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Dreamnight: About Zapper and Privileged

“Dreamnight” is a series in which I consciously concentrate on experiencing a lucid dream or an out-of-body experience or I report an interesting or extraordinary dream or memories of my subconsciousness as well as telepathic connections to other people (dream spying).

After falling asleep, I was directly and without hindrance accompanied by a few people. When I looked around, I counted two men and one woman. I did not know anyone of them, and I’ve seen them never before. It was night and they were talking, but I was just quietly listening:

“We will have to zap again. There’s no difference,” said one of the men who was about 30 years old.

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“But we can not say how clear we are and if we are able to do this again and again. It’s not easy, if the consciousness is not fully focused and you do not know what you are doing. It can happen that you do not remember at all, that you are able to do this”, said the woman.

After a while of wandering through the night, we came to a tree group that was on a hill. There we knelt and looked down from the hill to some houses at a distance of perhaps 50-100 meters.

“We’ve arrived!” whispered one of the men.

I looked exactly at the housegroup before us, simply, because there everyone was looking. When I had been able to concentrate, I recognized a garden in a distance, where two people were standing. I could not determine exactly whether these were men or women, but after watching them for a while, the incredible happened:

Suddenly, the place where the two of them stood in the garden seemed to distort somehow and in the next moment, the whole air seemed to vibrate, and out of nothing, several people folded themselfes into our reality! It was a really crazy picture and it only took a few seconds.

“Look! There are some people. They just zapped themselfes in here!”

Now I realized what they had meant with the term “zapping” all of the time. It seemed to be a kind of teleportation to move from place to place. I felt quite queasy when I saw this. It was like there would be an ancient long-forgotten memory of a practice that enabled this. Even if I knew I was laying in my bed and dreaming, I knew at the same time that it was not a dream, but a memory or recollection of situations that I had ever experienced, but perhaps it was the memory of another person whose consciousness I had just joined. I could not say for sure.

“Are they celebrities?” the woman asked.

“Why celebrities? Why do you think, they should be celebrities?” I asked.

“There are celebrities, privileged ones, who are given special treatment. Most of them no longer remember their dealings with the Old Empire, as they did so at the astral level, such as David Bowie or a few others who have recently died. They die just in time and are reborn in time in other places and times because they have a deal, that they change the reality at troubled times and get a new body procured. Then they can go elsewhere where they had previously stopped. But there are also so-called privileged ones, which are not always prominent, but they are preferred by the Old Empire. Some are agents, others can be somehow beneficial and can change their bodies as desired or zap…”

What she explained to me confirms my assumptions about some preferred people or personalities within our reality. While some people on our earth are held in amnesia and ignorance, there are others who know about everything and who have special possibilities.

“It’s all running parallel to the everyday life of the people and nobody gets anything from it,” she added. “We could get some informations by spying and we’re keeping track of the activities of the Old Empire and their machinations.”

“There are a lot of people who have already heard about it. It is feels like the ‘bright’ and the ‘dark’ side are increasing in activity and energy…” I explained.

“That’s right,” she whispered. “As a result of the rising of the ground vibration, both poles have increased in energy. They just rub against each other and both sides become more clear and more obvious. Everyone has the chance to decide for a side. And those down there … they have decided for the other side. They will deny that there are such possibilities and the Old Empire at all. An interdimensional or extraterrestrial union that manages several planets, of which the Earth is one.”

” I know…” I said, nodding my head.

We continued to watch the privileged ones and one of the men stuck at me with his elbow: “Get ready, we’ll zap…”

“We can also zap ourselfes?” I asked.

“Of course we can! Everyone of us can do that! You just have to remember…”

Shortly after, I awoke in my bed.


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