Telepathy by spying atypical Thoughts

During a conversation with a friend, I consciously paid attention to thoughts that do not correspond to my familiar image of the person, but with regard to my character and my knowledge of my own person. By comparing my being with his beeing, I could find such thoughts, so I isolated them, and told my friend about it. He was quite surprised and perhaps even frightened, but then I realized how he reoriented instantly and built up an emotional defense. He was now convinced that he must have told me about it and I left him in his faith, not to justify me. The spying of the thoughts of others is therefore not taking place through the image which each and everyone possesses of the other person, but rather by knowing yourself very well and so you can immediately recognize which of the imagined thoughts are not your own…

Telepathy by means of Association and Memory

I was taking a walk with a friend, whom I had only met three or four times at this time. She told me about her new friend as I looked at her face closely. I was constantly wondering of whom she reminds me of. Suddenly, her head and facial expression reminded me of another friend who had a friend who was called Thomas. Immediately I knew that her new friend was called Thomas and when I said it, she asked me, how it is possible that I know that. When I said, that I had only guessed, she laughed briefly and continued to speak. Again I looked at her face and asked me whom she now reminds me of, and suddenly I thought I saw an old friend of mine, who found his great love as a gardener. At that moment, I asked her if she was still interested in plants and she replied that she is now working as a gardener’s assistant. This information was also correct. In this way, I was able to receive telepathic information by accessing my subconscious and intuitive memory and assuming that it would give me clues that I could only notice because my fixed image was relativized by the person. Moreover, the associations of memories were tips of my knowing unconsciousness.

Telepathy using Compassion or Empathy


On a Sunday afternoon, I was invited to a coffee with a friend who had just moved into a new apartment. When he told me about his story of the circumstances that were taking place when he got this apartment, I suddenly felt like I would have been there too. This was not part of his narrative art of talking, but rather a direct imitation of his portrayals. I even had a picture of his landlord in front of me and when I told him about his appearance, he confirmed to me that everything is right. Such moments of telepathic transmissions take place every day, but we are often too busy with everyday concerns to really pay attention to them. All the examples given here are a telepathic tapping on other people and this can only be done if the necessary behavioral measures are followed or in a life-threatening situation. Telepathy is definitely learnable and is already learned a bit by simply focusing attention on the possibility that it will works with some exercise.

Telepathy and Remote Viewing

Remote viewing is a particular combination of clairvoyance and telepathy. It makes it easy to concentrate and look at distant places. In some abduction cases, but also espionage of some governments, Remote Viewers are used which means people who have trained to move a part of their perception to a different place. Already as a beginner with talent, you can see an amazing success but this can be improved, if you are sufficiently interested and invest a lot of time in it. In parapsychology this capacity, especially by the Americans and Russians, is extensively analyzed and researched. Small tests were created to select people with an innate talent with whom they can continue to work or to train. Remote viewing is like a mental journey with the imagination and also reminds of the so-called shamanic journey, a procedure in which you can use the imagination to visit other places, for example, to meet your power animal or higher spirituality. Remote viewing is thus not necessarily telepathy, but already related to it. In addition, I have developed an exercise that concentrates on individual people and serves the development of empathy and tapping, probably one of the most sought-after, telepathic applications. At the same time, it should be explained what an “Emotional Identity Signature” (EIS) is, or briefly “identification”: Everyone has an individual signature, which could be described as emanation or identity. When you exchange something with another person, you can get an impression of his emanation, his kind and his identity. This is what I call the “emotional identity signature” and it can be used to identify a certain person in collective consciousness. Therefore, I have put together some exercises that will help to prepare and train appropriately, and to select people from a distance and to telepathically tap them:

Exercise 1 – Focusing the EIS

Lay yourself in your bed or sit comfortably on a chair. Then imagine a crowd of people as solid as possible. Now imagine how your own focus, which is the present point of your own attention, which looks like the light cone of a flashlight, is going through the crowd. Then the cone of light captures precisely the person or the essence whose thoughts you wish to receive. If you do not have a picture of the essence or the person, you can imagine a pool of different feelings instead of the crowd. The feeling that yu will then encounter with the light cone should in this case be the “psychological address” (EIS) of the personality. If this is done, you are now firmly convinced that all thoughts that come to you are exclusively from the targeted personality. In the beginning, this is not easy, because you will let your own thoughts flow into it, or you combine them, but after a few attempts you will be able to distinguish the thoughts from each other. This can take days, weeks or years depending on your motivation and talent.

Exercise 2 – Broadband Focusing

Very interesting and also easier is the random focus on any sender, which means the tapped thoughts are received arbitrarily, without references to a person. You put a pen and a piece of paper ready, go into the state of Exercise 1, and then write down all those thoughts that are not part of the well-known repertoire of your own person. Perhaps you suddenly start thinking about stock prices, although you have never been dealing with stocks or with training a dog, because you have never been active in that direction. Here it is important to not check, censor or correct what is written down. Just start writing!

Exercise 3 – Focusing on Friends

In order to check your telepathic exercises once in their approximate or surprising correctness, it is advisable to talk with a friend whom you select as a transmitter. At a certain time of the day or evening, both people (you and your transmitter) have to sit down in a comfortable chair, have to close their eyes, and the friend (transmitter) has to sends an arbitrary mental or pictorial message. After about 15 minutes the experiment should end and all impressions should be written down. Write down a lot of impressions, even if they may be so implausible, illogical, or incoherent, it is just important that there are enough written down, individualized thoughts to compare them on another day with the sent thoughts of the friend. Important and helpful questions would be: Does one of his sent thoughts occur in the written down thoughts? To what extent did the idea, which was about entirely correct or even similar, differ from the others? How exactly has this been done? With some practice, it is always possible to get amazing results. Certainly, further questions are efficient.

Exercise 4 – Localized telepathy with present people

In this exercise, imagine that a kind of fall door is located in the upper left corner of the field of view. While concentrating on a present person, draw your attention at to the imagined hatch at the same time. Now imagine that an unknown force opens this hatch from outside of the reality and throws a telepathic message through it. In my own experiences, I always noticed this hatch and with this, immediate telepathy is possible. Telepathy is in any case an exciting and profitable topic. If you notice that your own ego tends to boycott such exercises or experiments, I recommend to try to find some arguments, that help you see the benefits that this ability can bring. It is often asserted that such talents are learned only when approaching them altruistically and without selfish motivation, but I can assure that this is not the case. Remember the remote viewing that is being used for espionage, and you may have also heard about the many telepathic experiments that the government did. Some people even assert that the American and Russian governments have repeatedly experimented with the defense of frenetic telepaths using electromagnetic fields (see Faraday cage). Of course, these are just rumors and may or may not be true, but what scientists still try to negate for fear, calculation, or obscurity is a fact for many others. I hope this little course has brought some of you closer to telepathy. Important is the friend who is involved in these experiments as well as lots of exercise and courage. In this way you also learn to get to know your own thoughts and directions of thoughts.


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