Dreamnight: Another Visitation of the Old Woman

“Dreamnight” is a series in which I consciously concentrate on experiencing a lucid dream or an out-of-body experience or in which I report an interesting or extraordinary dream or memories of my subconsciousness as well as telepathic connections to other people (Dream spying).

I felt a pulling at my body… It was very gentle… maybe too gentle as it could have caused something. Now it was back! I could feel someone grabbing my hand and gently pulling at it. My second body responded. Immediately the vibrations started and I felt as if I were lying on a waterbed. The whole bed seemed to be rocking and wavering, but suddenly it stopped.

Ten or twenty seconds later, I felt again how someone grabbed my hand and pulled it. One thing was clear: the person who was pulling my hand was not physically in my sleeping room! After all, it was in the middle of the night and I had not invited anyone for the night – so it could only be a visitor in his second body.

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I felt now again the hand of this unknown person. It was graceful, almost frail. Surely a woman and very timid in her way, almost reserved. From experience, I knew that this gentle approach did not really cause anyone to leave his body quickly… For my part, I was already on the threshold between waking and sleeping. On the one hand, I felt my second body as it responded to the touch and then I could already feel my physical body as it threatened to wake up.

A little while later, I opened my eyes in my physical body. I still felt a slight pull on my hand, although I was now already physically. It was amazing and very noticeable. I sat up in my bed. My feeling told me that it was an older woman. Maybe it was the older woman I had visited so often in my allday reality and I thought, that she was going to die soon… Was she dead now? But I was not sure.

With a delicious tea in the early morning, I came into conversation with a good friend, with whom I have already shared many experiences and who lives above me. We meet more often for breakfast. She told me that she also had a visit tonight:

“Tonight, someone was definitely with me. At first it was only a clue, but then it became a certainty. I focused on the person and tried to figure out who that was. At some point I got the clear intuition that it was an older woman. Shortly before, I had dreamed and talked with an older woman. It was about a price increase of three or four Pfennig. I think because of the bread price in 1929 in Germany. I do not know. When I was awake, I felt this woman in my room. And you will not believe it! I then researched this morning at Google and found out that in 1929 there was an economic crisis, which had begun and shortly before the bread price had increased by three or four Pfennig in Germany. This is already an interesting proof, as I find!”

“The beginning of inflation, I believe. Suddenly the bread costed a trillion Deutsch Mark.”

“Right,” she replied.

Then I told her my experience of tonight. It was clear to us that we had received a visit from an elderly woman who had recently passed away. Perhaps, however, she has already passed away for a long time and still haunts the city, even believing it would be 1929…

It is always important that you give yourself such small hints or proofs, so you can realize that dreams have their own reality. I once read in a book of a medium that the people who lived in caves at that time often used their dreams to explore the area. I’m sure that even today certain animals can handle it, cats for example. If a cat is expelled several hundred kilometers away, then in many cases it can be certain that it  will be back in front of the door after a few weeks after. A cat accomplishes this performance by moving a certain distance every day, which she had previously explored in her sleep phases within her second body. So she finds the way back to her owner. If the cat does not come back, it is because she has found someone else to take care of her. There are many things that most people have forgotten…


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