“Dreamnight” is a series in which I consciously concentrate on experiencing a lucid dream or an out-of-body experience or in which I report an interesting or extraordinary dream or memories of my subconsciousness as well as telepathic connections to other people (dream spying).

I was traveling with a friend in a small town unknown to me. It was a little hilly in the area, but no mountains in sight. We could look down into the small town from where we were standing. Perhaps a good 10,000 inhabitants. We then went on. Then we noticed, at the same time, a huge shadow that darkened all the sunlight. At first I thought of a cloud, but the shadow seemed so dark that it could not be. So we looked up and saw a huge space ship…

It was so big that it covered the entire city. With open mouths, we stood there and tholught, that we would be in the movie “Independence Day“. If I could draw, I could surely draw down that huge thing. It had a very light gray, metallic color. Several structures, gradations and subdivisions, very symmetrical. In the middle of it was a huge opening, which was as big as several sports fields, if not more. This area now opened.


My companion screamed that we should run away now, but I had the clear feeling that we would never make it in time. At least I saw, that nearly we had to run two miles to get out of the shadows of that thing, that was currently building itself up more and more. But then it was unbelievable! A beam came from out of this space ship and it started to suck up several people.

I suddenly woke up in my bed. Now I was curious about what was going on in this crazy dream about this space ship that sucked up people and so I started to concentrate on jumping back in this dream again…


Suddenly I was in a huge building. I was laying paralyzed on the ground. Slowly it dawns to me that I am on the space ship. A woman, who had probably been there for a long time, spoke to me and confirmed that I was still on the space ship.

I tried to move, but it did not work. I decided to wake up again. Back in bed and awake, my body felt as if a stream would flow through it. It was kind of “baffling”, as if it would keep the everyday reality unstable, a kind of metallic feeling in the bloodstream. Difficult to describe.

I wondered, whether I wanted to jump into this dream again or if I would just turn to the side. But then I became curious… Again, I concentrated on getting back there. A little while later, I was back on the space ship. Probably I had managed to get up and move. I then ran around the space ship and went first to the woman. I slowly began to think about it and become suspicious, perhaps it was an alien, camouflaged as a human.

At that moment, she turned little. Silvery skin shone through, the eyes grew large and black, the back of the head swelling. Then I thought again that I do not want to know whether she was a human being or not. After all, I wanted to look at everything in peace and not beating myself with aliens.

Then I ran into the other rooms, also with the intention of finding the friend with whom I had just climbed up the hill before. There were several rooms and in each one were always one or two people. At first, when I entered the room, they looked like aliens, but in a split second they looked like humans. I did not question that either.

Somehow I was awake again. In bed, I wondered whether I would turn around and forget this dream or try again to jump back on this space ship. After all, my companion was still running around. So I concentrated again and was fast on the space ship.

I searched the rooms until I finally found them. Of course I was suspicious at first, because I did not know if she was perhaps one of the disguised aliens or a human being. When she saw me, we walked out of the room and thought about leaving the space ship. We ran around and were looking for the exit.

Then I woke up again. This time, I turned to the side. There was much more happening there, but in the end I can say, that this was the process of the dream in which I was.


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Dreamnight: Alien Attack