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Superheroes in our Everyday Life

How often can we observe people in movies, who possess certain skills? They fly high into the sky, can create storms, hurl people with a pure thought, heal the sick ones, teleport themselves from one place to another and so much more. Well-known names are Superman, Batman, Spiderman, X-Men, the Fantastic Four and so on. They all are called mutants or superheroes with a special ability, that they mostly use for the benefit of other humans. Not every one of these superheroes have a genetic feature, but there are also those, who have just trained extensively or are equipped with sophisticated technology. Batman owns his batmobile and a nimble partner called Robin. None of the two have ever been supernatural. You do not necessarily need a paranormal ability to be a superhero…

This realization has spread around the world now and a new trend is emerging. There are only a few, but some new superheroes appear in the everyday life, which help with their civil courage and good deeds some people in need. Not only superheroes are trying to help other people psychologically or financially, but there are also those who actually disguise themselves and go through the streets at night, hoping to use their abilities. One of the cinematic models of such everyday superheroes or real-life superheroes is “Kickass“, a movie in which a young girl, together with her father, fights in superhero costumes against the injustice in her city. They deal with murderers, drug dealers and other criminals to clean them up. None of these everyday superheroes has paranormal abilities, but they simply benefit from their knowledge of self-defense and carry weapons that are on the brink of legality. It is true in this movie, that there is a lot of exaggeration and there are also some dead people in the end, but the everyday superheroes in our world are also often very well equipped. In their weapon arsenal are stun guns, tear gas, gas guns, asian combat sportsweapons such as Nun-shakos or Sai’s. There are many ways to equip themselves for such courageous missions.

It is neither police nor law prohibited to wear a superheroe costume, because nothing else is done by the so-called real-life superheroes, who look for injustice to eliminate it with their own energy. What may looks like selfjustice is actually more like self-defense, meaningful self-initiative and civil courage. The desire to wear a self-made or purchased costume to travel as an unrecognized hero through the streets has most likely been from the United States, the country from which most comics and movies came with such themes. Some of these courageous and ready-to-use superheroes are, for example, the “Crime Fighter“, who has already handed over several criminals to the police. The police in his district even greets him and the neighborhood likes to take pictures with him. Nevertheless, the officers fear, that one day he might get into a really bad fight in which he maybe dies. Some gangs, apart from the police, do certainly not need a freak that is determined on their own and disrupts their drug and weapon operations. The “Crime Fighter” even has a comic store and behind one of the many shelves is his store, are his headquarters. He quickly pushes it aside like it would be a hidden secret, gets into his superhero costume and goes on patrol at night to help people in need. In addition to the Crime Fighter, there are many other everyday superheroes that call themselves activists or second-person players. Some of them even go into groups to achieve more punch and imposition.

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In the following there are “Mr. Xtreme “and “The Urban Avenger“, who like to fight side by side and have already achieved some success. Or the superheroes “TSAF“, “Good Samaritian“, “Captain Jackson“, “The Eye“, “Captain Prospect“, “Professor Midnight“, “The Watchman“, “Blackbird” and many more.

Join the new trend “Be a superhero and help the world!“. Most of them are trained in martial arts, but there are also some nerds, such as the “Knight Warrior” and his girlfriend, who are not very familiar with self defense techniques and weapons, but still hope, they can move something with their simple presence. The good also counts.

There is even a website that tries to bring together and organize all superheroes. To this circle belongs a lot of everyday heroes such as “Thanatos“, “Geist“, “Nyx” and many more. The superhero “Geist” explained in an interview: “We all have to look for challenges to get up”, while Thanatos says, “I do what I can and I hope it will inspire other people too.” The superhero “Knightvigil” takes his cause very seriously and says: “100% of my faith is expressed when I do my job.”

Whoever believes now, only men hide behind these superheroes, is completely wrong, because women also have now felt called upon to go out on the street as a superhero and to help people. So the attractive super-heroe “Nyx” with her strikingly pretty costume says: “Do not always do something for yourself. Just start doing things for other people!” Her costume consists of a black mini-dress with black-red-lined stockings, black high-heeled shoes with silver buckles, red gloves and rivet bracelets. A delicate, red cloth covers the nose and mouth, only leaving out the eyes.

