“Dreamnight” is a series in which I consciously concentrate on experiencing a lucid dream or an out-of-body experience or in which I report an interesting or extraordinary dream or memories of my subconsciousness as well as telepathic connections to other people (dream spying).

I went to bed and used my “star field technique”. Not even ten minutes later I heard quite abruptly, a loud male voice in my head: “22”! Of course, this first pulled me out of everything a bit. Then I thought about the reason why someone would call the number 22? After all, it should have cost this person or being a lot of energy to get rid of my ego filter to send me a message, and what does it send me? 22! Is that a date? Is it talking about the letter V, a room number or another mysterious message? Probably it was part of a longer message and I had only heard a part of it…

Shortly thereafter I awoke in a foreign bed. It was like I had just awakened (see false Awakening). I straightened up and realized that the room was almost the same as an older apartment, but with the difference, that a little further to the left there was a kind of mirror, about 1.50 m high and oval, decorated with black-metallic floral patterns. In the middle it seemed to be a mirror at first sight, but on closer inspection it seemed like a gentle moving surface of water. Immediately, I thought it was certainly a kind of portal with which one could travel somewhere into strange worlds and dimensions…


Out of nowhere I discovered a woman on the left behind me. She sat there looking at me, like she had just waited for me to see her.

“Who are you?” I asked.


“I came to give you this …” she replied, handing me a silver bracelet.

Friendly as I was, I took the bracelet and looked at it. At first glance it seemed like a clock. A silver bracelet with many elongated metal plates arranged at the top and a round dial, which was framed by a rotary wheel. I knew I was not allowed to spin this wheel.

“If you turn this disc, you can travel with it – wherever you want to go to! It activates the portal and then you can go! I can not keep the watch, I have to pass it on.”

Curiously, I looked at the clock. I was fascinated. When I looked up again, the woman had disappeared without a trace.

“Well,” I thought, “then we will test the function of this watch, which is obviously associated with this portal. The best way to test it, is to transport myself an hour into the future to see if it works.”

So I laid down again and used the clock… Only a few seconds later I awoke again in thebed. I sat up and sat on the edge of the bed. I had dreamed! That was, unfortunately, only a dream… It would have been nice to have such a portal … Then I got up and went to the kitchen. A friend of mine was sitting there and drinking coffee.

“Good morning!” We greeted each other.

“Hey, I’ve dreamed something exciting! A woman gave me a clock, and there was a porch in my room, with which I could go wherever I wanted to …” I explained, telling him the whole dream.

When I finished talking many shudders ran over my back.

“Sure, of course! Now I understand it! “I exclaimed.

“I’m such a fool! I have programmed the clock an hour into the future and what now? Now I am one hour in the future, and I am awake and here at this table! So the clock did what I had expected. The clock knew that I was dreaming and that is why I am here now…”

“Wait a minute, ” my friend said, who was suddenly no longer a man but a woman. I knew her, she had been at some workshops of mine. I do not get it… The clock and this portal have brought you an hour to the future?”

“Yes, right!” I said. “That’s what it did. And an hour later, it would be clear that my lunchtime sleep would be over and I would sit here in the kitchen and drink a tea – like it is the case now.”

“And where is the clock and the portal?”

“Well , that’s why I said I’m a fool! I should have turned the time into the past for test purposes, perhaps only ten minutes or so, because then I would have automatically returned to the time the woman appeared and gave me the watch… But I created a one way portal because of what I did. The gate and the clock are lost…”

Shortly afterwards, I actually woke up in my bed or in the bed, which I thought was my everyday life bed…


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