Are you living in a computer simulation?

For thousands of years, humanity has been developing on a daily basis. Of course, these steps of development are not always as fast as we might wish, but when you look at the humanity, there seems to be a certain progress. Also the invention of the computer is one of the projects, which progresses further and further. These also belongs to our striving for higher being and self-knowledge. But what does the computer reflect, which has now become an important part of our everyday life? The computer contains or enables the inner realization that we are living in a computer simulation…

Within the superstring theory recently, by the physicists Dr. James Gates and John S. Troll, from the University of Maryland, binary computer code is in basic mathematical equations have been discovered. Some scientists think, that humans are in a computer simulation, similar to the cyberspace simulators for which a helmet is placed, to perceive another reality, where you can move and act freely in it.

“We can not understand, why this code is in the equations!” Gates said, “When our PC is running and we’re working, there are several processes that are working in the background, that the PC runs through for automatic error correction. We have found in mathematical equations, above the fundamental laws of physics of the universe, exactly such a similar and hidden code.”


The superstring theory is a model of thinking, dealing with objects and models, which all elementary particles on tiny strings, with the size of several billiardster millimeters, which oscillated incessantly. This theory tries to find a holistic explanation for simply everything. These filaments can appear as electrons or quarks. If many strings are touched at once, they produce a sound concert that creates our perceived reality or the whole universe.

According to the string theory, the universe consists of eleven dimensions. Starting with the dimensions of length, width, height, time, etc., seven additional ones are added, which are supposed to be “folded” in such a way that they can escape our perception. Within this theory, a binary code was discovered in the fundamental physical laws, which is taken as an indication that the universe as a whole appears to be a simulation. On a scientific level that says, that humans may not even exist in a real universe. In order to express this with our rudimentary understanding of the universe at all, it means that we live in an artificially created universe that someone has constructed and put into us. We believe, that we live in a real universe, but in fact we might be living in a giant supercomputer in a distant future simulating the 21st century and of which we are only part with our little consciousness.

Do you still remember the “Easter Eggs”? These are mini-programs that are hidden in popular computer programs, such as in Word, Excel or others. For example, you can open a new document in Word 97, run a very specific combination of behaviors within the program, and suddenly a small backdoor is leading you to a virtual pinball machine (see below).

Microsoft’s programmers built several of these hidden “Easter eggs” into their software to show “insiders” a little funny thing or hidden opportunities. Other ways to hide programs in a program are the so-called “cheat codes”.

Within a game you fight with enemies and try to move from level to level, but then the ammunition or life goes out. However, with a trick you can open a secret console in the game, enter a special code and suddenly you are in the “god mode”, which means, you own infinite lives, you can fly, walk through walls or be invincible.

On the basis of our computer technology development, we are astonished at the progress made here. 50 years ago, you needed a complete garage to have a computing power, which nowadays already the cheapest mobile phone has that and fits in your pocket. At the moment, someone is creating a pair of glasses, which will regulate all functions of a computer and a mobile phone in one.

Some people also worked on a helmet for many years, which, when you wear it, will lead you into a completely different world, in which you are almost existing completely. It is then no longer possible to see something outside of the screen, you are involved in the program sequence and its graphics.

If you imagine a world that would be only 1000 years ahead of us in computer technology, what would be possible? Such glasses, as mentioned, and helmets would be normal in the everyday life and they would be much further in their development than ours now.

If you imagine a civilization that is 10,000 or more years ahead of us, you can hardly imagine what is possible then. Perhaps a species in the future has developed a supercomputer, which absorbs the consciousness of a human being and transmits it into a madly complex game, so that the being can no longer distinguish between reality and simulation at all. In such a simulation or perfect illusion the being could spend decades without ever realizing that it is in such a state. As soon as you die within the simulation, you will be able to start another game at a different time. And if it is already possible to transfer the consciousness of a personality into an computer-simulated reality, why should not there be several game levels, which the programmer has installed? Maybe even additional small backdoor programs that allow such cheating codes? Five times stomping with your foot, hit the wall three times with your flat hand, jump into the air one time and turn yourself four times in a circle – this suddenly opens a back door, which leads directly into a romantic café in Paris.

What possibilities could be included here? The café would be enriched with three or four people who are just visitors and the rest would be computer simulated figures, tangible and communicable holograms. The players who enter the game must temporarily deactivate their memories in order to be experience this gigantic simulation as realistic as possible. Maybe you are even able to program a life after death, with a light tunnel, god and angels, waiting for you, to greet you as a player lovingly afterwards… Everything could be possible!
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Videos: 1 2 3 4 5

Easter Egg Word 97:
1. Open a new document.
2. Type in “blue” and mark the word.
3. Go to format- fonts
4. Use font “thick”, colour “blue”
5. Now type in ” ” (two quotation marks with a space between) and behind these quotation marks type in the word “blue”.
6. Go to help- about
7. Now press “STRG” and the left shifting key at the same time and click on word icon.
8. Now the Flipper opens. Use Z and M for the flipper and “ESC” to close it.

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