It’s morning. You sit down with a hot coffee next to your computer and take a look into the mailbox… and immediately afterwards you let play the recorded dreams of the last night! Where have we been in the night and what have we been doing all the time? Have you dreamed of your boss or his partner? From parents or a new love? Most people do not remember their dreams without training. Aren’t we all Alzheimer patients of our own sleep, the brother of death? We fall into a relaxed state and after a blackout of up to eight hours we wake up again, mostly without remembering the events at night. But this can soon come to an end! Maybe it is actually possible to record dreams!

After all, the images from dreaming are perceived fragmentarily in the brain and sometimes even stored. Interestingly, researchers Shinji Nishimoto and Professor Dr. Jack Gallant from the University of California at Berkeley seem to have come a step closer to this opportunity. Several test people were connected to a nuclear spin tomograph called “fMRI”, which in this case captured the brain activity when watching movie trailers and depicted the blood flow in the brain, and this was in turn coupled with a learning computer program. The images recorded with it were amazingly good for the first series of experiments (see picture) and not only demonstrate, but also illustrate future possibilities.

It would be interesting to be able to see your dreams the other day on a monitor, maybe even the dreams you yourself do not remeber anymore! What strange experiences may have been experienced in the dreams? Do we perhaps recognize people who have, or will be, encountered in the past? What is our partner dreaming about all night? And perhaps it would even be possible to read not only the subconscious mind of a human being, as easily as watching a movie, but it could even be treated or healed, because elements could be made visible that even the person concerned had not been aware of? We should, therefore, be curious, how the research will continue in this field. The shelf for the DVD collection has to be extended by a few boards, so that your personal dream collection can be placed in there …


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