The hero, “Dark Guardian“, is quiet driectly by saying: “There is a superhero in each of us when we let him shine…” The long-haired “Ragensi“, for example, carries a big black sloppy hat, a black long militant coat and a cloth of the same color, the mouth and nose are concealed. He thinks that you should not kill your inner fire,and that the hero within everyone of us should not be neglected.

Some superheroes simply wear black trousers, a white shirt and black eyeglasses to conceal the face, but others wear a complete costume, with a mask, gloves, cape, and boots. Some look elegant, creepy, angry, turned off or extremely pretty, but others are also colorful, ridiculous and quite improvised. Despite this colorful mixture of costumes, some of these superheroes became superstars. For example “Shadow Hare“, who already has been interviewed by CNN and other major television channels and has registered more than 300.000 visitors on his website per day. “Shadow Hare” is rather a slender man and certainly does not fear a villain to death. Nevertheless, he likes to distribute business cards in order to draw attention to his service to the world. He’s also not afraid of giving his business cards into the hands of the police. Maybe they need his help some day, who knows?

Less help needs “Shadow Star“, because she is training her body in body building studios every day, but also knows how to use all sorts of weapons and knifes in her tight nylon suit. This is what she likes to demonstrate in her videos on Youtube and, at the same time, online, in her own four walls or sometimes on the beach of Malibu, she is teaching how to deal with samurian warriors, batons or other asian weapons.

However, not only in the United States do superheroes their work, also in England. There are, for example, “Knighthood” and “Decoy“, which already have been interviewed several times. They seem rather comedic and very devoted to each other, but they still work for the people in their own way. They collect donations, shine with diplomacy and humor, to be helpful and use their forces in their own way. Most of the superheroes, regardless of the country, are also very active for street-working and for vagrants, who may have lost their countable possessions or need medicines, food and a sleeping place. Not every one of these new superheroes conceals his identity under a mask. There are also those who do not duplicate their identity and stand openly and recognizedly to their heroism. Here, for example, “Prowler“, a young woman from New York, and it seems like catwoman is her rolemodel. Although she is an opponent of Batman and less of the good ones, “Prowler” is nevertheless very much involved in the social field.

There’s another superhero from China, which has not yet been fully understood, he does not have a name and seems, according to some public cameras, to have paranormal abilities. On a video, she can be seen in a supermarket, where a shopping cart becomes self-sufficient and reaches out for a little girl who is just sitting on the ground looking for a comic. Suddenly you see her making a hand movement and the shopping cart drifted away from its track. The child has been saved. On a further surveillance camera you can see a truck which is approaching at high speed to a crossroad, where cyclist are driving. Only half a meter before a tragic accident occurs, the women suddenly emerges out of nowhere, quickly takes the cyclist and teleports him within a second from the junction to a place 20 meters away. She saved his life. This video looks very authentic and has gone around the world in a very short time. Meanwhile, the majority of the viewers claim that this surveillance video has been manipulated for an upcoming movie, but the idea is simply unbelievable and supports many real-life superheroes in their intentions and constructive plans for the world.

What’s the reason that all these superhero stories and movies, are finding more and more appeal in theaters and in front of their audience? I’ve been thinking about it for a while and I think, that these hints are quite symbolic. Not only the fact, that there is a small superhero in each of us, who occasionally imagines doing incredible deeds. Think about your childhood, in which you were a thousand times stronger and more brilliant than you actually were, but you also experienced the application of such abilities like flying, having superpower or beeing super fast within your dreams. For the subconscious these abilities exist and it knows that to a certain extent, that they are even applicable. Sometimes it seems to me, like nature wants to prepare people, because it might be possible, that in the near future such genetic “defects” might appear that strength your own abilities. At least the readiness for thousands of everyday superheroes is already within reach. In our subconscious mind, or in the genes that are breeding, all these possibilities and abilities are hidden and waiting to be discovered.


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