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Technique: Personal Energy Protection Shield

Sometimes I get asked to describe the process of setting up an energetic self-made protection shield. Such a system is not only able to prevent unpleasant environmental influences, such as viruses or bacteria – after all, they exist not only on the physical, but also on the electromagnetic level – in order to ward off negative thoughts and projections that are undesirable and only to let the positive ones of this kind through. This protective shield also fends off astral attacks, which might possibly appear in some form. Astral attacks are very rarely the case, but could occur sometimes. Each person automatically has a protective shield, which is given by nature, but which can become weak sometimes. Therefore, the investment in an additional shield by my technique is very helpful…

Perhaps someone is in the dispute with a person and they care and cherish their hatred thoughts, sends them constantly to the recipient or to the person who is responsible for his misfortune. If you are that person, who receives these unpleasant thoughts, the protective screen can mitigate or even ward off the useless stream of it. It should be borne in mind, that thoughts exist only on an electromagnetic plane, I like to call them “psyche-electric” and only move on this frequency. Therefore, you can not touch or see thoughts and feelings, they can only be thought or felt. They are therefore not constructed as objects, and for this reason they can be blocked off only at the electromagnetic or psyche-electrical level.

The additional protective shield can be built up like this:


Imagine lying or sitting or standing, so that energy penetrates the soil through the soles of the feet and flows through the whole body. During this imagination you have to inhale the air. Then draw the energy, all in one breath, up to the crest. Shortly afterwards, slowly exhale, imagine how the collected energy flows out uniformly from the apex on all sides, moves around the whole body, and from then on it surrounds you like a large bubble. At the same time, you have to imagine that this energy bubble allows only positive energies and positive projections to pass through. Everything else bounces off it. There is no limit to the imagination. Now start again from the beginning: Bring energy through the soles of the feet (inhale) and then let it emerge from the apex (exhale). Repeat this, until you have the feeling or can imagine this imagination well and easily. You have to feel, that the energy bubble now surrounds you like a tissue thin cover and no holes and crevices can be seen at any point and that your shield has a very dense effect.

If you are having difficulty viewing this protective shield, then you should simply continue the exercise. At some point, it will be very easy to imagine this shield very well. I recommend to perform this technique in the morning and in the evening for about 10 minutes. The regularity practice allows, that the shield becomes better and thicker over the time. You can practise anywhere, in a bus, car, on a bike, in the park, at work or elsewhere. This does not have to be meditated magnificently. You can also use this in a playful way and try out various variations.


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