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Dream archieve: Achieving Astral Journeys with Sex

“Dream Archive” is always a dream or a consciousness experience that I experienced many years ago that left a huge impression. I would like to remind you that these interesting dreams are not part of the past, and readers can always read them whenever they want.

Sunday, April 11, 1999, sleeping phases from 4.00-5.45 and 7.00-10.30 tonight

I have experienced a lot. I had a visitor, who slept at my house. We had planned that evening to mix our energies with the support of sexual energy and to guide them through the body to the heart. This had worked excellently and made the night an exciting experience. At night, I was awake and full of energy, but at the same time I was completely dizzy. I staggered into the bathroom and had to be careful not to faint. This was a strange effect, and I was not familiar with it. Then I went back to bed and relaxed…


I did not needed to concentrate. My drifter rose very fast in me (as drifter, I mean a personality aspect, that can project its consciousness to other places). It was like the drifter was racing through different worlds within seconds, collecting all sorts of information. For the most part, it was data from other alternative realities, for example, what other selves of my totality are doing.

It was extremely exciting and instructive. However, I thought that people can usually only rely on the experiences of their current life in everyday life, but I had a huge selection of realities and experiences that represented a lifetime of tens of hundreds of years. Once, in another reality, I saw a larger, white structure in my bedroom, which normally did not stand there. While I was trying to figure out what it could be, I suddenly became an ancient man who was laying in his deathbed. I could think of myself as an old man and how he had been thinking about his whole life and had resigned himself to death every moment.

A few moments later I died while I was docked to this old man. First, everything was red around me and then there was just an absolute blackness to see. It was like a long blackout… Somehow I came back to myself and had the perception of an infinite number of worlds through which my consciousness raced. It was just incredible and beautiful at once. I perceived several hundred worlds, which I visited one by one.

In one of the worlds I stood in the middle of a jungle with strange plants. The “Update” (this is the included past of the self within a dream) told me immediately, that only flora and fauna existed on this planet. There were no humans or humanoid inhabitants of the planet. I stayed there perhaps for a minute or two, and then my perceptions shook and the perceived picture was shoved aside, almost like a slide, and then the next world followed…

In the next world I stood on a meadow beside a huge tree, whose leaves were about 8-10 meters long. Again, I got the information from inside that this planet was uninhabited, but there were animals. Then I looked up to sky, because I had noticed a movement, and saw a very large bird of prey, presumably an eagle, which drew its circles up there.

I felt very lonely because of the shifts, which caused the different realities in which mostly no humanoids lived. The sight of the eagle underlined my loneliness and I watched him ceaselessly. He exasperated me, in his sublime manner, to float up there with the air.

I do not know, how long I stood there, but it was probably hours. It was so fascinating to watch him in absolute silence and at the same time to feel so lonely. At some point I played with the idea, that I could even befriend myself to live in a world like this one, where no humans exist besides me. The thought appealed to me in a certain way, but this would presumably underline only the feelings of loneliness.

At some time, after many hours, I could tear myself away from the sight of the eagle and moved into other worlds. While this happened, I suddenly heard music… no, I heard someone singing. I tried to listen to find out where it came from. Suddenly I realized! My body seemed to be singing while I was outside of it and visited strange worlds. It was like my body wanted to take me back to my reality. Somehow I could understand this well, because my everyday world I had completely forgotten, I had been on a journey for so long. If I would stay here outside of my body any minute longer, so I concluded, I probably would not even know anymore that there is another life in a distant world where I play the role of Jonathan.

I continued to strive to listen to the song my body sang. At first I hardly understood a word, but then I realized that it was a four-line, which was constantly repeated.

As I concentrated and listened, I tried to remember these lines. My body was definitely singing in a language I did not know. It sounded a little Japanese, I’d say. That is why I can only relinquish these lines in the following way, as I have heard them: “Tha Pa ‘Sa’ha, ID Ha san … su shi ko. Tha Pa ‘Hai san sha. ”

So I listened to the song for a long time. It calmed me and was beautiful in its own way and drew me into its spell. I hoped never to forget it again, and wished I could keep it. While I was listening, I thought about my experiences I had just experienced. I realized that a part of me was doing everything in its power that I could not get my focus out of its anchorage and then drift through the many worlds. It became clear to me, that one self had invested years in order to fix this point, so that I could perceive the everyday world at all. It had his firm conviction.

However, I registered another self in me, which had recognized that we are travelers and that we came to a halt on our journey and had taken over here in this everyday world a role plus the related past. Our past does not exist at all and does not belong to our self, which we are in reality. For the true self, everything from the past like birth, school, and everything was just invented and uploaded to our brains sowehow! I even wasn’t born here at all! I came as a traveler out of the infinity into this world and had temporarily stopped here. Who I was before, when I came in here… these are all questions I can not answer anymore, but now I was here.

After an infinitely long time, at least personally, I came back to my bed and awoke. My attractive visitor just woke up too and looked at me with wide eyes:

“Is everything all right?” she asked me.

“Yes I’m fine. What happened? Have I sung?”

“No, I have not heard anything, but when you were down, I had spoken to you and you did not react to me at all! You were gone immediately! Within seconds. I could not believe you could get away so fast. You had been in the bathroom just a few minutes before.”

“How long was I gone? Hours? “I asked.

“No, maybe 20 seconds. Maybe less.”

I could hardly believe that! My trip was like hours, days or weeks, but here in the everyday world, it has been only a few seconds. Even when I opened my eyes in my bed, I had to remember where I was and she said to me that I only had been away for seconds. That’s how quickly you can forget your life …

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