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Lucid Dreaming: What you can do within a Lucid Dream

People who are dealing with lucid dreaming, often ask themselves what can be done with this ability. The three “F’s” (Flying, fucking and food) which are often used within a lucid dream, can get boring after a while. Because of this reason, I will now give you an inspiring list of possibilities or things, that you can try out in such an exciting dream. First the classics…

Flying: Flying is one of the most popular activities in a Lucid dream. You feel infinitely free and can fly out of any situation. After such a spectacular flight you are often refreshed with a sense of freedom and adventure.

Flirting: Usually this word is replaced by another, which is much more direct to formulate what you really want to do within a lucid dream. You want people to be with you, to experinece or to share a sexual adventure. Most of the time it is a celebrity, musician or actor, perhaps, who will come out of nowhere with a bouquet of flowers in front of your door, or who is already disposed of all the clothes willingly in bed and waiting for you to join. There is nothing, that is not allowed, here you can try out all the sexpractics.


Fucking: Oh yes, sometimes it is a burden. You become lucid within a dream and a uncontrollable emotion rises up and you must have sex as soon as possible. You run around and you can’t find someone. If you are lucid enough, you can teleport Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie to your place and have a nice chitchat, but there may come a time in which you want more than this.

Asking questions: Many lucid dreamers, also known as Oneironauts, like to run through the many dream realities and ask where they are exactly. Also people in the dream (dream characters or trampers) are asked who they are and where they come from. The interesting thing is, that you can meet very interesting personalities. Some of them are sometimes so intelligent, that it is really hard for you, to follow them. After all, you have to deal with your subconsciousness, which is so huge and gigantic that millions of characters and places fit in there. The subconscious mind, however, is completely misunderstood by psychology. It assumes that it is only motor processes that considers dreaming as a processing entity. This is, of course, totally wrong. In fact, the subconscious is a collection of all possible and existing alternative realities including their billions of dream characters and countless places. It is fully aware of itself and has an incredible intelligence that can access 100% of the brain, while in everyday use only 7% can be used. Here you can see the “small” difference.

Love, success and wealth: If you want to achieve more love, success or wealth in the everyday life, you can proceed in many different ways during a lucid dream. I will mention only a few: In love, you can always wish to be brought to your future partner or you can assemble your future partner in front of a mirror. If you are interested in success, it is advisable to pay more attention to your symbolic dreams, so that these can contribute the attainment of the wish. Last but not least, you can proceed just as differently for more money or wealth in life, by saying, in the next five minutes of the lucid dream I will meet six numbers that are the lottery numbers of the upcoming lottery. There are a lot of possibilities for this section. I am also planning on doing a workshop in the near future so that you can learn to look after the improvement of your everyday life.

Examinations and sports: The own athletic abilities can also be overshooted and improved as well as simulating examination situations. Through playing, it is possible to achieve your goal more easily, more precisely and better. This is how you always train your 100-meter-run or experience several times in achieving the driver’s license test. There is no limit of possibilities.

Beaming: Very popular is teleporting yourself. While others are flying, you are able to beam yourself from one point to another. The word came from the series “Space Ships Enterprise”, where Captain Kirk and his team used a transporter that simply teleported them down to the planet they wanted to explore.

Psychokinesis: Another attractive phenomenon is the secret knowledge that, by exercising certain abilities in the brain, it is possible for example to move objects with your mind only. The more often these sleepy brain areas are stimulated, the more activity will show up in the course of time. This also applies to other paranormal abilities such as telepathy, pyrokinesis, psychometry, and so on. The more you practice these skills in your dreams, the more likely it is that one day the corresponding brain areas will be activated and you will have access to them in your everyday life.

Self-healing: If someone is suffering from a disease or has other health problems, it can be remedied by a healing beam. In doing so, you tear your arms out into the air and cry loudly in the dream that you now desire a healing ray, which is sent by the inner or higher self. As soon as the healing ray appears, imagine it. The more intense this beam is, the stronger the healing effect.

Self-Therapy: In addition to physical self-healing, it is also possible to consult a psychologist in your lucid dream and to seek advice from him. Nobody knows you as much as your own subconscious mind, which will surely take the chance immediately and will accept the psychologists and speak through him.

Inspiration: As an artist of any kind, it is always interesting, to achieve more creativity and inspiration. In a lucid dream you can create a big white canvas and ask for your subconscious inspiration. Perhaps a wonderful picture emerges or you will hear beautiful music. There are no limits to the suggestions of the subconscious.

Nightmares and repeating dreams: If you suffer from nightmares or constantly recurring dreams, you can easily solve them in a lucid dream. To do so, you simply have to face the threat directly. Through the direct confrontation the fear and also the dream will dissolve.

Reincarnations: In a dream you can look at your reincarnation existencies. To do this, look out for a mirror (or just create one) and look inside. Now imagine how you can recognize a different life while focusing on your face. The effect will occur very quickly, usually by turning the face into the beeing you were in another life. Scenes from a different life can also appear on the mirror surface.

DNA Manipulation: It is possible to manipulate your DNA in a lucid dream or to change them how you want them. Your physical body can be adapted and reconfigured. Since the electrical body is like a programming framework for the physical body with its DNA, it will also influence reprogramming. If you have a great desire to change your appearance in a certain way, you can do this by looking for a mirror inside the lucid dream and creating the desired image on the surface. You have to repeat it in each lucid dream, in order to program your DNA.

Taking substances: It is very exciting to take substances that are expanding the consciousness in a dream. There are incredibly crazy and fascinating effects that you will not forget.

Time travelling:  A journey through time during a lucid dream is also very interesting. In this case, you should concentrate on the particular epoch you are going to visit, or you can go to a specific place and imagine what the place looked like yesterday.

Regression: Once you became lucid in the dream, you have to tell yourself that you will now remember what you have experienced as the self you are now. The past of the self within the alternative reality in which you find yourself will then reveal its past. With this technique, you can sometimes find incredible things.

Transformation: It is also possible, to transform yourself into every person or animal, within a lucid dream or to exchange bodies with another person, to experience the perception of the other person. It is very exciting to turn into a panther or an eagle. Some also have a lot of pleasure in turning themselves into their favorite heroes. So you can appear as Superman, Batman or Spiderman and make the dream world unsafe.

Induce an out of body experience: Within a dream, you can directly change into your astral body, the fine-grained body, which will be used permanently after your physical death. To do so, simply stand on a curb with the back of the road, spread out your arms and let yourself fall backwards. It is the feeling of falling, which causes the change to the astral body or the electrical body.

Finding a Dream Teacher: In a lucid dream you have the ability to find your dream teacher. Just call him and he will appear. This person will appear as a person, perhaps as someone you already know and recognize. It can also be someone who looks a bit like a prominent person, or a wise figure such as a wizard or wise witch.

Reunification: In a lucid dream, you can not only connect with your own consciousness to alternative realities, but also to your inner self. In a lucid dream, just ask to reunite yourself with your inner self. The next moment you will get sucked up. This input is a fulfilling but sometimes a confusing feeling. The self-knowledge about yourown true self can be extremely irritating, because only a few will recognize themselves again. It is alike you would watch an alien being so distant from everyday life that you are irritated at first.

I hope these hints will make the future lucid dreams more interesting and successful.

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