Search for Enlightenment: 3 Ways to leave the Matrix

There are just 3 ways to leave the Matrix – in a spiritual manner – and to gain absolute freedom and here you can find these ways. Choose by your own what fits to you…

Anyone who still remembers the movie “The Matrix” has gained a new understanding of physical reality for many years. The matrix is ​​represented as a kind of projected computer simulation that influences the physical senses, to which one is permanently connected with one’s perception – only with the devastating difference that every participant shows complete amnesia when entering this simulation, i.e. one can remember nothing within the matrix. Neither where you came from, nor what your real name is and what your personal intention may have been. This is one of the biggest problems that an “incarcerated” personality or one who is connected to the matrix has to struggle..

The connection to the matrix – or as a Buddhist might explain it with the word “ incarnation”, ie embodiment – is a great challenge for every participant in the game.

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The amnesia and permanent ignorance make you feel like a wandering ant, who does it daily work like a drone and then goes to sleep in the evening, only to forget everything again and wake up in a different place, which you can hardly remember the next morning.

If you have gained enough knowledge and mind-expanding experiences, you realize that you are in a kind of “reincarnation cycle” that starts the game over and over again as soon as you lose your life in it.

The big question one asks for some seekers is:

How can you Leave the Matrix?

I’ll say it in advance: There are only three ways to leave the matrix.

The soul’s sense of time is different as it is experienced in our physical reality. It is not perceived that way within the game in the middle of the matrix. You experience every year, day after day and minute after minute. As true as it is that time does not exist, it can still be experienced. No matter how much you explain that time is an illusion, you will still be interested in eating out on time or catching the bus. There is normally no way around this within the matrix.

In order to leave the matrix, which is a multidimensional game, it must be completed successfully. It can be compared very well with a computer game.

It is of no use here if you leave the game and go alone into the lonely mountains. You can do this within the game, but it doesn’t end the game. You can also refuse to play that game, but then the character or the avatar is standing around and nothing happens and is only occasionally jostled by other players. Likewise, you can go nuts and shoot all the people who get in your way, but that doesn’t end the game either. If you shoot yourself, this does not end the game successfully either, but the level starts all over again and you get a new body.

So leaving the matrix is a big challenge that any soul have to manage.

Leaving the Matrix is ​​not that easy

Therefore, there are specific ways to be explored that will help complete the game successfully. The way is long. There are some cheats within the game and also backdoors, but they are hidden undetected and difficult to find in the depths of the subconscious.

The only known cheats that are legal in the game are mind-expanding substances, for example. They grow everywhere and can be collected by a searcher. Although most of these are prohibited by law. Unfortunately, such plants and substances cannot make you leave the matrix. They just can give you an impression of what is beyond the matrix.

The game programmer didn’t make it that easy for you, but you can have options and alternatives shown to you if you have been “fooled” within the game, ie you have completely forgotten that you are inside a game without a manual and that you will end at some point. So following the 3 ways:

1. Leaving the Matrix via the “Ascension”

This way is the default way for every soul that has entered the matrix – by its own will or by being tricked somehow – and is now a part of the reincarnation cycle. Once the soul has agreed to join this cycle it has to complete it until the end. There is no way out to leave the matrix before completing the reincarnation cycle.

This reincarnation cycle leads the soul through all existing astral planes by taking the path of pure and unconditional love. This ultimately leads through the 7×7 astral planes, beginning on the Earth (3D) to the 4th to the 9th dimension. On level 9 you will find the exit to the ‘Free Universe’, also called the ‘Absolute Freedom’ and then you can leave the matrix.

This is a very long road that can take tens of thousands of years and involves innumerable reincarnations. Thus the way of the ascension is the longest.

Before entering the matrix the soul have lived, in earthly definition of time, billions of years in the free universe until the ‘day’ in which the soul entered the matrix. Most souls were enthusiastic to play the game, that we on Earth now call ‘The Matrix’ or the endless loop of reincarnations or the reincarnation cycle.

