The multiverse and all of the Possibilities

The multiverse consists of an infinite number of existing realities. The multi-world theory is based on quantum mechanics, which says, that every reality is in a similar form to an already existing reality, called parallel reality or alternative reality. In this way, every reality is conceivably possible. Maybe you missed the bus and had to wait for the next or you took a taxi or a friend came by and takes you with him…

Even the moment where a pink elephant passes by and says: “have a nice day”, is available in the endless pool of realities. Because the infinite number of existing parallel worlds guarantees endless possibilities. Even realities in which Spiderman glides between the high-rise buildings and Superman flies through the air with his X-ray vision, are possible through the infinite variety of alternative realities.

The human being decides, however, mostly for common realities, which many other people have already chosen. Thus the experiences within physical reality are similar, and coincidences or extraordinary occurrences are rather rare. For this reason, real-life events exist with high and low probability.

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In the movie “The One” with Jet Li, it is shown how one of the leading actors travels through the alternative reality in order to kill his alternative selves so that he will gain strength and power through their released death energy. Also in the movie “Timecrime” and “Source Code” we have to do with the search for comparable realities, each offering a different output. This means that the knowledge about alternative worlds has gained popularity and is reporting on this probability of possibilities.

It is like there exist an existential parallel self in each parallel world that experiences its own experiences. This circumstance could also be the explanation for the feeling of a Déjàvu. As soon as a second reality is sought, this sensation occurs. Therefore, Déjàvu’s are quite rare due to the existence of the countless possibilities. However, due to the fact that a person is looking closely at neighboring alternatives, it can occur occasionally.

A rare or special event is therefore not bringing up a Déjávu, usually only ordinary events. Likewise, the often-described phenomenon of reincarnation is part of this multiverse. This bundle of timed realities, for example the 19th, 14th or 3rd century, also exist in the huge pool of parallel worlds. The doctrine of reincarnation can be seen as a starting point in order to understand the principle of the multiverse with all its alternatives. The belief that the human is developing in a certain way through his permanent reincarnations is part of some religious teachings such as Buddhism. Each person moves through the many lives and at the same time through the alternative possibilities to achieve his true personality. Only through the experience of certain events the person is ready to attract similar events in order to be able to experience them as well.
If therefore, there should be a super personality, just as there is also a quantum mechanical superparticle present at the same time in each place, each of these alternative possibilities might be a reminder of the personality mentioned above. All the things that happen could have already happened – at least from the perspective of the super personality or the Supraself. Premonitions can also be explained in this way, because if all of these realities have already been experienced by the Supraself, and only exist as a memory, it can happen that someone experiences an intuition or a premonition. You can know what will happen and you can predict it. Also the Big Bang and the resulting universe is an allegory of the infinite number of worlds. All the stars and planets thus follow this pattern.

The same pattern, described by quantum physics, which is talking about the superparticles and the many different quanta that race through the worlds and form objects exists on all levels of being. I would like to say that this pattern is also present and effective in the psyche. The Supraself, as a full-scale holistic self of all existing personality aspects and the self, which also exist in the alternative realities and reincarnation realities, represents the all-encompassing whole self. It can send out its own selves, direct, instruct, manipulate and also withdraw again. It is omnipresent and presumably omniscient. Thus the Supraself is sending out infinite versions of itself into the physical reality, in order to experience them in all possible variations, phases, times and eons. It projects its selves in these many parts and alternative realities, in order to collect and experience as much as possible.

The first researcher, who was already thinking about the existence of a multiverse in 1957 was Hugh Everett. He explained, that the solution of any paradox could only be solved by the existence of alternative worlds. At the end of the seventies, the physicists David Bohm, in agreement with the physicist and neuroscientist Karl Pribram (see Holonome’s Brain Model), described a theory in which they spoke about an order of existence that naturally encapsulates everything that is conscious at all. This encapsulation created the possibility of holographic projection, which in turn produces our physical reality.

Similar representations and explanations can be found in the neo-science of brain research, in which, as a result of many tests, it is now assumed that the brain projects our perceived reality in the back head and that there is thus no external reality, but only the one that is produced in the brain.

The well-known writer Michael Talbot also describes this theory in his excellent book “The Holographic Universe” and also introduces both physicists as sources to clarify the whole quantum mechanic principle and to make them more comprehensible. Talbot also explains that through this encapsulation, the human is able to create his own reality at will. At this point, it is important to understand this encapsulation and to understand that everyone can create it’s reality in his own way, regardless of how others may react to it, because they are also just sitting in their own capsule, with which they experience their own kind of beeing.

Thus, you can come closer to many Buddhist and Tibetan wisdoms by linking the fact, that everything we perceive , is our own creation and and that you are responsible for it. In quantum physics, the role of the observer is the trickiest and most fascinating part that makes this whole theory so interesting. Quantum waves ready to form any possible reality become particles as soon as an observer steps forward and observes an event.

On the basis of this information, think about a supercomposite in the microcosm, which regardless of space and time, emits all its small particles in infinite numbers to form objects. Cars, hats, crockery, tools, or other objects, they are all composed of the same atoms and quanta. Now imagine a super-human, also independent of space and time, which sends infinite copies of itself into many worlds, in order to gain experience. And finally, imagine a super universe that has formed infinite universes to bring the millions of galaxies and centimeters of suns and planets into being in order to guarantee all these perceptions and possible experiences. Maybe you can now understand the scope of quantum mechanics.


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