Shapeshifting: Discussions about Freedom

“When I say you’re home at 10 p.m., I mean it!”

“You limit my freedom and my individual development when you tell me such things. Do not do that.”

“Understand that I am responsible and when something happens, everyone first looks at me and not at you.”

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“But I take care of myself. You do not have to worry about it!”

“We do not have to discuss it at all. That’s what I decided.”

“Oh . Now stop…”

While we were still discussing when I was home in the evening, I slowly was wondering a little where I was here at all, and mainly, how old was I at all? The conversation with this man seemed to me as if I were just a teenager, who had a discussion with his father about the freedom I have at my age… Age? How old was I now? I looked around.

We were walking along a street and it was already dark. The strange man looked at me and just now I knew clearly and without any doubt that he was my father, but now something seemed to have changed in me and he was only a strange man. I looked down at myself and saw that I was wearing jeans and high shoes. My sweatshirt I wore showed two round bumps. I was a woman! Slowly I realized that I must have jumped into this reality and had to forget immediately who I am and where I came from. I actually was a 16-year-old disco girl, who was arguing with her father for longer outings.

The world of dreams is really crazy… especially when you know how it is built up and what tricks it owns. In this dream I changed my body and connected my consciousness to a teenager. As usually in dreams we think that we are the same person who went to bed at night…


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