Hidden Secrets: Entry into the Matrix and Natural Hypnosis

Hidden Secrets – How Man has been subject to Natural Hypnosis since Entering the Matrix.

Welcome to a world beyond our imagination, where reality is distorted and perception is manipulated.

For centuries, a secret matrix of natural hypnosis has existed, holding man under its hypnotic spell. In this article, we will uncover the hidden truth and reveal the secret behind human subjugation.

The Matrix of Natural Hypnosis: An Unknown Dimension

The Matrix of Natural Hypnosis is a mysterious dimension that exists in the depths of our mind and contains hidden secrets. It was created by ancient entities to manipulate the human psyche and keep us in a state of unconscious trance. This hypnosis has been affecting us since we first crossed the threshold of this hidden matrix.


The Powers of Manipulation: Influencing through Human perception

In the matrix of natural hypnosis, our senses and perception are distorted. Our thoughts and decisions are influenced without our consciously noticing it. We think we see reality clearly, but in reality we are influenced by an invisible power.

The Chosen: Heroes against the hypnotic Spell

It is said that there are chosen ones who have the potential to break the matrix of natural hypnosis. These heroes have the ability to recognize their own truth and free themselves from the shackles of hypnosis. They are the bearers of hope for a free world and fight valiantly against the forces of manipulation.

Awakening from the Trance: The struggle for true Reality

The path of awakening is full of challenges and dangers. The chosen must face their own fears in order to realize true reality. Through self-knowledge and spiritual upliftment, they can break through the power of the matrix and regain control of their own lives.

The Revolution of the Mind: A World beyond Hypnosis

If enough people awaken and rise up against the matrix of natural hypnosis, a revolution of the mind will take place. A new era of freedom and self-determination will dawn, where people will have full control over their own thoughts and actions. The world will be freed from the shackles of manipulation and a new, more conscious existence will be possible.

Hidden Secrets of the Matrix – The Unveiling of the Matrix of Natural Hypnosis

The matrix of natural hypnosis is a fascinating but disturbing reality that surrounds us. It is time to recognize the hidden truth and break the hypnotic spell. By becoming aware of our own power and opening ourselves to the truth, we can regain control over our own lives and usher in a new era of awakening.

Who are the ancient Beings that created natural Hypnosis in the Matrix?

Also counted as hidden mysteries is the identity of these ancient beings who created the natural hypnosis in the matrix. They remain a mystery hidden deep in the mists of time. In the legends and oral traditions that have been passed down, they are often referred to as “The Dark Creators.” It is speculated that they are beings of incredible power and wisdom who have existed since the dawn of mankind, pulling the strings of hypnotism from the shadows.

Dark Creators and the Matrix Architects

Some legends claim that the dark creators originally came from another dimension or a distant galaxy and came to Earth a long time ago. They brought with them their knowledge of the human psyche and the power of hypnosis and built the Matrix as an instrument of control.

The motives of the dark creators are complex. Some already know that they use humans as a source of energy to maintain their own existence or to increase their own power. Others speculate that they want to keep humanity in a state of ignorance and subjugation in order to pursue their own agenda and enforce it through clones among high-ranking politicians.

Today, these dark creators are called “Matrix Architects” for short. They stole the knowledge of the Matrix and used it for their own purposes.

The Guardians of the Matrix: Agents and collaborators

Whatever the truth may be, the creators remain hidden in the shadows and act through servants and agents they have established in the matrix of natural hypnosis. These servants may appear as high-ranking personalities in politics, business and other fields, who advance the manipulation of people and maintain their power.

The search for the ancient beings and their true nature is a challenge undertaken only by the bravest and most curious adventurers. The chosen ones who escape natural hypnosis and break through the matrix know about such hidden secrets and take up the fight against these mysterious beings to free humanity and bring the truth to light.

This unleashed a war between the manipulators and the spiritual free people (Free People), which is still raging today and opened its open battle in 2020. Since that time both sides, the dark and the light side, reveal themselves to take a stand. Everyone is called since this time to take a clear stand or to retreat into his shell.

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