I would like to tell you about the magical nuts. Like everything in my diary, this is also a true story…

About four weeks ago I was in the Ravenna Canyon in Germany near Freiburg. There you can drive to a parking lot and then walk along some hiking trails or you can eat very good food in a 3 star hotel. A really nice environment. The most beautiful way is through the Ravenna Canyon with its many rocks, beautiful forest paths , a powerful stream and a big viaduct. The famous writer Goethe and Marie-Antoinette were already here in the 18th century and have walked along the same paths…

Somehow, some places seem to be magical and this attracts tourists again and again.


While I went back the nice way back with my girlfriend, I suddenly noticed that there were nuts in my right pocket of my jacket. There were perhaps five or six nuts. Usually there are just my keys in this pocket. This means, someone had put it into my pocket secretly I thought at first. But no one has passed on my right, which was sometimes the case on narrow bridges, but not this time. If someone was able to stuck these nuts secretly into my pocket, then it would have been only possible from the left side and since the moment, we arrived at the Ravenna Canyon. But also if that was possible, the person had to open a hidden button at my pocket to get access to it and to put the nuts into it.

For the brief moment, when you walk past each other, there would not be enough time to do this – and the nuts cannot get down from the tree and accidentally jump into the pocket of my jacket, because my pockets are always closed, so I do not loose my keys.


The only option would be that someone really intentionally put them into in the pocket of my jacket. But who? There was simply no opportunity.

The day before yesterday, I found, to my astonishment, in the same jacket in the top right pocket more nuts. A button always ensures that the bag is well closed and there is not even an ant in there. This bag is actually always empty and I do not use it at all. I then took the nuts and laid them on the balcony. Later, some sparrows took them, because they had disappeared after a few minutes without a trace. Yesterday a sparrow came and hopped into my apartment. Curiously he looked around for everything.

Maybe he was looking for more of these magic nuts. Maybe I should have tried one of them, but I really do not like nuts and therefore I generously gave them away. I have no idea how these nuts came into my pocket. There is no explanation for this, which would be satisfactory.


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Memories: The Magical Nuts