2. Leaving the Matrix with the Help of “Dissociation”

This is a very explosive, but highly effective and difficult to learn technique to temporarily deactivate your entire thinking and imagination apparatus: The Spiritual Dissociation.

The spiritual dissociation is the art of stop thinking and the imagination. It is an ability that lies dormant in everyone of us and can be activated like a hidden superhero power. Though as it is with superpowers: not everyone believes that this is a superpower. Many people, if they discover the dissociation by their own and without knowing anything about it, view the dissociation as a curse or a disease. So many people become frightened and walk to a psychiatrist to remove this ability. Because of this dissociation got a bad reputation.

What is Spiritual Dissociation?

As I said before, you stop thinking and imagination at will. If you reach that state of consciousness you are in a dissociated state. You start with 10 seconds that you have to reach and you train it further until you are able to dissociate for several minutes. There is a kind of frontier starting at 10 minutes of being dissociated. Only if you are willing to leave the matrix you should dissociate more than ten minutes… and just in this case!

After a minimum time of absolute and completely pure dissociation of 10-15 minutes, the thinking apparatus collapses and opens up the exact way for the seeker to leave the matrix. This leads through the achievement of your own true self to the wholeness of the self, which in turn ends in the self-awareness in the matrix shell.

The matrix shell represents the encapsulated consciousness of the respective human being. The shell prevents you from remembering everything that happened outside the matrix. This shell has to be opened to get into the blackness to be able to pass over.

Caution: The fears that can be experienced here are beyond the concept of the perception of fears. The blackness activates all fears that one can imagine, these should be ignored; regardless of the possible consequences.

For further details see my upcoming book: “Spiritual Dissociation – The Master Technique for Enlightenment, Astral Travel and Self-Awareness”.

3. The Escape Route via Black Portals

This new way enables the seeker to leave the matrix through loopholes or portals. These portals or mini wormholes have emerged in the course of time through the increasing awareness of mankind in general in the electric matrix grid fence.

There are pitch-black openings that offer the refugee the opportunity to get to freedom through them. This opportunity can only be used a short time after physical death!

It is important not to go into the legendary Light (see spectral light or god’s light) to enter, but to move away from this light as quickly as possible! Likewise, no communication with angels, spirit helpers or other beings is allowed. It is best to ignore all communication requests and look up. There you can look for the black portals.

As soon as one of these portals has been discovered, you can simply fly into it. So if one of these black portals is discovered, fly in or go immediately and don’t turn around! Keep going until you enter the Free Universe or have regained Absolute Freedom.

When one enters the Free Universe, the memories of the true self and the many incarnations come back into consciousness. This can cause a period of confusion at first. It is best if, after entering the free universe, you retreat to a quiet place and sort and collect your thoughts there.

The journey begins in on Earth when your time comes to leave the physical body and when you die. You leave the body. You should not think that afterwards you will be enlightened, more knowledgeable or wiser, you will be as you ever have been during your lifetime in your everyday life.

When you have oriented yourself for a while, either the spectral light will appear and invite you back into the game of the matrix. Alternatively, spirit helpers can also appear who want to lead you back into the light. These can take on the appearance of friends, angels, saints, or attractive men and women.

After seeing the light, it is best to move in the opposite direction. If you look around you will see the matrix grid over time and also one or the other black hole. The hole is black because the matrix has its own space-time system to which your own perception is still adapted. Therefore, consciousness cannot yet translate the blackness and simply presents it as Nothing.

Some portals are guarded by matrix guards. Danger! They can scan your thoughts and feelings, which means they know exactly what you are thinking, what you want, what you are hoping for and what you intend to do.Tey can read anything ybout you telepathically and within the so called Akasha Chronicles.

The best thing is not to think as much as possible and to move straight towards one of the black holes. You have to get into one of these tunnels at all costs. Remember that the guards cannot hurt you, you are already dead! Ignoring is probably the best option.

