a lucid dream. Since I could not get a better perception quality in this dream, I decided to go to another room. I tried to think about the window in my bedroom. I was hoping that I could perceive much more clarity, because it is much more familiar to me.

In the next moment everything was black around me… I was now in absolute darkness, I felt the wind in my hair and had the feeling of flying. I flew to the left, to the right, to the side, but there was endless space in nowhere. Certainly, I stayed there for many minutes until I remembered that I wanted to change to another reality. So I concentrated…

Somehow I thought I would wake up again in my bedroom and thought that I had missed my chance, but that was not true. I was standing in my living room with my astral body. I hovered just above the ground and felt myself as a feather. To feel this in full consciousness and absolute clarity was already an invaluable experience. I tried to move somehow, but I had some problems. I hovered only a few millimeters , drove to the ceiling, then back to the wall. I felt like I would be in space, weightless and without drive, to move. Weightlessness can become crux in such moments. Then I had the plan to use my thoughts to move on.

With all my power I tried to move my second (astral) body. It worked out and so I flew leisurely to the wall. Then I called my Higher Self, and asked to change my weight to just 125 g so I would have enough weight to get on. But nothing happened.

Then I shouted, that I wanted to weigh 500 g and at the same moment I felt how I grew heavier. Now my feet were touching the floor and it was possible for me to move. What an illusion!

Just because I’m standing with my feet on the ground, I can now move as I usually do, but the ground itself is not more stable or denser than a wall and because of this reason the illusion was perfect. I had to laugh about myself… but as long as it worked, I was satisfied. My next look fell on my bed. It was empty! My physical body was not there.

So I had to be in such a high-frequency body that I could no longer perceive moving objects on the physical plane, or objects that had a certain frequency. Shortly after, I wanted more light, because it was quite dark in the room. At the same moment, the light was turned on! There were massive objects in the room to recognize, lots of stuff and it was quite untidy. Several things were lying on the ground, scattered sugar with a few ants on it. The whole thing seemed to me like an alternative reality where another Jonathan had suddenly left the apartment. Why he did this, was unclear for me. In addition to the scattered sugar, which was so clear and fascinating in its clarity that I was completely attracted, I discovered a brown, half-translucent animal that resembled a spider, but was so constructed that it was able to remove things that were lying on the ground just with her tongs.

She put them in a sort of open transparent bag and then rolled them. You could say that this “spider” was built like a high-horseshoe, with six or eight legs. Behind this strange physique was a thick trunk, which resembled that of a spider. I went on my knees to look at it more closely. There was some sugar and some ants ran over it. The “spider” went to an ant, grabbed it with her tongs and threw it into this body-shaped opening, like a petal, swirling the ant around and then “spit” it out like a catapult does. She flew away in a high arc, landed safely on the ground and continued her activities, like nothing had happened.

I could not imagine the meaning of this strange act. She had not used the ant to eat it, nor spun it, or anything else. I could not explain this. Then I saw a hole in the carpet and another small hole in the ground. In this little hole two little animals were stanind, who were light brown and drank water. Perhaps they were as big as beetles and drank from this little hole, like they would be two zebras in the steppe of Africa.

I went even closer to look at it more closely and then I saw that one of them looked like a miniature elephant who was alive. The other animal looked like a miniature lion. I found this amazing and wondered about the diversity and creativity of this reality.

At that moment I recognized my mistake! I had lost myself in a lot of details and because of that, I simply could not handle my perception and lucidity. She wandered through realities and I perceived everything that happened in distant places.

Suddenly I awoke in my bed and examined my surroundings. Yes, I was in my bed, there was no doubt about that. It was an interesting and energizing dream, but somehow I had made some mistakes: the change of reality was not necessary. In addition, I had lost the thread in the blackness, then I lost myself in small unimportant details and I was way to impressed by the clarity, so I could not react soberly and stabilize myself. But in the end it was a beautiful experience, how a lucid arises and then can even be transformed into an out-of-body experience.


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