Dreamnight: Scotty beam me up (part 2)

“Dreamnight” is a series in which I consciously concentrate on experiencing a lucid dream or an out-of-body experience or in which I report an interesting or extraordinary dream or memories of my subconsciousness as well as telepathic connections to other people (Dream spying).

After about twenty minutes of concentration, I got into my astral body within seconds. Immediately I rolled off as usual to the right. In this way, I landed on the carpet and straightened up at once. Next, I planned to visit a friend to see how she was doing. So I thought of her signature  of emotional identification and a few moments later I was standing in front of her bed…

It was dark in her room, and I just could see her shining in the darkness. Slowly I moved toward her, put my lips to her ear and whispered her name. I had to grin, because I know how many astral travelers allowed themselves such fun with their friends…


Unfortunately, she did not react. However, then her astral body hovered slowly, completely automatically, without me having to do something. Before I could approach her, she disappeared. She had teleported herself herself. Apparently she had other plans tonight than to deal with me. Well, that didn’t matter at all! The infinity is great and boundless adventures are only waiting for me.

Suddenly I received a signal. I focused on and followed it… A few moments later, I was outside on a large meadow. It was still dark, so I guessed I was still in the real-time – which means I hadn’t changed into another reality. But you could never be sure in those moments.

After all, it was possible that something brought me into an alternative reality in which it was also dark. It could be a different time here, another date or a completely different country. There were only local signs at the beginning and end of the town. This meant, where I was here, I had to remain veiled for the time being. So it was time for a small test, at least to determine whether I was still astral or if I had changed into a lucid dream…

I raised my hands and looked at them. They were slightly transparent and through them I could see the floor. This was at least an indication that I was still in the second body. Then I counted my fingers to see if the would change… No, I had ten fingers, and all of them were in the right size. Then I was asked recently, to try to breathe through my nose while holding it closed with my fingers, when I’m out of my body. If I succeed, this would be a positive test that I am in a lucid dream. However, as I was fully aware of my situation, I found the test nonsensical, but made still made it.

I held my nose closed and… I could not breathe. In this sense, the test was negative. Normally, a lucid dreamer would have assumed that he was not in a dream, but in his usual everyday life and would have lost his lucidness. Of course, I did not lose it, because I already knew about my condition when I had started the reality check.

I stopped doing such dumb stuff and moved on to some rocks, which were about 100 meters away. I guessed behind it a view of a valley or a hill. Because of the terrain I seemed to be at some altitude. When I reached the small rocks, my guess was confirmed. I was standing on a small mountain, perhaps with an altitude of about 200 meters, and could look at a street. Across the street was a large forest, to the right a small town and to the left at the end of the road, I could find a military base. Beneath me, perhaps not 20 meters lower, I could see a narrow path, partly with a lot of green plants and some arranged stones. It gave me the impression of a rocky passage.

With a skilful jump, I hopped over the edge of the rock and came down 20 meters down the path. It was a very nice environment and a very fabulous view from above. The view over the forest and the tree tops was also really nice. All this invited me to walk through the forest… But wait! I had a dream a few days ago when I was a woman who had woken up there down the street and went into the forest! Before that, she had seen a UFO at the military base and wanted to be able to get to the spaceship (see “Scotty beam me up – part 1”). This time, however, I was not here as a woman in the street, I was here in my astral body as Jonathan. Why had I landed here again? What was the situation with this environment? What attracted me here?

Now a couple came along the path. They could not see me and passed me without any comment. Another hint that I was in my astral body and not within a lucid dream. I had a completely different phase at this moment, for which reason they could not perceive me. I heard them talking about the military base and mentioning strange occurrences.b Unfortunately, I did not manage to hear more.

In the meantime, my curiosity was aroused, because I certainly had not landed here by accident. For the reason, I wanted to fly over to the camp and see myself what was going on. Suddenly I heard a strange sound… My alarm! Damn it! I had to go back to my body. The physical reality called me.

Quite quickly, I stepped out of this scene and came back to my body. Tired, I turned off the alarm clock and stretched a bit. As I got up slowly, I felt that I had not been to the first or second time at this unknown place, I have been there more often.

I later searched my notes, but could not find anything. Nevertheless, the feeling remained that I had been there several times before. I hope that I will find it again in the near future, so that I can find out what riddle is going on there. Nevertheless, you should give attention to the experiences which have a certain continuity…


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