Warning: Very few people manage to find these black portals and walk through them. The temptation to walk into the warm, loving, godlike light is enormous attractive. But you can’t be forced, but you can be lured, seduced and teased, that’s allowed.

Your will power and concentration are the only companions you have at this moment in order to make the right decision.

Dangers while Searching the Black Portals

It is possible that these black portals are guarded by Matrix Guardians. At first they will look like relatives and friends or even like angels, but if you ignore them, the Matrix Guardians will show their true appearance and suddenly look terrifying and scary. They will hunt you to scare you until you enter the light.

Also these dark portals can be very scary, creepy or terrifying. In such moments, dualistic beliefs will come into your consciousness, e.g. light = good and dark = bad. The indoctrination from church and spiritual propaganda.

This must be ignored and it is very important that you absolutely trust your higher self in this moment! Otherwise you don’t take a step into the black portal.

These black portals have a scary radiation. This is because the matrix guardians have overlayed a scary frequency about this portals so that you do not take this exit from the matrix.

Quotes from ancient Books

In the ‘The Secret Book of John‘ the topic of the reincarnation is to be found again and again. This book was written in 185 A.D. and in my personal opinion its content is highly explosive and enlightens about the situation of man on Earth. This knowledge is kept secret even today with all means.

In this book John asked Jesus about the oblivion and he answered:

“All people have drunk from the water of oblivion and exist in a state of ignorance. Some among them succeed in overcoming ignorance through the spirit of life that descended into them. Those souls will be saved and become perfect, that is, they will be able to escape the cycle of rebirth.”

John then asked Jesus what would happen to those who would not experience salvation. Then Jesus replied…

“They will be thrown back into prison and be consigned to oblivion.”

The Gnostics in their time interpreted the word ‘prison’ as the physical body that one just receives again and again in each reincarnation. In my view, Jesus herewith refers to the complete physical reality, including the body, as a prison. After all, we are dealing with a reincarnation cycle that affects every single human being on this planet. Again and again the human being is catapulted back into the physical reality and the memories are erased. Thereupon Jesus explains:

“The only possibility for these souls is that they rise from oblivion and regain their knowledge. A soul in such a situation achieves this by finding a teacher or savior who has the strength to guide it home. This soul must follow another soul in whom the spirit of life dwells, for it has been saved by the spirit. That soul will never be hurled into the flesh again!”

Jesus’ disciple (apostle) Paul describes in his book “The Apocalypse of Paul” an encounter with a condemned murderer in the “Fourth Heaven” (synonym: plane, astral plane, celestial plane, twilight zone or 4th level), which was not yet ready for ascension:

“While Paul was passing the fourth heaven, he sees a soul, which had been executed as a murderer. This soul was tormented by angels who had brought him out of the land of the dead (planet Earth). The soul summoned three souls who declared him a murderer. Then the former murderer looked to the ground repentantly and at that moment he was pushed back down to the Earth, where a body was already waiting for him, which had been prepared for him.”

In the “Gospel of Phillipus” there is also a hint that people who did not experience resurrection and unity with God had to reincarnate again and again on Earth. Here, then, a clear distinction is drawn between resurrection and reincarnation.

The following excerpt from the Gospel of Philip in conversation with Jesus:

“People who say that they will die first and then ascend are mistaken. If these have not first experienced the resurrection while alive (on Earth), but first die, those will receive nothing.”

Hereby Jesus wants to make it clear that man can only free himself from the reincarnation cycle as long as he is currently reincarnated. If he would first die and want to ascend to the higher ‘heavens’, he would be seized again during his ascent to the higher planes and thrown back. This suggests the strict suspicion that liberation can only come from within the physical body. When one dies, one falls into oblivion and begins again.

From the Gospel of John:

19. Jesus said:

“Congratulate the one who has returned to who he was before he became.”

What does it mean? Jesus tried to explain that every soul came from the real God, the original source. God is not imperfect and has never been so the souls that came from the original source are perfect. So why do they have to become within the matrix to what they already have been before?

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