New Conspiracy Theories – The old ones became all true

Many of the conspiracy theories seem to have become generally true. Now many are looking for new theories to follow again, but there is still a lack of them. This is now to be remedied…

In the following some new conspiracy theories are indicated, which the world did not read so yet. To these new theories I would like to abstain yet, but fair they should be mentioned.

Jeffrey Epstein is alive!

U.S. Attorney Lin Wood stated in a tweet on Twitter:


“I am fully aware that attacks continues to exist against me based on my recent disclosures regarding Chief Justice John Roberts. However, before people attack me, why not ask Roberts first to tell the truth…or ask Jeffrey Epstein. He’s alive!”

Did investment banker and convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein not hang himself in his cell after all? Did his billion-dollar account allow him to merely stage his death in custody? After all, Epstein has(d) a lot of data about pedophiles and child trafficking from the senate and governor’s office and about some billionaires. Many are now suddenly asking this question.

NSA says Donald Trump canceled alien contracts

According to a source, President Donald Trump has canceled the former twelve alien contracts that President Dwight Eisenhower (b. October 14, 1890) signed with aliens during his time in office. What does this mean for the future of humanity? In the contracts it was agreed that the extraterrestrials were not allowed to carry out a First Contact as well as it was not allowed to send extraterrestrials to the earth to help mankind.

Trump signs bill for UFO disclosure

Recently, Donald Trump had signed a new bill on Dec. 28, 2020, stating that he would give the CIA and FBI six months to publish and reveal the truth about UFOs globally. This would then no longer be the case in the future. Thus, reports on unidentified flying objects and all analyses of the collected data would be made available to the public. This data, which the FBI and the CIA have collected, must therefore be released within the next 180 days. In addition, the data that was passed on to foreign authorities must also be handed over.

Stargates really exist?

Many enthusiastic science fiction fans certainly the film series “Stargate“? In the meantime, the producers have generated many spin-offs, films and built up a huge franchise for this. Interestingly, however, strange contradictions exist, because in the media Stargate is portrayed as only moderately popular. Only 48% like Stargate, while the other 52% dislike it. The viewer numbers were also portrayed as quite low, reaching no more than one million. How can it be then that so many series, spinoffs and the enormous franchising exist? The first series “Command SG1” began in 2002 and presented a whole ten seasons. This was followed by the spin-off, i.e. a spin-off of the Stargate series called “Stargate Continuum”, this was followed by “Stargate Atlantis” and “Stargate Universe”. There is still a boom going on behind the scenes of the movie industry that doesn’t seem to let up, but for what reasons might people want to downplay this so much? Do Stargates really exist? Consider, for example, the 100th episode of “SG1”, in which it is said to have been shown how all the stuff about the Stargate really is. The insider tip for conspiracy theorists. This one episode stands out from all the other episodes because of its completely different way of doing things and presents a completely new perspective, in which it is sometimes shown that the Stargate project really exists. A wormhole generator that would allow a lightning-fast transition from one planet to another. There are also some references in alternative media, in which articles are presented that, for example, cited the war for Yemen as the reason for the conquest of a discovered Stargate.

Queen Elizabeth II is the same as Elizabeth I?

In my childhood I saw photos of Elizabeth II (*21 April 1926). and nowadays she still looks the same as she did then. In five years she will be hundred years old. It’s amazing how she was able to maintain a fairly similar appearance over all these years. You can compare her appearance with one of the paintings of Elizabeth I (1533-1603). You may notice that they look different, but if you look more closely, you can see a rather strange appearance of Elizabeth I. She almost looks like something out of a vampire movie. Some believe that there could be a connection here, if one imagines Elizabeth I. once somewhat rounder in the face. Many who believe in active vampirism are convinced that there is a connection between Elizabeth I and II. If this is true, then Elizabeth II should be at least 418 years old.

The Zombie Virus

According to Covid-19, a new mutated virus is supposed to appear, killing many people, but not for long, because this virus removes the spirit from the human and resurrects their body as undeads or zombies. In recent years, many series have appeared in which the film industry, mainly Netflix, depicting an apocalypse with zombies (see for example Walking Dead). In this film series, people rise again after they have died. The background to this series is that there is a virus in the air everywhere that everyone is infected with, but when you die, the zombie genes take over and you walk the world as an undead, looking for brains.

Alien creatures live under the Sahara’s soil

The Sahara, with an area of about 9.5 million km², is estimated to be covered with up to 300 meters of sand deep. Beneath this layer of sand, recent satellite analysis and probe deployments now suggest that there is vegetation and water.  Some theories say that thousands of years ago a bomb was detonated by extraterrestrial visitors that turned the North African land into the Sahara. Everything was pulverized to sand on the surface by this bomb. Some ancient paintings and rock drawings of this region, with an age up to about 30,000 years, show a lush vegetation with fauna and flora. But they also tell of non-human beings that would have lived there. Such drawings and gigantish frescoes, which sometimes a Mars god and an Assisiwesen represent. The former is depicted with a space suit and an astronaut helmet, which are supposed to be indications of visits by extraterrestrials. The Berber and Tuarek, or the blue people, also show similar confirmations in their legends. They also declare that the desert is full of alien beings that live there. These are called by them Jenno or demons and would hate the humans, because they would have already populated the earth before mankind, but had to withdraw in the course of the history. It is assumed that they now live more below the surface. Those beings are said to preferentially target men and children, for which reason much care is taken that they do not move alone in the desert at night. The Tuarek also possess a remarkable language and their own script called Tifinag, which looks very strange. If one did not know to whom this writing was to be assigned, one would consider it smoothly for extraterrestrial. Moreover, the Spanish-Roman geographer Pomponio Mela confirmed these legends with his own analyses. In addition, the French mathematician and expert on Egyptian hieroglyphics, Albert Slosman, stated that an ancient Berber had told him that their people came from a land that once sank into the sea. A huge catastrophe had caused this land to sink into the sea. Slosman believes that many from this sinking land fled to North Africa and Egypt in 9792 BC.

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